Sunday, 31 July 2011


  1. Cross Earrings~ Meoow at ASOS Marketplace
  2. House of Harlow inspired tribal Earrings~ Primark
  3. Butterfly feathers~Topshop
  4. Heart Statement Earrings~Cassandrajane at ASOS Marketplace
  5. Drop Earrings~Primark
  6. Gold Hoops~Mum's collection Ghana

Now if you have been following me from the beginning you will know I love statement earrings. It might not be to everyone's taste, but  paired with a sleeked back pony or top knot with a bright lip and the look is instantly sleek. I have to say the Tribal earrings are my favourite, its exactly like House of Harlow Earrings but for £2 in Primark! bargain. What kind of earrings do you prefer simple or statement pair?

Hello there Arty

Ever since I saw the YSL arty ring, I have been on the hunt for an affordable dupe, cause as a student I cant spend £££ on a ring no matter how much I love it. So by chance I stumbled upon  Dolly Bow Bow,  and got the blue ring, it was so affordable at £12! This ring is a permanent fixture on my hand, what do you think are you convinced?


Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Barry M Liquid Eyeliner~Black
Barry M lipstick~145
Necklace~Dorothy Perkins

I'm channelling my inner Pippy Long Stocking with this braid! What do you think? My ends have been suffering and I am in need of a serious relaxer, so the braids are keeping me sane.The castor oil challenge has been.....challenging! its been hard to stick to it and I have been slacking! but that is no excuse, now I have nothing to worry about(read here).

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I did it!

Vest(worn underneath)~River Island
Necklace~Dorothy Perkins

"When the world says give up, hope whispers, try it one more time."
I got the call I had been waiting for the whole week, I got a marketing placement in the company I wanted. The above quote sums up my feelings of this whole journey.I had been actively trying to get a placement since OCTOBER, yeah long right....I had got soo close to some and  was hearing rejection left, right and centre.  I really wanted to give up, and just go into my final year; but it had been my dream since I was 15 to have a placement. I knew if I just stuck it out I would get a job and I have! I couldn't do it without my family,friends, placement office, and placement buddy. 

It's a well known company and some of you have used their products.The people are soo nice and I know the experience is gonna be immense! roll on September!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Lust List:009

The Lust List:009
  1. Small Box Bag~ASOS £15.00
  2. Metal Tip Clutch~ASOS £18.00
  3. Coco Brown Wedged Shoes~ Lese Shoes £25.00
  4. Freya Blue Stone Knuckle Ring~Dolly Bow Bow Boutique £12.00

Thank God its the weekend! I am exhausted. Once again I have been having interviews for placements, I think the last one went pretty well and I feel very strongly about how it went, so fingers crossed I get this one, as it is the role and company I really want to work for. In other news,  I got a 2.1 for second year woop! and I watched the final Harry Potter yesterday. I wasn't sure I was going to like it because I found 6 dragged on and I was utterly confused through the whole movie. Also  I hadn't seen Harry Potter 7 part 1, but surprisingly I really enjoyed it! I won't give too much away but it had enough action to keep me gripped to my seat, I might rent part 1 to see how they compare .....

So it's time to treat you guys to another Lust List! I haven't done one in ages maybe because I have been actually BUYING alot rather than WISHING  for clothes haha. The Small Box bag from ASOS is very chic, it comes in loads of colours but the peach colour just stood out to me.The metal tip clutch is the same one as this one from my last Lust List. The bold colour and simple detailing will add oomph to any plain outfit, it is perfect for a night out.

I have a slight weakness for wedged shoes. I don't know what it is, but whenever I see these types of shoes I just pounce on them. If you remember from the Lust List:007, I wanted a similar pair from Romwe but they sold out of my size :(. Anyway I was reading Michelle's blog form Beauty and the Blog about this new shoe brand called Lese Shoes. This store is special because apparently if you buy the shoes, you earn points and you can use the points to take money off another pair of shoes. So really you never pay full price for shoes. I might have to check it out.

The PIECE DE RESISTANCE has to be the ring! Ever since I set my sights on YSL arty ring I have been looking for an affordable dupe. I wanted the pink one with the detailing but it was out of stock, so this one is just as nice, I'm thinking red nails would look nice with it. I seem to have a slight obsession with blue at the moment.


Friday, 15 July 2011

Song of the moment: Sia! Clap your hands

I'd like to step away from my fashion and beauty today and show you this song by Sia, it's called clap your hands! it's fun,bubbly and on repeat on my ipod. It's not something i'd usually listen to but its so catchy! What's your song of the moment?

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Top 10 blog award

I'd like to thank my Mum,God and Goldfish for this great award couldn't do it without you guys.... Lol,what do you think of my acceptance speech, is it Oscar worthy? On a serious note, i'd really like to thank  Toks for the award, its my first one and I really like the positive feedback I have been getting from all you guys.When I started this blog, I just wanted a space where I could express my passion for fashion and beauty. I wasn't expecting to get soo much positive feedback, you guys really make blogging fun.

Okay so here are the rules for the Top 10 Award:
1. Thank the person who tagged you and link their blog.
2. Put the Top 10 award logo on your blog.
3. List your top 10 cosmetics.
4. Choose 10 bloggers to tag, link their blogs and let them know.

Top 10 cosmetics: 
1. Barry M liquid Liner
2.Sleek Flushed Blush
3.Maybelline One by One Mascara
4.E.L.F Mineral Blush in Dark
5.Revlon Colourblast in Sienna Sparkle
6.Ultamii Kohl Pencil inBronze
7.GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in Kitch (86)
8.Barry M lipstick in 145
9.Boujours Paris 1 second innovation polish in metallic lilac
10.Gosh Lipgloss in 305 
Top 10 bloggers:
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