Thursday, 19 July 2018


This is a collaboration with HS Hair Clinic

I love summer, I love the good vibes, the festivals. the music and the weather. With a lot of positives, and I mean there are a lot, there are a lot of negatives. Take, for example,  the unbreathable heat, the annoying sweating and the fact I am not on holiday until October. But most importantly, the weather conditions for my hair. As a Naturalista, I have a hair type of 4A, what this means is that my hair is kinky (soft) with tight curls. Black hair requires different hair protection techniques to our Caucasian and Asian counterparts. In a nutshell, our hair is naturally drier, so the lack of moisture this season means that we need to be extra careful with protecting our hair so that we maintain healthy, luscious locks. Here I let you know my healthy hair tips for summer.


Use a protective style- Braid it up.

Hot weather normally leads to muggy conditions, which leads to frizz and general gross hair. In order to protect your hair, I feel protective styles like braids are the best solution to hot weather. I am partial to crochet braids, box braids, Ghana braids and cornrows. Braids are my go-to on holiday or a staycation in the UK. The low manipulation for the weeks I have it in has always helped with my hair growth. Braids will protect your ends, which is crucial if you want to grow your hair out, and protect your hair breaking in the hot weather. 

I am currently rocking a hybrid between box braids ( underneath my hair) and cornrows at the upper part of my hair. Just like a relationship, braids are a commitment, and although they will allow you to be free without a second thought, you must choose your hairstylist with care. Always have a few weeks between your braids, otherwise, your hair will break. This is sadly what has happened to mine. You also need to make sure your stylist doesn't braid your hair too tight, repeated tight braids and back to back braids can lead to traction alopecia. A solution for this is to have a break from braids. If your hair is really damaged, you may need to look into something that can help with regrowing your hair.
FUE hair transplant is a treatment done at Harley Street Clinic. The team are dedicated to performing procedures to ensure that clients get the best hair transplant results.


Moisturise your hair

Just like a plant, Black hair is thirsty for moisture especially during the Summer. What I tend to do is my moisturise and seal routine. I moisturise my hair using a hair lotion and seal with an oil, whether it be argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil. I try to do this daily. Now with shampoo and conditioner, I try to do this 1-2 week, alternating between a co-wash and conditioning shampoo. I am a great fan of Shea Moisture products as they include natural products that will enrich your hair. 

Wrap your hair

Whether you are taking a stroll on a summers day, going for a swim or going to bed. Sun rays on the hair are not the one. Try a hat or a head wrap for daily protection, they are very versatile an so good for the hair during this season. Please use a swimming cap on the hair if you love to take a dip in the pool. Chlorine is absolutely terrible to your hair and repeated abuse of it can really damage it. I know it isn't cute, but I'd rather have healthy hair than weak hair. When going to bed, always use a silk scarf or headwrap. This is an all-around tip, for all seasons. The barrier between the headwrap and your cotton cases will reduce the friction which can damage hair. 


So there you go, my tips for summer hair for black hair. What do you do to protect your hair?


Tuesday, 10 July 2018


What a beautiful summer we're having! I can't believe the British summer is so beautiful at the moment. I love the fact that summer pushes me to be outside more and do more activities. I feel more productive, don't you? My sister and I are working on this major renovation of our home and having a 3 bedroom house are not easy to take care of, it requires a lot of upkeep. Especially the garden! This time we didn't need to worry about the garden so much as we were approached by fantastic services, who opted to clean up our front and back garden and plant flowers to take it to the next stage.

If you're not familiar with fantastic services, they are a one-stop shop for all home services! Let me tell you they are fantastic. After discussing the brief, two garden pros arrived at my home and weeded my back and front garden within an hour. The then proceeded to add weed treatment and dispose to of the rubbish.

Next was making my garden beautiful. The team asked if I wanted flowers and I was really excited as I wasn't expecting it, and I also had no clue of flowers to choose from. I just pointed to the floral dress I was wearing and left it to the pros to choose. The guys went above and beyond and brought in a huge amount of flowers, so colourful and unique. They planted them in a beautiful way to give my garden personality. I can't wait to see them bloom.

