Sunday, 8 January 2017


You know, I'd like to think that most of our problems wouldn't be problems anymore if we just opened up a bit and spoke about our worries and frustrations.

I'm not pointing the finger at anyone, and I'm definitely in the club of, I don't really open up. I have always been that way, and it has been a struggle to open up, even when I feel vulnerable. Because I don't want to seem weak, useless, or a burden on people who have much more going on than myself. Now with that mentality, I often started to hurt myself emotionally. To the point, that at times I'd nearly breakdown and my family and friends would often say, now why didn't you just come to us?


Why didn't I? Cause it was and still is hard to speak my truth at times. To be exposed and let people know that I am not ok, and I am struggling with aspects of my life. I'd feel small, defeated in a way to let anyone see the unguarded me. But do you know what I'd feel after? A relief! It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I was elated as I no longer had to deal with problems on my own.

Over the last year and a half, I'd been dealing with new changes with my life, which I'd thought I'd had a handle on. New jobs, new people, new opportunities. all honesty I'd been struggling alot to adjust to change. Especially, where I'd just started a really awesome job at an awesome company. It is still in my same field but a different industry that I'm used to and I'll tell you that it was kind of overwhelming at first, as it was a contrast to what I was used to.


I felt like a loser as this had never been me.. feeling overwhelmed. I'm the strong one. I think part of it was the pressure I'd put on myself, and partly because I didn't know what was expected of me. So I spoke to my family, friends and bosses and it made me feel better.

Although, it is overwhelming! Everything new is and needs time. You see with opening up with my fears, I didn't feel alone anymore. I don't think anyone should fear speaking up. Make sure your happy, because you matter.

Talk to people.. and if you don't have a network. Go on forums (Quora), apps (7 cups of tea), social media etc. Whatever you do, don't keep it in. No one is perfect.



Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Since I was the tender age of 12, I've worn glasses. I remember when I realised that my eyes were changing in Year 7 French class, where I dreaded when my teacher used the orange marker on the white board, instead of the black one. I didn't want to move from the back with my friends so I squinted as I struggled in class.

Glasses Direct
Glasses Direct

Fast forward 14 years, and I am still rocking a pair of specs! My eyes have gotten worse, but I've just learnt to roll with it. It's so much part of my life to go and pick out a pair of glasses, and  that the process can be almost painful! However, I had a relaxing experience this time when I was contacted by the guys over at Glasses Direct. I wanted a stress free time, as I'm so busy.

Let me tell you the process was easy as pie, honestly and truly.

First of  all,  I picked my four options from the site, popped my details down and it was there within a week. Next, I got to try the four options and mark down the pair I wanted. Mind you, the lenses that I got had no power and were simply sent to give me a better idea of the frames that would suit me. Kind of like what you'd do in a opticians but in the comfort of your own home. 

Glasses Direct

Finally, I sent back the glasses, with my preference ticked off on the sheet I had.I then entered my prescription, and within a week, my glasses had come to me.

I am in love with my new specs and get so, many compliments about them. Overall, the process was pretty simple, just make sure that you send the trial specs back within a week. With glasses being so overpriced these days, using Glasses Direct was a simplier and cheaper option for me, and I'd highly recommend everyone to try them out, especially if you are like me and just don't have the time to go into a traditional store. So how do I look? 

Sunday, 1 January 2017


So here we are the 1st of January 2017, we have completed another year and what did I learn? Well in the words of Ms Kylie Jenner, 2016 was honestly and truly, the year of realising things. Stupid when you first hear it, but it was.


In a nutshell:

January- September 2016
  • I started the year in a new social media job, in a massive company with a great team.
  • Went to the Britain's Next Top Model launch event.
  •  I was also working on my side hustle FBL Bloggers, and nearing the end of my mentoring course to give me the skills to make it into a fully fledged business.  I completed said course and I am on my way baby! With the help I had got a few more opportunities and clients for the brand. Such as a watch range, editors and an office space.
  • My blog took a bit of a back seat, as I decided to focus on myself and life. But, I was on London Live TV for Westfield, appeared in two magazines (Black Hair Magazine and Blogosphere Magazine)
  • I made new friends, connected with old friends, and had a stronger bond with family.
  • I went to a film premier for the Neon Demon.
  • Modelled for Kurt Geiger and I appeared on their website.
  • Was invited by Sunglass Hut, the official sponsor of London Fashion Week and kinda frow-ed in September. Not to mention the London Fashion week lounges!
  • Went to Notting Hill again, had an amazing August bank holiday, parties galore!

September- December 2016

  • Shot for Shopstyle with Kyle Galvin at the Shopstyle event
  • Launched the FBL Bloggers watch range.
  • Got another campaign for FBL Bloggers with Book Your Lifestyle
  • Worked with Boohoo again and did the Party season campaign.
  • I turned 26, and had a lit birthday with my friends.. and met Tim Westwood, who gave me a shout out on my birthday.
  • Had a goood time and quit my job and got a better role as a Social Media manager for a Travel Company.
  • Spent Christmas with the fam and my nephews.

So what did I learn? I learnt to be open.. and I learnt to put myself out there and fight for whatever I want and it will pay off..but I must be patient. I hope to use these learning and use them to strengthen me to be the person I want to be, and who I know I can be! The sky is the limit and I want all of it..and I will get it. Buttttt I need to relax and have fun too. I am young init!  Anyway how was 2016 for you? What did you learn?
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