Friday, 29 April 2011

Fudge Cake!

Yum! me and my friend Kelly ate this bad boy at a meal with my friends. If you are trying to imagine the taste it was heaven on a plate. Anyone enjoying the Royal wedding? it reminds me of a Disney fairytale. If I was invited to the Royal Wedding and they were serving this cake, I would definitely have a good time!

The Lust Lust List:006

So I've realised it's almost been a month since I did my last Lust List! I seemed to have incorporated this seasons trends in this weeks list, floral,pop's of colour and white. I wish I was still in high school, so I could wear the Petal Dress to prom. It's a bit short but don't you think it's pretty? I'm glad I found the lace dress, it's a dupe for Erdem's famous Red Lace Dress but in a different colour. I've seen a lot of recreations on the high street and this is one of the best I have seen. Of course my lists wouldn't be complete without a bit of edge, and that's exactly where these jeans come in. At £100 there usually a bit steep but with student loans coming in recently I think I can make an exception..... 
What are you guys coveting?

Sunday, 24 April 2011

What's in my Monochrome bag??

I'm one of those girls who has loads of bags but only sticks to using one for a long time. Knowing that I'm like this, I still continue to purchase more even though I'll probably never use them; oh well they make great decoration for my room. Being inspired by many " What's in my bag posts", I thought this was a great opportunity to show you my new favourite bag and the junk I carry with me.

Monochrome Bag from Top shop  ~£30

I pod Nano,Vaseline lip balm,Gosh lip gloss in 305(it lights up!), New Look Purse

Breathe mints from New Look, Sunglasses from Primark,Umbrella from Primark, Dove Deodorant and Dior compact mirror

My mum bought me this bag for Xmas because she was sick and tired of me carrying the same bag. It was from New Look, Chocolate Brown, slightly battered , easy to carry and had character... R.I.P  old bag you served me well. Missing from my bag are my glasses, I'm short-sighted but don't wear them all the time and my phone the Nokia 5800  Xpress music phone, which I used to take the pics, because it easier than using the DSLR camera.

What is in your favourite bag?

Exam time

This is just a quick post to say that my posts will be a little less frequent, because it's my favourite time of the year... exam time(enter sarcasm here). Every year I stress about how much I need to learn for my exams. I have the added pressure of finding a placement or it's back to the three year course, which hopefully won't happen I've been dreaming of a doing a placement since Year 10. 

I'll try and update with more of stuff as I have taken pictures of exciting things I have done this month.Also I just wanna say  hi to my new followers and what do you guys think of the new layout?

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Lazy Song

Hi guys,

I had so much to do today, but yet procrastination won again. I think the only way I can sum up my mood today is through Bruno Mars new song: The Lazy Song.. sigh gotta love a bit of Bruno!

What can I say, it was a beautiful day today and I think I needed a day off. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll be back onto the fashion related posts soon.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Jewellery Haul

Hey guys,

Well blogging is addictive. I am supposed to be sleeping but instead I am taking pics of my collective haul! I've bought loads in the past few months and I have been promising you for ages that I'll be doing a haul video. However, with revision and placements yadda yadda yadda, I wouldn't have time to do a video and edit. So, since I was playing with my new camera and my room was actually clean; I thought it was the best time to do a few pics of my haul. 

I've had to split it up since I have been shopping quite a bit recently,so here is the jewellery haul
First row: Oversized Angel Wing Earrings~ Topshop, Arrow Earrings~ASOS, Beaded Hoops~ Dorothy Perkins

Second Row: Flower Earrings~Primark, Pyramid Earrings~Topshop, Teardrop Leaf Earrings~ New Look , Feather Earrings~Internacionale

Third Row: Spike Earrings~ASOS, Vintage Style Earrings~Love,Hearts and Crosses, Small Angel Wing Earrings~Topshop

First Row: Pearl Bracelet~Primark, Snake Bracelet~Primark, Heart Bracelet~Peacocks

Second Row: Round Bracelet~Primark, Peacock Ring~New Look concessions, Armour Ring~Primark, Oversized Stone Ring~ASOS, Oversized Blue Ring~Primark


 Hey guys,

So I finally got my tripod! Took me a little while to work out but I finally got it working, so that means more photos! This is a picture of one of my favourite Barry M nail polishes called Raspberry. Just like the Model's Own Grace Green, this is another colour which would suit all skin tones. Usually this would be my staple nail polish to wear in the winter, however with the colour block trend going on, I am tempted to plan an outfit around this gorgeous colour, maybe starting with a statement ring. Any ideas anyone?


Monday, 4 April 2011

Where have you been Grace Green?

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share an NOTD pic with you.The colour is Grace Green from Models Own and it retails at £5 from Boots. I adore this colour, I'm not sure if you can tell from the pic, but it comes out a dark green mint colour, with a slight grey undertone. If that makes sense lol, I never was the best at describing things, haha.The colour is quite unique as I haven't seen a green like this in other nail polish brands. If you guys have let me know, I'm attracted to green at the moment. I also think that its a colour that could suit different skin tones.

The packaging is understated, and I like that about the product. For the price and the amount of polish you get this is definately a colour to try out. I'm very impressed by Models Own and I will be experimenting with their other colours.

BTW, just bought my tripod from Amazon. I can't wait to take more OOTD pics!
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