Thank you so much to the team at Fantastic Services for helping my garden to look pretty. As we're in a heatwave my garden is looking a bit dry, but hopefully, in a few weeks, you'll be able to see the full potential.

Please note that gardening, planting and clean up is was gifted to me for the review.

Thursday, 31 May 2018


I admit it, I have travel envy. I always wondered how my friends and travel blogger peeps were able to whisk away to amazing locations so frequently! Surely it cost a lot, surely you used up all your annual leave? Well after research and actually speaking to my friends I realized it was more realistic than I thought. Below are my tips, that I gained.

Save and invest:

Pretty standard really, I'm not the best at saving to be honest, but having a nest egg for days you want to just book a flight is brilliant. What I have started doing is saving at least 20% of my salary each month. If you can't afford that try 10% or even 5% at first and see how that goes! Do a direct debit each month and you'll be growing before you know it.

Download apps like Monzo to monitor your spend and before you know it, you'll also be sipping Pina Coladas on a beach in Bali.

Hunt for the best deals:
I'm a woman that likes a good deal. What can I say, I love to live boujee on a budget.

I'm not going to go into so much detail about the places I look but you can find them here 

My faves have to be first choice and the tui brand for quickie package holiday deals, as well as my bae travel supermarket.

Borrow now, pay later:

We all need a break, and as such life gets in the way and you may not have enough to get away and you really need to. So you need a little financial help and a mini loan. Cash lady is a good example of this, As a specialist payday loan broker, their service is completely free of charge. They will not charge you anything at any point. Instead, they receive a fee from our lenders once they have successfully funded your loan.

Remember if you go this route, please choose something affordable and choose a realistic timescale to pay off your loan. You can find out more about how this works here. 

So there you go, work out the best option for yourself and enjoy!

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Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Salutations babes, how are we? I have been very busy, with weddings and events. Not to mention, I spent last bank holiday at Supadupafly, rooftop sessions and it was live. More of those events for summer, please! Anyway, onto the review! I was gifted the new Shea Moisture and Argan Oil and Almond Milk range to test out. I am not a stranger to the range and actually love using the products. Most people do not realize, but I am natural underneath my wigs, weaves, and extensions. I have been since 2012, so I do not relax my hair. It hasn't been easy, but I love seeing my curls pop with great products.

shea moisture argan oil and almond milk

shea moisture argan oil and almond milk

Protective styles are important for me so you can see I am rocking this wig from Wiggit, the relaxed blowout. This synthetic wig is goals and emulates black hair when blown out! I'll do a full review on this later. Now, I chose the range based on my hair concerns. It is great for:

  • Fine
  • Frizzy
  • Wavy
  • Straight hair
Other than having thin to medium texture hair, my hair concerns don't completely align with the uses of this product, I just loved the smell and love the properties of almond milk and argan oil. Which is extremely nourishing for dry hair and helps to detangle. There is also Shea butter too, and Shea is always a winner for me. 

shea moisture argan oil and almond milk

Just with my normal hair routine, I shampooed and conditioned and I felt my hair to be more nourished as I used the products. What I loved about the product is that the products were clean and contained no nasties, parabens, sulfates etc. The key ingredients will help me on my healthy hair routine, and hair journey. Yup, I am back on that again! I want to say a huge thanks to Shea Moisture team for the goodies. Have you tried these products before? 


Thursday, 26 April 2018


Hello beautiful people, I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the brief heatwave we had. I decided to chill and didn't get to experience it! I have to say summer brings so much confidence in not just what I wear but how I feel! I was approached by the lovely team at IKRUSH, to showcase their new range and I couldn't wait to work with them again after so many years. Summer brings with it sandal weather! And yes, of course, I chose sandals in my review!


