Fresh Tees Event

  1. Necklace~Ebay
  2. Tee~Primark(worn as a crop top)
  3. Dress~H&M(old)
  4. Bag~Ebay

In early September, my sister and I were invited to a creative showcase by Fresh Tees UK at the light bar in good 'ol Shoreditch. Now you may be wondering, hang on Jess, who are Fresh Tees? Fresh Tees are an urban and very sick retailer who focus on alternative culture and art.Their event focused on showcasing the most unique and urban brands in the UK, and some of the brands showcased were:

Trippy Teddy~ A sick T-shirt brand, which used screen printing to produce their bold graphic prints.

Snob Mob~Street ware brand which focuses on producing imaginative artistic designs created by a group of artists.

Grape Soup~ Fellow FBLer and self taught jewellery extrodanaire, Kassandra creates fresh and vibrant pieces which are heavily influenced by her poetry.

T&T jewellery~ The brand was created by sisters Naomi and Fayola who offer a new perspective in costume jewellery.

I had fun looking at the collections from these brands,and I encourage you guys to check out their websites as they are truly offering a new dynamic to urban street ware and jewellery. I'd like to thank the Fresh Tees guys for inviting me to the showcase :).

After, my sis and I took a trip to Leicester Square to visit the Haagen Dasz restaurant. Now, as a massive ice cream lover I was surprised that this place even existed, you'd think a place like this would be on my radar...but no I was simply oblivious.... until now! The menu was ah-mazing and the meal I had was just yum!!

Definitely a good day out :)


  1. Cute Skirt!! You look fabbb!!


    P.S: Stop by to wish my blog its first anniversary!!!

  2. Love your outfit!!

    Fresh Tees looks so cool!



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