Saturday, 30 July 2016


Acceptance, Happiness and Strength, the feelings you get when you accept everything that you are….


In today's post, I talk about what it's OK to be comfortable with who what we look like. With digital media bombarding us with glossy images of the perfect look, life or relationship. You can't help to think that you fall short of the ideal life. You know what I mean?

It's tricky. Even though I am a confident gyal, I have also felt a sense of insecurity in which I've been affected by these "ideals" from the media. If we look at the media's changing perception of beauty, the way I look falls short of the ideal perception of beauty. I talked about this in depth in my post about the beauty industry. But if you just take a look at what the powers of be, have said, you can understand why it would affect your psyche. One minute my nose is too wide, my lips too big, my hair too kinky and difficult, and my bum huggggge.
Now big lips, big bums, and ethnic hairstyles are the rage. So am I now beautiful? Are my natural features and that of people who look like me, now acceptable for the media, because it has been culturally appropriated? Now I am not trying to be a negative Nancy. I fully believe you can take inspiration from looks you admire. My problem is the effect it has on certain groups, who've essentially been told all their lives, that they aren't pretty enough.

So how has this made me feel about myself? In a way empowered! Strange, innit? You see I'm a girl who doesn't wait for people to accept me. I accept myself. I've always known that I don't have the typical girl next door look. Honestly, it has taken me a while to embrace my womanhood to its full extent!  Especially, my natural body shape. I have a curvier frame thanks to my Ghanaian genes.
As a result, I made the decision last year to embrace the way I look and look more womanly. So now you may see me in bodycon type outfits, which accentuate these features, because I am proud of what I look like. Same goes for makeup, I enhance those features which were seen as ugly in the past.

You know why? Because I am who I am and I wouldn't have it any other way. If you find that someone doesn't think you are pretty enough, tell them to fall back and say you slay, all day.

What about you? Are you proud of what you look like?

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


As I look at my evolving style, I have realised that I have left behind big bold statement pieces, that I once coveted to simpler, geometric pieces, that stand out in their own unique way. I think I have a better sense of self than I did 5 years ago, so I no longer feel I need to stand out as much in my clothing. Letting my personality speak for itself. That being said, I am a big fan or dainty gold bracelets, and when the guys over at ChloBo, gave me the opportunity to review on of their bracelets, I couldn't say no. Opting for the Smokey Quartz, heart bracelet this piece is perfect for layering or worn on its own.


Normally, I try to steer away from traditional "girly pieces" but I think this piece isn't necessarily little girl cute. It gives me a boho, free vibe! Which I am all for as you can see from my outfit posts, I am basically a Hippy trapped in a city girls body.

Sadly, my exact bracelet is no longer in stock! BUT, you can get a similar version here. There are also plenty  of other designs available, that suit your personal style. Can I just say that I am eyeing up the hamsa bracelets and star bracelets! I am thinking gold midi rings and a few more of these bracelets for layering would be absolutely awesome! So what do you think? Are you a ChloBo fan?


Monday, 18 July 2016


A few months back, I talked about knowing your worth. In this post, I wanted to take it a step further and talk about deserving more. Now, you may be thinking, why I would need to talk about this in depth? Well, certain aspects of my life  have made me feel that I deserve more. Now, I am not claiming to be the Queen of Sheba or anything, but as a person who is big on self-development, I have been feeling like I am in limbo. So I ask you, do you ever sit there and feel like you're in a rut? Feel like you can do more and /or deserve more, than what you are doing right now?

You feel bored of everything and everyone.You are tired of feeling mistreated and taken for granted in all aspects of your life,  and you conclude that something has to change.


Lean a little bit closer, because I got something you need to understand.  YOU DESERVE MORE BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTHY! You feel me? Sometimes I feel guilty for wanting more, do you? Is it wrong to want to be treated right by your friends/ partner if you think they don't value you? Is it wrong to look  elsewhere for a job because you've outgrown the company and want to develop somewhere else? Well, the simple answer is no. In this life, you got to be ruthless with what you want.


So how do you get what you deserve? Well as the helpful gyal that I am, I have detailed a few ways you can do this:

Take some me time:

I find that taking some time away from everything, lets you reevaluate what is important. Honestly, be selfish.  Do things that you never get time to do. Maybe book a holiday?  Turn off all social media and watch crappy tv and order a takeaway. Whatever you do, just make sure you have time to ease your mind. The purpose of me time is to evaluate your life at the moment, and the steps you need to take to make a change to feeling more fulfilled.


Close the chapter on bad relationships:

Now I am talking about platonic as well as romantic relationships. Both similar and different in many ways. If you feel that your friends don't put as much work into your friendship, like constantly cancelling on you, only call you when they have an issue, and generally not there in your time of need, then  I first suggest talking to your friends. If the behaviour persists, then you need  to end that friendship. Now, this is hard! I know. You've built up history with this person/people and making the hard decision to end it is daunting. Depending on what type of person you are, I always believe in distancing yourself slowly and focusing on you and putting your energy with people who value you. Friendship works both ways, and if they aren't there for you in your time of need; they were never really your friend in the first place, in it?

Now let's talk about romantic relationships. Similarly to friendships, they work both ways. If you feel that you are carrying someone in that relationship, feel that you are together only for convenience, then it's time to let them go. Don't stay in a dying relationship out of comfort. Not only will you be unhappy, you'll waste time. I like to see relationships as a puzzle. There are millions of pieces that have the potential to fit (these are known as potential partners).  If you are trying so hard to force that puzzle piece in order to solve a puzzle (a relationship)  and it just doesn't fit, then it isn't worth the aggro. Trust that among all the wrong pieces, you'll  find that perfect piece and everything will fit and make sense. Now some people solve the puzzle easily, and others need more time to rummage in the box a little bit. In the end, we all find the right one, so  trust in that. Take your time, have fun learning on the way, you deserve the best.



Take a new direction:

Sometimes taking a new direction helps us realise that we deserve better. Speaking to a lot of my friends, they've gone travelling in order to find themselves. Then coming home and embarking on their new quest to self-fulfilment on home soil. Some choose to relocate entirely, in a quest for a fresh start. Or simply you may realise a change in career or company is a way you'll feel more fulfilled.

I just want to end this  and let you know that if you are feeling this way, it gets better. If it helps everyone will feel this in their life at some point. The feeling of deserving more will occur throughout your lifetime. This is a good thing, as we  always need to be developing and doing better. You never have to be perfect, but you must always want to do better, feel better and deserve more than what you want.

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