Speaking of confidence, I have always wanted to try the whole net skirt thing. I was channeling my inner gothic gypsy bride with this outfit and if I am honest it made me feel fierce. I know this may sound a bit OTT to some of you, but I really feel that I am trailblazing into the life I deserve. This year and a half have been mad difficult. However, I find with one chapter ending, a new one is beginning and I am so excited about what the future holds! I cannot wait to tell you what is happening, but I need to be so quiet about it until everything is certain.

boohoo black net skirt


Firstly, these golden heels from IKRUSH were elegant and also very, very versatile as you can see from both outfits. I dunno how to describe it, but I feel like a WOMAN. Now, I feel uber confident to display my curves like a boss. I may not look perfect, but I am happy with how I look right now. 

lotd suede camel biker jacket

Toning it down for a more muted look, I opted for these ripped jeans, with pearls. Which are my new favorite things ever! I have had a thing for espadrilles after I saw my colleague rock a cute outfit with them last year. Now, I am slowly building them into my shoe collection. What do you think of the flatform espadrilles? Cute or nah?

All in all, this summer will be lit, and I cannot wait to showcase more outfits when this weather decides to stabalise!

Sponsored collaboration with IKRUSH

Sunday, 22 April 2018


First things first, I am running on Ghanaian timing with this blog post, so I am sorry about that. Also, I needed a bit of a life break and decided to take a trip to Berlin with my girl Mel. If you missed my Instagram stories and Snapchats, you can check out my Instagram highlights, to see how I got on. Now if you know me, you know my dating life has been colorful, lol. I have met many interesting men in my short years, which has made me form an opinion on modern dating today. As I do not, want to be biased, I have also included opinions from some of my friends and bloggers who have given their take on dating today. Now the title is a bit odd, I admit, but yes that literally happened in conversation on one of my dates, but more on that later.

I entered the dating game a bit later than my age mates, mainly because I was doing me and wanted to focus on my education and career. However, I was not naive and frequently heard stories from my friends and family about dating, the dos and don'ts. I heard the good, the bad and the ugly about the opposite sex, in the weird and wonderful world of dating. So when I decided to give it a whirl, I thought I was aptly equipped. Most of the time I was, but there were times when I had no idea, what the hell was going on. And I relied on Oloni, Lalaletmeexplain blog, my personal network, and common sense to navigate dating. So without further ado, below are my observations.

Dating is much different to how it was back in the day

I know, I hear a huge duh come from your mouths. This is pretty obvious, but hear me out. With social media playing such a prominent factor on how we interact, it is only natural that we seek a potential bae using it. Whether it be sliding into DMS on IG or Twitter. Using dating apps like Tinder or Bumble.. it is all rather normal. There is more choice, which allows for more potential. In my experience, this is good as you meet people that you wouldn't normally meet and that has been great for me. However, there is the ugly side, which is the rise of situationships ( relationships that are relationships without the title). In general, these type of relationships lead to a grey area where both parties or one of those involved will eventually say what are we?

Now don't get me wrong, some people are perfectly happy with this, it works for them. But there is always someone who catches feelings and it just becomes messy. I have lived vicariously through many of these and even I was exhausted. There seems to be a lack of respect for the sanctity of relationships now, due to the fact that there is so much choice. Well at least in my opinion anyway.


Penpal syndrome is rife

Following on from point one, I know so many people, including myself who have become victim to penpal syndrome, it is rife. I for one have never been for it, it just happened. If you know me well enough, I am a social butterfly with good friends and I am out quite a lot, as you can see on Snap. So being stuck in penpal syndrome grinds my gears. It happens like this, you get talking to a guy, you vibe, you meet up very few times or not at all. You get comfortable with just chatting rarely seeing each other again, and bam you have acquired a penpal that you are attracted to. Your head starts to race as to was it me or is he just lazy, or I really can't be bothered with him, I will keep him on the side just when I am bored. Then the whole thing becomes so MAD and long, you need to cut it. So you then need to pull the plug and find someone who actually likes face to face meetups. 

