Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Coffin on Cake PR Press day

It's Wednesday guys and it's Halloween oooooh!! I have to tell you about a press day that I was extremely excited about, it was for Coffin on Cake PR(totally appropriate name for today,don't ya think). Coffin on Cake PR look after sick, alternative  brands such  as Surfdome, Juju,  Mr Lacy ,Denim Demon, Analog and many more. I ventured into my favourite place in the world, Shoreditch to view the SS13 collection of these brands. Before I went to the PR office, it was clear that Coffin on Cake PR had really got into the SS13 spirit by remodelling their office with a bright rainbow display, featuring the words Look Forward. I was definitely looking forward to viewing this new range.

As I went in I was greeted by one of the team members, Lauren who gave me a tour of the collections.Each if the collections were very different and unique:

Surfdome~ Surfdome is a lifestyle store which houses 800 well-known, fashion,street,lifestyle and outdoor brands.Key brands they house are Roxy,French Connection, Levi's and animal  among others.I'd have to say that this was one of my favourite collections,because of the laid back silhouettes and bright prints. I had my eye on the maxi dress and printed jeans.

Converse- Seeing the converse collection brought me back to my early teens when I was rocking a pair of green chucks,which I still have today. I expected to see the classic shoe,but I was happy to be surprised by the accessory line the brand has bought out. The bags stay true to the iconic brands legacy with the use of the canvas material in most of the bags.. I really wanted the red one.

Hush Puppies- Hush Puppies have teamed up with Hemingway to create a "mod" inspired shoe range. It was a cool range,there was a mixture of pastels,brogues and tassels.

Juju - Remember those jelly shoes you used to wear as a kid? well they were created by Juju back in the 80's. The brand is back with new shapes and colours and also is paying homage to it's iconic design with it's original basket shape. Even Azelia Banks is loving the comeback of these shoes, she had a custom pair made especially for her. Fashion designer Manuela Dack created new designs to fit in with the SS13 range! they look pretty cool don't ya think?

Demin Demon- I really like Denim Demon,with it's dark wash rinses the designers were inspired by the reindeer herding roots. I spy a button up I want to rock

Analog- In west Philadelphia born and raised... Analog reminded me of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, mostly because Will Smith's Summertime was blasting and I saw printed short and shirt combos which reminded me of the 90's. The brand is cool and laid back which makes sense as it has got a skater sufer kinda vibe. I was eyeing up the hoodies but I don't have a hat head..bad times.

Shimla- Shimla gets it''s name from the Valley's in the Himalayas. The bracelet brand aesthetic focuses on mixing braiding and weaving with extravagant jewels. 

Mr lacy -Mr lacy is the biggest laces brand in the world,there were so many olour from matt laces to glow in the dark ones!

Thanks Coffin on Cake, I had a great time at the press day and the cakes were yum too!


Monday, 29 October 2012

London Fashion Weekend

Leather Jacket~Primark
Jimi Hendrix T-shirt ~Primark(Men's)

The end of September saw me meet up with Niki from Petitepip for SS13 of London Fashion Weekend.For those of you who don't know, I went to the AW12 with Niki back in February and I had a wonderful time. 

Although I had great time meeting up with Niki again, I felt this year's showcase was just meh... the goody bag was not all that cracked up to be and it was designed by Mulberry. The catwalk was okay but it wasn't as good as last season. 

There were some highlights though, the Henry Holland talk, looking at the gorgeous collection, free makeover and we had a magazine style shoot sponsored by Elle, although I waited 2 hours for my pic to be printed! 

It was great to come back again,but I think I will wait again before I go to fashion weekend , I think it needs to be more activities as we spent a lot of time just wandering about.

Have you ever been to Fashion Weekend?


Thursday, 25 October 2012

London Fashion Week: Handpicked Media and Ted Baker

Leather jacket~Primark
Boots~New Look
Ted Baker tote bad~c/o Ted Baker

Day 5 of London Fashion Week, saw me  venture to the Handpicked Media suite  . This time Ted Baker were showcasing their latest collection which was full of colour and obviously I was in heaven. The guys at Ted Baker were lovely, and I felt so pampered, especially as I decided to try Shellac nails for the first time. Which was the best decision, it lasted 3 weeks!! Ah I loved LFW, did you go to any shows? If not, which was your favourite collection and would you ever try Shellac nails?


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

London Fashion Week: Handpicked Media Suite and New Look Blogger Event

Necklace~New Look
Leggings~New Look
Boots~New Look

London Fashion Week almost feels like a life time ago! I clearly remember the blogs and magazines being filled with images from the hottest designers and the new "it" trends. Now, that hype has settled I wanted to show you what I was up to during this week.

