Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Party

Hat~Part of Christmas decor at the Hilton

I love Christmas for a few reasons, 1. I spend time with my loved ones, 2. Presents and xmas food and 3. THE PARTIES. The above pictures were taken from my work xmas party, that was held at the Hilton. Christmas parties are so fun as you get to see your work collegues get loose and get into the swing of xmas.

 I was on the dance floor for most of the night, but the best part of the night was when I won a Samsung T1O camcorder in the raffle. I wasn't expecting it and gave out a girly scream and ran in my heels to collect my prize. So I'm gonna be making Youtube videos soon.

The glittery hat wasn't mine, but it was part of the decor and I thought it worked well with my outfit, it became very popular among my collegues and it got passed around during the night; think I may have started a new trend. Bad thing was I had glitter on my hair for about 2 days afterwards.

It was one of the best times I have had since I have been on placement, it is just a shame that I wont be there next year.


Saturday, 17 December 2011

That's what friends are for....

My outfit
Hat~New look
Snood~Miss Selfridge
Fur boots~ Chocker Shoes

Nats outfit
Coat~Miss Selfridge

Can you believe its nearly 8 days till Christmas! only realised today, and guess what I haven't done any Xmas shopping. Reason being I am low on funds, so my nearest and dearest may have to relieve a Christmas hug for Xmas. I wonder how they'll respond to me once they get their "present". But if you think about it do we really need material things at this time of togetherness hmm?? I wonder if they buy my new holier than thou attitude or they'll suss that I am broke.

Speaking of shopping and gifts, I recently went to Westfield White City with my good friend Natalie(Nats). Since we are both on placement we both find it hard to see each other, but despite this we find the time to still speak on the phone,which is always good. If I am honest I was a little disappointed with what the shops had to offer,most of what I saw was a bit samey.

But I did manage to find some interesting gems in River Island such as the feather clutch, a statement in itself. Also, me and Nats bought each other xmas gifts bags from River Island so it worked out well in the end!


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Its just one of those days...

 Lipstick~Ruby Red Collection 2000
Eyeliner~Barry M 
Dress~Clothing at Tesco
Snood~Miss Selfridge
Leggings~New Look
Belt~Pack of 3 Primark
Bracelets~Thomas Sabo and Ghana

I have been feeling slightly down lately, just due to a few issues in my personal life. Thankfully I am starting to feel better thanks to my family and friends, its really nice to have people to talk to and vent your pressures and frustrations to. If you find it hard to let yourself be vulnerable(like I do), then I highly recommend getting a diary just to vent. I was never the one for diaries but a friend convinced me and it seems like a healthy and therapeutic way to let everything out. I'm in the search for a cool looking one with a fancy pen, I am convinced that this will encourage me to write more. What do you guys do when you feel down?do you write in a diary? vent to friends and fam? or do you do something totally different?

Monday, 5 December 2011


Belt,Leggings, Cardigan and Pumps~ Primark

So this picture is a about 2 weeks old and of me after I came back from work. Just like my kindred spirit Pat Butcher(only kidding), I have a love for anything leopard print be it shoes,clothes,ear muffs ,earrings and maybe even jeans.. I haven't seen any but I have a feeling I will own some in the future. Anyway I decided to tone down this usually loud print with black leggings and pumps, the print still stands out and I am still work appropriate.

Also you may have noticed my hair is longer, that's because I lost my weavinity and had a few tracks in my hair for length and volume! So the front and underneath are my own hair and everything in between isn't. I love it and can't believe that before this I never had it done it. It  looks natural which is what I was concerned about and this mini transformation has made me even more determined to grow my hair to this length!

How about you guys do you love leopard print?  and have you ever had a weave/tracks or extensions in your hair before?


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Birthday pressies

This is the final post in the birthday series, above are some of the gifts I received from my friends and family for my 21st. Some of the items may be familiar and that's because I featured them here. Looks like my nearest and dearest actually resorted to looking at my lust list as I was so indecisive,My mum got me the boots from ASOS, its quite a statement piece and you know I'm going to have fun styling it up! The big sis got the leopard print shoes which are so lovely and they feel like real fur. I really want to pair this with an all black outfit with red nails, what do you think? yay or nay.

My besties surprised me with the Thomas Sabo Bracelet. Its so pretty, its on my wrist now, thanks girls! I appreciate all the gifts and I still have a few coming in so you might see them in an future outfit post.


Saturday, 3 December 2011

The last few days with the Cruise *warning picture heavy*

Me being sophisticated with my Sprite

Dodi Island

Natural scenery at Dodi Island

Grandma and I

Posing outside Accra Mall

In our house ready to fly back to London
Outfit 1
  1. Sunglasses~Primark
  2. Top~H&M
  3. Jeggings~Internacionale
  4. Sandles~ASOS
Outfit 2
  1. Top~ H&M
  2. leggings~New Look
  3. Sandles~ASOS
Outfit 3
  1. Top~ASOS
  2. Scarf~Miss Selfridge
  3. Necklace~Topshop
  4. Jeans~Internacionale
  5. Flats~Primark
So this is one of the last posts  in my 21st birthday holiday series. The first few photos are me on the Dodi Princess sailing to Dodi Island.The day was so fun, the food was delicious, the atmosphere was chilled. My favourite parts of the cruise where when I was invited to the Captain's Bridge and I got to learn how to steer the boat(have to search for that picture its lurking around somewhere), also I got a surprise birthday song from the band and the whole boat sang happy birthday to me! I was unusually shy, mainly because I was standing in front of people I didn't know,but I appreciated it(thanks mum).

When we got off the boat, we were greeted by traditional Ghanaian dancers on Dodi Island, then we had a wonder round the island where I took these lovely pics. When we had finished the tour my family and I took pics at Volta Bridge. On the last day I went shopping with my mum,sister and Grandma, I was so excited because I hadn't seen her in 11 years, my grams is such a G and when I was hanging out with her it was obvious to see where I get my spunk from!

I was sad to leave Ghana and I had the best 21st birthday out there. If anyone wants to on holiday to somewhere different then I highly recommend it.

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