Fuckboys continue to reign, and they come in all shapes and sizes

Fuckboys, ruining lives since the dawn of time.. they created the saying men are trash. Although, I do not believe all men are. However, there are some demons, some demented gargoyles who will really try their luck and play games when they really do not have to. LEMME SAY IT AGAIN, YOU REALLY DO NOT HAVE TO. And breathe. For educational purposes, and to reduce high blood pressure, I have highlighted a few that I have encountered and a sure way of dealing with them.

1.Classic hot guy fuckboy: He knows he is fine, you try to avoid him because you know, he knows he is fine. But, you still play with fire because, well he is fine. He sweet talks you, shows you attention, does that hot guy squint in all his pics. Goes to gym a lot, makes it known to you that he goes to gym or is about to go, and updates his IG on the regs. His style is on point, people gravitate to him. This then breeds arrogance, and what you later see is a huge disregard for other peoples feelings. He thinks you're hot, yes, but that is it. Everyone wants him, and as a result, he'll whore himself to anyone that will have him, to increase his ego. You are not special to him, you are one of many. So find someone who has time for you. Leave this fuckboy to continue to take his pics for the gram.


2. The  Mr Nice, but false promises fuckboy- This is one I have encountered a lot. Attractive yes, he is less shallow and less cute than our classic fuck boy.  You vibe and really think he is different, because shock /horror, you have a genuine conversation with him. You think finally a decent guy. Then when you try to meet up, excuses come one after the other. Even the thought of anything potential turns you off, as he is just not a man of his word. So you lose interest.. and wonder why you wasted your time. He reels you in apologizing (seeming genuine), you accept and realise that no one is perfect, so you give him another chance. Until you become tired, as he still does the same fuckboyery he did before. In the end, you conclude that if anyone was really down to getting to know you, they would make an effort. So you ignore him and put your energy into something more productive.


3. The horny fuckboy- This fuckboy is basic in his tactic and unlike the other fuckboys, there is less decorum for their final objective being sex. He'll blatantly be trying to sleep with you, will make it obvious and doesn't care that he is. If you're on that, then go ahead. If you're not, cancel him and move on. He will not invest in you.


There are A LOT of weirdos out there

I've been hyping up this post a lot and I know you all came to read this section. So get a cuppa tea as I have suffered for all of you, so you don't have to! Along with all the other challenges out there some guys are strange.

Meet Mr 50/50 on a coffee and hot chocolate and occasional table flipper- Right. Last October, I got speaking to a guy. I met him on Tinder. We were only speaking for 2 weeks in total before this whole situation was cut off when I concluded that he may be a psycho in the making. He started off normal, was cute, not fully my type, but cute nonetheless. We had a few things in common and I will leave it at that, as it will be so obvious who he is. We chatted, we flirted, it was all above board. Until, I started to see red flags, which I stupidly ignored. In hindsight, it would've saved me aggro if I stopped when I had a niggling feeling, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. And anyway, I wouldn't have inspiration for this post now, would I?

Red flag 1- He became low key possessive and insecure. At times, he would say when I was going out. You're not going to dance with or kiss any guys are you? I was baffled!  He said this to me twice once, when I went out to Halloween and on my birthday the following week. To which, I replied.. you're not my man. So I can do whatever I want.

Red flag 2- The few days before we would meet- He was feeling sad as he had not had a girlfriend for ages and proceeded to tell me that he felt guilty for how it ended. But she was needy or some rubbish. The next day, I was convinced he was not over her, so said let's not bother meeting. He insisted that he was just feeling down and would love to meet for coffee.

Red flag 3- I met him for coffee, which I hate. I finally met him and was not impressed, he made no effort what so ever, wearing his home jumper. When we were buying our hot drinks, he tapped my shoulder and asked if we could split the hot chocolate and the coffee. This man invited me to Costa, even though I hate coffee, even though I said let's not bother with this and had the confidence to say this. My hot chocolate was £2.40! Let that sink in. Anyway, the date was odd, he was shy.. or now I know a bit angry with me as I was challenging him on a debate we were having. I asked him if he was shy. He said no, he is usually a chilled guy. But he's been known to flip tables when he is really angry.