I attended the launch of the Handpicked Media suite at the One Aldych hotel in Central London. New Look was the first brand to kick off this launch, and showcase their SS13 range. The collection was amazing, and it as clear that the brand had really upped their game this year; especially in their womens wear range. I had a few cheeky favourites including a fur gilet and a cream aztec jumper!

Other than gawping at this new range, I also got to  talk to some of the New Look PR team who were really lovely! In the middle of our convo about the hottest trends and our favourite pieces, I was swept away by another one of the New Look team and asked if I would like to talk about my favourite piece... on CAMERA. Now anyone who knows me would describe me as a bubbly character,but put me in front of a camera and my voice starts to sound high pitched like Alvin from the chipmunks. Strangely enough, I was excited enough to produce a coherent review? What do you think? Skip to 1:10

Through out the evening I got to mingle with some of the Handpicked Media lovelies. It was great to see Krista, Catherine and also meet some of my favourite bloggers Zoe, Suzi and Lexi to name a few!

It was a great event, and I was excited to be apart of it!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Fresh Tees Event

  1. Necklace~Ebay
  2. Tee~Primark(worn as a crop top)
  3. Dress~H&M(old)
  4. Bag~Ebay

In early September, my sister and I were invited to a creative showcase by Fresh Tees UK at the light bar in good 'ol Shoreditch. Now you may be wondering, hang on Jess, who are Fresh Tees? Fresh Tees are an urban and very sick retailer who focus on alternative culture and art.Their event focused on showcasing the most unique and urban brands in the UK, and some of the brands showcased were:

Trippy Teddy~ A sick T-shirt brand, which used screen printing to produce their bold graphic prints.

Snob Mob~Street ware brand which focuses on producing imaginative artistic designs created by a group of artists.

Grape Soup~ Fellow FBLer and self taught jewellery extrodanaire, Kassandra creates fresh and vibrant pieces which are heavily influenced by her poetry.

T&T jewellery~ The brand was created by sisters Naomi and Fayola who offer a new perspective in costume jewellery.

I had fun looking at the collections from these brands,and I encourage you guys to check out their websites as they are truly offering a new dynamic to urban street ware and jewellery. I'd like to thank the Fresh Tees guys for inviting me to the showcase :).

After, my sis and I took a trip to Leicester Square to visit the Haagen Dasz restaurant. Now, as a massive ice cream lover I was surprised that this place even existed, you'd think a place like this would be on my radar...but no I was simply oblivious.... until now! The menu was ah-mazing and the meal I had was just yum!!

Definitely a good day out :)


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bags of Love

Happy Wednesday all!

As you may be aware, I have been very busy, as it is my final year at University. But with all the university madness, I thought I would take some time to unwind and tell you about a wonderful gift giving company called Bags of Love. They are a personalised gift company,who specialise in making extra special photos,bags, cushions etc. They are based in the UK  and make most of their products by hand and it is delivered super quickly.

 Being a girl who loves a quirky gift, I decided to try out the service by designing my own shopper bag The process was really simple, all I had to do was choose pictures that I wanted to use in my bag and the colour, details and BOOM, it was printed and shipped to me pretty quickly. I am really happy with how it turned out, I'm not sure if I would wear it out as I am afraid that I get it dirty it,but it is very pretty decoration piece in my room.

So if you are in the look out for a new quirky gift ideas,try out this company.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

BeauBronz blogger event for women with darker skin tones


Hi all,

I wanted to tell you about an amazing event I went to in early September hosted by The House of Beaubronz. The event was to celebrate Abi Olek's revolutionary tanning products for women with darker skin tones. Now you maybe thinking, well why do you need a tan if you are a women of colour? Abi O's tanning products cast away the preconceptions of tanning,they are all about providing a golden glow to darker skin. So you can achieve that summer glow even in the winter!

Abi demonstrated the product on the lovely model Lisa, the product included 8% DHA and we were amazed at the warmth and glow that was achieved with the spray tan. Abi then demonstrated the shimmer tan boost to me and my fellow bloggers. I was really excited to try this out,as not only is it loaded with 2 % DHA,which means your tan will be natural and glowing; but it had alot of shimmer, and what girl doesn't like shimmer.

We then heard from Miss Black Britain herself, Rikaya Tagoe, who is the face and the very first person to try the spray ran by Abi. It was nice to hear her experience of the product. A few of us recorded our thoughts on the product,including yours truly... I'd like to apologize for my slight shyness,filming is not my forte.

This was a truly fun event,not only because of the cakes and bubbly :D , it was great because I got to learn about a new product and meet new and lovely people. I was happy to also meet some bloggers and fellow FBL members, such as Lola,Victoria and Epiphannie.

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