Wednesday, 29 May 2013


 Top-New Look
Wedges-New Look

I have been meaning to review the summer Nancy Denim jeans for ages, but university and also technical problems delayed it but I have finally been able to get it done. So, French Connection, were kind enough to let me to pick these jeans to review. I ordered the jeans on-line and had no problems with the process. These jeans are supposed to be skin tight as they are skinny jeans, but I always tend to go a size bigger thanks to my derrière (ahh the perks of being Ghanaian).

I am very picky when it comes to jeans as I have sensitive skin, I always need them to be super soft, and these jeans did not disappoint. I loved the pattern on them as they were totally unique and very summery. My only regret is that I could've done with a size smaller as they were a little too big and slightly too long.. but I rolled the ankle up and it looked great paired with my wedges for a simple chic summer outfit.

At £70 they are the most expensive jeans I own, but they are good quality and they are pretty so it makes sense that they are this price. Overall I love these jeans and have been wearing them non-stop!


Saturday, 25 May 2013

Emslie Creative| Press Showroom

 PICS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT:MY OUTFIT: Hat-Topman,Shirt-H&M,Leggings-New Look,Boots-Primark,Jacket Vintage,Necklace-Topshop;Christian Lacroix Vintage Jeans from Nines Vintage;Printed Bomber Jacket and Snow White T from Two Angle;Peace top and finders Keepers skirt from;Kat&Bee jewellery;Zephrys caps;D.Lo London  Socks and CC KUO top.

Hey guys, hope you are  having a great Saturday!! I have been quite busy enjoying my last week as a student going to events, and I still have more events to go to. I can't believe 4 years has flown by so fast.

Anywho, last week I went to Brick Lane to the Emslie Creative Showroom. The PR agency represents really cool and unique brands which I was lucky enough to view. The first brand I  was shown was It was launched in April 2013, and allows you to buy hard to come by US brands as worn by celebrities including Jessica Alba, Nicola Richie, the Kardashians and Rihanna as well as UK based celebrities such as Kate Moss and Fearne Cotton. The brands available are the exact styles and designers as seen on the celebrity and not copies!

I am so in love with the  finders keepers skirt! and the Peace sign top...sigh!!

For all you Vintage lovers, I got to view Nines Vintage. Pretty unique brand as the company sources hand picked designer pieces. Also if you have a piece in mind, the brand goes above and beyond and will try to source it for you. I especially loved the Christian Lacroix printed jeans, too bad the are not in my size!

I love rings and I was really drawn to the the rings by Kat &Bee Jewellery! Really unique designs using a mixture of beads and gold or silver wire. Each ring is a one of a kind piece! So it is truly unique. 

I thought the printed Zephyrs, were really cool. I loved the prints. Just a shame I can't pull them off. The D.Lo London is a brand which creates high quality statement socks, which are made in the UK.Really sick designs especially the bug pair.

I was next shown the the designs of new new designer on the scene CC KUO. 
Her designs are one of the kind and she creates the digital prints herself which are influenced by things she loves. I really loved the top I was shown!

Finally, I got to see french menswear brand two angle who specialize in printed bomber and t-shirts! They were seriously sick. Especially the Snow White tatted T.

All in all it was a great day. Thanks Emslie Creative :)


Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Pics from Top to bottom: My outfit- Hat from Top man, Jacket -vintage, Blouse,Skirt and boots- Primark|Heart by Nana Judy Skull Jumper|Daisy Knights Jewellery|Blouse Heart by Nana Judy|Silk Blouse and Leggings- Gwynedds| Australia Luxe footwear collection|Heart by Nana Judy collection| Me trying out a ring|Showroom

Last week, I ventured into Shoreditch to see an abundance of brands in the Clear Agency Showroom. From the moment, I walked in I was in awe of the AW13 collections that the agency represented. I was first shown the Heart by Nana Judy brand. Heart is an Australian brand, which originally started off in Mensware. It is launching in the UK in July with its womensware collection with the aesthetic focusing on edgy rock and feminine shapes. So it is full of studs,skulls and denim... my type of brand. 

I was then shown the Daisy Nights Jewellery.The brand has been showcased in such publications such as Marie Claire and Elle.  I adored this immediately, as it was gold but delicate with an edge. I absolutely fell in love with the tooth ring which I am showcasing above.. early graduation gift maybe? 

Gwnynedds was the next brand I had a look through.The brand prides itself on using the most luxe but comfortable fabrics in it's collection. Sort of like the ones we had in our clothes as kids.The brand does not sacrifice comfortability for style and carefully marries the two. I really love the colour scheme of the collection and loved the simplicity in the design especially in the silk blouse. The leggings were cool too! Please enter my wardrobe.

Finally I had a look at footwear,by Australian brand Australia Luxe. Which is a lifestyle luxury brand famed for using A-grade sheepskin in their footware. Now you can see the classic ugg shapes in the shoes, but the brand has gone above and beyond and created  different sty,e shoes such as the wedged shoes. 

All in all, I had a great time viewing the brands. The team were so warm and the cupcakes and sweets were a nice treat too!

Will you check out these brands?


Friday, 10 May 2013


I am so happy because, I am free and had my last ever university exam yesterday. Let me tell you they were the hardest exams I have ever done, let's hope I did as well in my dissertation.I can't believe university is over.. well kinda of I still have graduation ball and the loads of activities happening at uni, especially our refreshers week, which is basically like freshers week but it happens at the end of the year.

Anywho, I got sent these boots from Barratts to review! they are gorgeous aren't they? I really shouldn't have bought boots since it is spring/summer and all and I have way too many. But leopard,studs and shoe boots were too good to pass up so I choose these bad boys! As soon as they arrived, I was in love and they were so easy to walk in. My only gripe was that they were too narrow in the front, which made them uncomfortable which meant that I had to send them back :( but I ordered alternative shoes.. which you'll have to look out for. 

Do you shop at Barratts? 
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