I realized he was misogynistic and was completely different to what I thought. He said before he liked I was strong and independent but switched at the date and said he loved needy girls, girls that NEED a guy. After the date, he proceeded to call me and engage in a chat, and say he loved needy girls, and I said he was not the type of guy I would like. After all of that nonsense, he called me a few days later as he thought he had portrayed himself differently and kept voice noting to explain himself. I had to tell him, that he needed to work out what he wants, as he created mixed messages and it wasn't that deep as it was one date.

Meet Mr, do you think I am crazy now?- He told me he had problems connecting with people and if he became too full on, I had all the permission to block him. When I was shocked he asked me if I thought he was crazy now? Then laughed. I never spoke to him again, as I didn't fancy being cut up into pieces and scattered in Epping Forest.

Meet Mr. Venezuelan Demon- He is American but Venezuelan descent. From California, but also grew up in Berlin. Anywho he was a waste of time, and when I didn't want to talk to him anymore, I had to block him off everything. I should've known he was weird after the nickname.

Meet the unwanted dick pic army- Those guys, who show us their genitals when I have not requested them. I do not know most of you, and I do not know why sending a piece of you will make me drop my pants? It doesn't it's lame.

Not all men are trash

Despite the aggro, I had some really fun times dating as well! Which leads me to say that not all men are trash. There are good ones out there and I have had some memorable dates! Honestly, if you're both straightforward and you vibe, it can end up with the situation below in my GIF:


I am a simple and straightforward girl, and sometimes I am happy with pizza and good conversation. Not a Netflix and chill situation, more like let's go out and eat and enjoy each others company situation.


Other people's experiences..

I didn't want to be biased so here are my friends' experiences with dating.

Adam, The Male Stylist:

“I think one of the big problems with dating currently is the belief that a relationship has to be perfect. I’ve been in a relationship for 3 years and found that it is rarely perfect, in fact it’s hard work. However, that’s the work you have to put in to have someone who is there when you’re sad, angry or just needing a hug after a bad day at work. Anything worth having does not come easy and a loving relationship is the same. There’ll be times when you can’t text each other all day or you have a massive argument and spend the day in silence, you work at it and you grow to love the imperfections in your relationship.

I guess I think everyone needs to know that the best relationships are about finding someone who is the same brand of crazy as you. Someone who loves you for (what you perceive as) your flaws and you love them for theirs. Don’t try and be perfect, just be the best you can be for each other.”

That's it! It was my longest post ever, but I hope you enjoyed it. What is your take on modern dating?

Friday, 13 April 2018


Summer is swiftly approaching (we hope) but I feel it in my spirit, that we will have a lit Summer this year. Can I get an Amen? Whether you’re praying that the British weather produces amazing weather for your stay cation destinations. Or whether you are being whisked away to some amazing location! We all need to slay in our summer outfits for the ‘gram. I mean it is only right lol!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been travelling quite a bit these last couple of months! November saw me go on my birthday holiday to Gran Canaria, March saw me go to Lanzarote for a hen do and then Berlin at the end of the month.


Yes, I have the travel bug and not only because I work in travel, but I love feeling and embodying the places I visit. One thing I always found to be super difficult on holiday is swimwear! Maybe because I cannot swim, but swimwear has come so far these days. Now you no longer have to have a cute piece to swim, you can be like me, boujee laying by the pool or on the beach, cocktail in hand.

As your fashion friend, I have compiled a list of the top  fashion designer swimwear pieces to wear in summer 2018.

I am all about colour and the Sarasana Bandeau one piece, gives me Moroccan vibes. Paired with some gold bangels, gold hoops and dark shades, you're sure to turn heads in this piece! Am I weird for wanting to wear this as a bodysuit, with a pair of white wide legged trousers? No?It could be a cute day time outfit you have, before taking a dip in the pool. Now let me see if I can book a trip to Marrakesh

If colour is not your thing and you're more subdued in your colour palette. The Mirachich Aphrodite swimsuit maybe for you. Every woman has that sexy vixen in her, and this swimsuit will help you bring this out. I am definitely getting Miami or Vegas vibes with this suit. Any of you lovelies been?

