Monday, 29 April 2019


Salutations babes? How are we? I'm back with another post which is all about side hustles and making money on the side. Please feel free to catch up on my previous post, if you missed it. 

I've recently been trying to educate myself on money and diversifying my income stream. Because I strongly believe that it's important to have different hobbies going on to keep you stimulated, not to mention it's always great to have a different way of making money other than one source, as a backup. God forbid, you lose the main way of making income, side hustles are a great way of mitigating that. Not to mention a great stress reliever too!

Now, what exactly is a side hustle? In the simplest terms, a side hustle is a job, or way you use your skills to make money on the side. These jobs usually complement the main source of making income. For example, you may work 9-5, Monday and Friday and work on your side hustle on the weekends.

Ideally, these side hustles should be low maintenance and flexible to allow you to focus on both, but it depends.

Do you understand what a side hustle is now? Great...

Now how can you start a side hustle The best way is to utilize your skills and really understand what you're good at, what is going to be low maintenance and what you enjoy. There's no point in doing something you hate for money.

1) Freelancing:

This is my favorite side hustle. Before I went full time as a freelancer late last year, I would freelance with my services as a social media manager and influencer marketer for brands. As I've been in the industry for 8 years, I used my knowledge to help brands with their social. The key with freelancing is to understand your skills, who are most in need of your skills and then to promote your expertise to your personal network, as well as your external network (LinkedIn) is fab for this. Use sites like Yunojuno, Fiverr, Upwork, etc to advertise your freelance services or get ideas on what you can freelance in. Once you get into a's a great income stream and you never know, you can become a Freelancer full time.

2) Sell something online: From eBay to Shopify. The easiest and fastest way to get a side hustle is good old selling.

I've made decent money selling my clothing on apps such as Depop, Mercari (r.i.p) and of course eBay. However, if you dream to be the next ASOS, you can also use e-commerce sites like Shopify to sell goods. I'm launching my own cosmetics line called, as a way to showcase my love for beauty and to make money online. I'll keep you posted on that. However, if you want to go the e-commerce route and sell bespoke goods and don't have the money you can go the drop shipping route, where you don't have to invest in stock until you get a sale. Or get a small loan to purchase stock and other bits to get you started. Cash lady is an example of a site that offers online loans, which can help you get started with a side hustle. Just please make sure you take a small manageable loan that you can pay back!

3) Micro jobs

 If you're looking for flexible one-off jobs to get cash every now and again, then micro jobs are for you. They aren't usually highly skilled so anyone can do it, but that means the competition may be high depending on the role. Not to mention they aren't very highly paid, but if you have patience and also want to build some skills you can try it out. A great app where you can get loads of micro jobs are airtasker. With this app, you can apply to do roles such as translation, graphic design, gardening cleaning etc to open tasks people post on the app. You can also post the tasks you need doing in your own life on the app. The best thing is, some of the tasks can be done from home!

So I hope I've inspired you to get a side hustle. Are you ready to get that extra money?

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