London Fashion Week: Handpicked Media Suite and New Look Blogger Event

Necklace~New Look
Leggings~New Look
Boots~New Look

London Fashion Week almost feels like a life time ago! I clearly remember the blogs and magazines being filled with images from the hottest designers and the new "it" trends. Now, that hype has settled I wanted to show you what I was up to during this week.

I attended the launch of the Handpicked Media suite at the One Aldych hotel in Central London. New Look was the first brand to kick off this launch, and showcase their SS13 range. The collection was amazing, and it as clear that the brand had really upped their game this year; especially in their womens wear range. I had a few cheeky favourites including a fur gilet and a cream aztec jumper!

Other than gawping at this new range, I also got to  talk to some of the New Look PR team who were really lovely! In the middle of our convo about the hottest trends and our favourite pieces, I was swept away by another one of the New Look team and asked if I would like to talk about my favourite piece... on CAMERA. Now anyone who knows me would describe me as a bubbly character,but put me in front of a camera and my voice starts to sound high pitched like Alvin from the chipmunks. Strangely enough, I was excited enough to produce a coherent review? What do you think? Skip to 1:10

Through out the evening I got to mingle with some of the Handpicked Media lovelies. It was great to see Krista, Catherine and also meet some of my favourite bloggers Zoe, Suzi and Lexi to name a few!

It was a great event, and I was excited to be apart of it!


  1. Sounds like so much fun, I feel like just yesterday NYFW was going on! Its cool getting an incite into what FW is like in other cities!!


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  3. I love the top it looks so gorgeous on you. I want to buy it!


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