Tropicana vibes are FLOWING with the Floral Camo Bandeau piece If you like to have that feminine element but still want that hint of sexy, this is for you. Also this piece is great if you have a smaller chest area, adding the illusion of volume. I could  see myself  in a boat trip in Bali with this piece.

For the ladies who are apologetically bold, the Costa Brava halter cut out was made for you babe, so you're welcome. The detailing around the neck reminds me of a Grecian destination, maybe Crete? My uber driver swore by it last week.

Whatever you do this summer, make sure you slay! Where are you off to on holidays?

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Thursday, 8 March 2018


Hello and welcome to another headphone review! This time I worked with the team over at Sennheiser again to review the Ambeo Smart headset. Setting you back £259.99, these headphones are seriously next level! If you are a YouTuber, then you're in luck as the headphones let you record 3D sound, as they have high-quality microphones. One word DOPE! Let me tell you, I got a chance to demo and receive a pair of these headphones, which you can see in my vlog below. Myself and key influencers like Gadgetsboy, Gadgets Jon, and Sug Sean. Were whisked around a Sennheiser Routemaster where we vlogged the event and tested the headphones.

 Before you watch my vlog, these headphones are only available on iPhone and other Apple products currently. However, Android capability will be coming later on this year. So don't be disheartened. I like to think of myself as a consumer tech fan so headphones, smartphones excite me as I use them to record my vlog series, the Bloggerprenuer. Sound quality can be tricky when you use the integrated mics as a Smartphone blogger. But with these headphones, you have total control of the sound. You can reduce or amplify sound, and the ability of that had the power to take your vlogs to the next step. So enough of me talking, it is time to see what I thought about the headset. 

This was a sponsored collaboration with Sennheiser. All words are my own.

Thursday, 1 March 2018


More than ever, I have been seeing the road to success get further and further away from me.  The fire inside to do what I want is still flickering so strongly, but my self esteem has taken a battering over the last month, and I am finally unashamed to say that. However, I refuse to allow that define who I am. In today's post I talk about walking to greatness and realising that you can achieve everything you want just not at the same time.




So what do I need to do to make myself not feel like this anymore? I think take a break of the things that are not fulfilling my soul. If you follow me for a while on social, I left my job that I am currently at to finally fulfill my passions. I very much appreciate the lessons I learnt, the people I met and how I grew. But I was very much unhappy as I wasn't living my passion.. and I cannot wait to move onto my new opportunities that I have. I greatly love the support my current company have given me, literally everyone has been super supportive. But when you need to fly the nest to blossom, you just need to go. So how am I walking to my dream career? I have finally realised that I am a multi- faceted creative! I work in social media, I work with dope brands for my blog and FBL Bloggers, I am launching a cosmetic line and other projects. This too shall pass boo, and I will get up there in the career ladder. Seriously Mercedes Benson  and Flow are inspirations to me. 


Not to mention, I learnt to appreciate myself, who I date especially! I disucss this more in another post on the 17th March. But I realised, that if you focus on people that do not appreciate you, it will just wear on your self esteem after a while.  I am also taking a break. I am off to Lanzarote tomorrow and Berlin at the end of March and tbh, I cannot wait to let my mind just relax! Reboot and come with what I love to do.


Finally, I am trying to dress in a way that uplifts me. You never know the power that fashion has to your self esteem! I wanted to feel like the sassy me again, so I chose these red boots that the team over at EGO gifted me. It was a total accident that I paired my red beret and red lippie with the outfit. It was even more of a coincidence that my outfit matched London Waterloo station! I really felt that I was my sassy self again! I also got so many compiments from  passers by, so thank you. Although, these will most defintely be my din ner boots they are too nice and a bit high for day wear for me. But I love them :)

I guess the road to success or my walk to greatness will take a bit of time. I just need to work on being the best possible me I can be. 


EGO Shoes sponsored this post and gifted the shoes


Saturday, 10 February 2018


Embracing who you are is something that isn't that easy for everyone to do. We all have insecurities on what we look like, what we do, our beliefs. With societies ideals challenging the essence of who we should be vs who we are,  is something that really baffles all of us. So how do we embrace who we are, and be unapologetic about it? I explore this in today's post.


Step 1: Understand that you are not perfect, you are you.

As much as I hate to admit it, I always had this perception of perfection. I had to be the best, look the best, feel the best. Anything short of that was a failure. If you know me, I am pretty laid back, so I wasn't a neurotic person who obsessed over every little thing. It was the way I did things, and my work, how I looked and everything I did was on point. Most things went my way, 80% of the time. Whenever it didn't, such as not getting that first job, even though I had what they required, or maybe not doing well on a test, even though I studied. Or not getting that guy, even though it seemed I could get him. It baffled me, hurt more than it should. It made me question myself, and what I believed. I had been challenged in a way I had never been before, and I am glad this happened earlier on in my life.

I came to realize that sometimes it isn't you, sometimes even if you do the RIGHT things, life won't always go your way. There are other factors, that affect these things. Maybe the path you want isn't for you. Maybe you just weren't what someone wanted in a relationship and job situation for example. You know what? That is life. Negative things that we go through, they don't make you less of a person, but help to build your character. In my short 27 years, I like the idea of not being perfect, I like the idea of taking a risk, knowing that I might fail. I like the fact that I am me, and I embrace all that I am. Do you know why? There is only one me, and there is only one you.

Step 2: Understand that not everyone is gonna like you, so don't worry cause they are ediats.

Ok, maybe describing people who don't like you as ediats (idiots) is a little immature ( sticks tongue out) but I low key stick by it. Listen some people won't like you, I am talking about the people who don't like you for no reason at all. I am talking about those people that even if you bring cakes into the office after your holiday, and personally hand them one and place it on their desk; with Michelin style precision.They have the confidence to still side eye you in the canteen line. THOSE PEOPLE...  won't like you. They can't explain it... and you reading this you aren't perfect yourself ( refer to step 1) you also don't like people for no reason at all. I am a nice person, get along with A LOT of people, but there are a lot of people on my I can't be bothered list. It is give and take babes. So you know what you do when someone doesn't like you? You sip your tea and keep it moving. Don't dwell on it, because when they go to bed, they aren't thinking about you... keeping it moving and eat some cake. Cake is tasty, cake appreciates you.



Step 3: Live your best life.

Life is short, life is hard. So don't stress and live your best life. Go on that holiday, ask that guy or girl you have been preeing ( watching) out. Order that creams from Uber eats without judgement. Live your best life babes!

I hope you all realise that you are amazing as you are! Much love Jess :)

Wednesday, 24 January 2018


As I love to be creative, one of my new projects has been YouTube! I started my channel as a way to show you who I was and a way to channel my sadness, into something creative. Over the years, I have made videos here and there and stopped as carrying a huge camera around became impracticable and it made sense for me to use my phone and edit on the go. My vlog series the Bloggerprenuer showcases the raw in the moment, moments of my life being a blogger and an entrepreneur. I show how to create this quickly and easily!

The tools:

Quite simply, to get started you need a little bit of creativity and your smartphone. All smartphones are pretty good these days, so don't stress too much about which phone you should get. Now I film my videos on two smartphones (My LG G5 and iPhone 6S.. what can I say I am a baller lol!) I also have an iphone Touch which I have captured footage on. They are all pretty good, but Apple's camera for front facing imagery is second to none. This hurts my soul to say this as #teamandroid. Whereever, you film, save all content onto the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive etc). Even Snapchat, and Instagram videos, save all of it as they will be useful for the next step.

You could also use a Smartphone mic, remote etc, if you are taking your videos to the next stage. But even using what you have already, without the frills allows you to create amazing content.

Story board

Maybe it is the organiser in me, but I always have a mental stroy board of what I am going to show in my vlogs. If you like to write things down, make a quick story board of what your video will include. Highlight, the beginning, middle and end of your video and bullet point the key footage you will include in this, type of music and even graphics. Let me tell you this is a time saver, and saves you from sifting through footage. Also organise your footage into folders, so it is easier to locate and drop them into your video.

Create your graphics

Once you've successfully created your storyboard. You next create your graphics and thumbnails you want to include in your video. Remember to create thumbnails that are engaging and give a summary of what your video is about. This is something I am learning as a newbie YouTuber, as engagement will be higher. If you aren't a photoshop whizz, you can use to create truly breathtaking graphics, in a split second!

Just an update, Canva is now available on iphone and Android, just go to the Play and Apple Store and create on the go.

Time to create your video

Since putting out my second vlog, I have moved onto editing my videos using Filmora, for desktop. They also have an App too. However, for total beginners, I used the iMovie app, which comes with most Apple devices. For Android users, I recommend the Filmora App. Assuming you've storyboarded and created your graphics, all you need to do is drag and drop you footage and imagery into the timeline. What I tend to do is add all my footage undedited first, then edit by trimming, cutting and muting if I need to. I add music and text last, as they are just finishing touches and not a necessity.

If you want a live video of me using iMoie or editing videos on the go, I can do that. Or simply watch Shameless Maya's video, literally a 5 year old can do it.It is so easy! 

When you have finished your video share it on your social media channels to generate awareness. I would also like, comment and generally engage on videos you like to get engagement on your channel. One thing I have played with is Facebook paid promotion, as the algorithm on Facebook, gets harder to compete without using paid promotion. I just promoted my videos with a max £6 to my target audience using Facebook ads, to increase reach.

If you are a blogger, I would highly recommend creating a quick post around your video and embedding it in the post. Then use the URL from the post, to promote on Facebook especially. Facebook, doesn't seem to like YouTube links but Blog links it does. So that is a little tip too!

Pros and Cons of using iMovie

iMovie, is fab and very good for basic andd effective videos. If you're busy like me, a beginner or on a budget use this app. You'll find however, that is basic than your other editors, especially as it is on a Smartphone and this goes for any other film editing app. As you progress, you will find that desktop apps or progress offer more options, but we all have to start somewhere!

So there you go, a comprehensive guide to creating a video, not just for YouTube but in general. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Friday, 5 January 2018


Happy New year all! First of all, how great was 2017 for music? I had such an amazing time updating my playlist and going to gigs, festivals and concerts last year. If you follow me on social, I captured all of this coverage, and if you missed it, you can watch this on my Youtube vlog series, here, here and here. I was inspired to do a review like this, as I was gifted with the Sudio Sweden Regent white headphones that retail for £79. If you are looking for new headphones for the new year, then head over to the site, and use my code fblbloggers15 to get 15% off.

I am a bit of an earphone connoisseur, I am a snob when it comes to my music. I want my headphones to have amazing sound quality, look stylish, and last a long time. I go through a lot! If possible be wireless Now usually, because I have big hair I usually opt for inner ear headphones, which are discreet and easy to pop into my bad. However, since it is 2018, I wanted to always try headphones. The Sudio Regent headphones, which you can see below fit everything I look for in headphones. What is also great is that it comes with customisable caps. At £79, it is an affordable alternative to Beats which will set you back £250. I really like that the headphones provide you with a wire to plug in when your wireless headphones are low on battery. But with a 24-hour battery life, you should be able to milly rock to your playlist with ease.

Now with everything, here are some negatives. I found that my cap on the right side kept falling out, which was pretty annoying. So make sure you secure them. I have worn them out, but because of this, I think these will be my indoor headphones. Not because the headphones are not great, but also because for me, as I tend to take a small bag out with me, I would find it hard to pop in my handbag. However, you can simply rock this as a neck piece. I had a slight issue connecting to both my phones ( I have an iPhone and LG G5). Just make sure you hold the on the button for a few seconds when connecting.

All in all, I have fun with these and recommend these headphones. If you are looking for an affordable and stylish headphones check these out.

Also check out my latest Youtube video with my latest playlist.

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