Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Lust List:011

the lust list:011
So I'd like to round off the week with my one of my favourite posts, the Lust List!  Now this week's list is quite an expensive one, and some of the items are very unique statement pieces. Especially the trainers and glittery pumps. My obsession with the pumps and brogues came when I started watching South Korean reality TV show, on Youtube called 2NE1 TV.  It follows the daily ins and outs of  the popular girl group 2NE1 in the music industry. Amongst admiring there amazing music(very catchy) there style is seriously sick, fearless,colourful and feminine. I'll be definitely be channelling their style in my outfit posts from now on.
I'm really glad pops of colour are going to be in this A/W. The H&M dress and Topshop wedges fit well with the trend and together.. I'm thinking black opaque tights or maybe lacy tight but I'm not sure how that would look..what do you think?

Since I am starting my placement in just under 2 weeks I have been looking for items that are stylish yet professional. I think this blouse fits the criteria paired with black chinos or a skirt and I 'm ready for the office.

What are you lusting after?

 Also check out 2NE1 vids:


Friday, 26 August 2011

Red and Leather

Earrings~Dorothy Perkins
Lipstick~Ruby Red by Collection 2000
Leather jacket~Primark
Embellished white t-shirt~ H&M
Necklace~Claire's Acessories
Wedges~New Look
Hola amigos, what have you been up to today? I went out eventually but spent the day in my pj's watching E! and eating pancakes #slob haha. As the summer weather(yeah right) comes to an end, I think it was the right time to  experiment with my A/W go to outfits. I got the top,wedges and  skirt last year but had no idea what to wear it with.. i'm liking the combination, very comfy and chic win win for me.

What will you wear this A/W?

Nail Art:: Pink and Gold

First of all thanks for the support on my Look entry, obviously I am sad that I didn't make it, but I want to say a big congrats to the girls who did, some of them were really innovative! I might not of made it,but this experience has highlighted how important blogging is to me, I enjoy it so much and I can't wait to see the blog grow. But you know I will be coming back harder next year so watch this space...

This week I started of with plain hot pink nails by Barry M in Bright Pink, I get bored quite easily and what materialised was this design. I used Bloom's Goldie for the other half and then my Claire's nail art pen. What do you think? More outfit posts to come!


Monday, 15 August 2011

Look Competition Entry

     In a far away land called LAN-DAN Town lived a little girl with a Big Passion for Fashion. The shoes, the colours, patterns  and skirts, this little girl couldn’t get enough.
She tried with all her might to create an outfit ,but her battle with the sewing machine was quickly lost. So she took a step back and said maybe not for me....
 The little girl was now a young lady, her  passion was reignited when she discovered blogs. Oh she loved the style ,the individuality and creativity and couldn’t get enough! So she started her own blog.   It grew and the young lady was happy ,but she was stuck.... how could she take her passion further? She stumbled on a competition and knew it was for her. From day to night she planned her entry ,hoping it was just right.
  She hastily entered and hoped for the best , hoping that her entry would be seen among the rest.
     What happened next? Well you will just have to wait and see ....

I hope you enjoyed my little fairy tale!,now I want to tell you about my fashion/blogging journey...

As long as I can remember, I have always been interested in fashion. If I look back on my childhood I think of two things that ignited my passion, Barbie and my Mum. Yes like millions of girls around the world I had a Barbie doll or 20; and in between creating dynamic stories for my plastic heroine, I was admiring her chic style. My mum is fearless , in personality and style. I can remember fondly laying on her bed as a child, and watching her pick her colourful outfits. She was never afraid to mix patterns, that many would shy away from, and her clothes were always influenced by our Ghanaian culture. I wished that I could be so brave yet so elegant with my style, she is truly my fashion icon.

As I grew up ,my love of fashion grew with me. I thought the only way to be in fashion was to be a designer, and as anyone in my Year 9 textile class knows, me and the sewing machine were not the best of friends. Knowing that being a designer wasn’t for me, I put my dream aside. It wasn’t until I was older and I was looking for ways to revamp my style, that I came across fashion blogs.

As I read more and more blogs, I was amazed by the level of response normal girls and guys were getting for just showing their personal style. This was the catalyst which made me start my own blog! And even though it has been 6 months, I absolutely love blogging. It has allowed me to get my creative juices flowing, express my passion for fashion & beauty, and share my interest with like-minded people. It has also reignited my desire to work in fashion, hopefully I will be able to pursue a career in fashion marketing or buying.

So why pick me to blog for The Look Show? Well I love Look Magazine. For me, Look is one of the few magazines that speak to me as a reader. Not only do you keep me gripped with the most coveted fashion and beauty items from the high street, you also provide inspiring real life stories of people pursuing the dreams against all odds, these stories encourage me to go for my dreams. Blogging for my favourite magazine would be a stepping stone in to the fashion industry. As a new blogger I believe I could bring a fresh, honest and fun approach. What excites me the most  is that as a normal person, I would get the opportunity to see  high street fashion at its best , and share it with my readers. Also the prospect of meeting other bloggers and taking pictures of the gorgeous outfit would be the icing on the cake!

Thanks for reading my mini essay, but I thought it would be best to speak from the heart.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Nail Art!: Leopard

It's 2.15 am and here writing a blog about my nails... what can I say I can't sleep but I have been meaning to do a post about these so at least it is getting done! I am so addicted to nail art at the moment, I'm letting my creativity go wild on my nails,well at least until I start my placement which I will start in 3 weeks yay! Crazy nails ain't very professional at the office kids.

My version of leopard print nails are slightly different from the ones that have been hoovering the web, I couldn't decided on a base colour so I used two.The base colours I used  E.L.F in Desert Haze (which is a stone,grey colour) Barry M in Blue Moon. For the spots I used Bloom's Goldie and the Claire's 2 way nail art pen. What do you think? I am working on a new idea for nails so stay tuned!

Also my Google Friend Connect seems to be working again, hopefully it stays that way. If it doesn't and you would like to follow then please click the bloglovin button.


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Guest post check it out

Hey guys I did a guest post on Tribal nails for Cas from Hair and Beautylicious,check it out and tell me what you think.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Pink Punch!

Feather Necklace~Primark
Yellow and Green Belt~H&M
Heels~New Look

The weather has been amazing don't you think? I wore this little ensemble(is that the right word??) yesterday for my older sister's birthday! And yes I am wearing heels! if you have been following the blog for a while you will know that I don't wear heels often,but as it was a special occasion, I decided to throw these bad boys on. Very comfy and very chic! I salute you New Look.We are carrying on the celebrations till Sunday which means cake and Nandos yum!

The Lust List: 010

The Lust List:010
  1. Earrings~ASOS £8.00
  2. Dress~Mango £39.90
  3. Purple Shoe Boots~ASOS £45.00
  4. Black Shoe Boots~ASOS £75.00
  5. Floral Wedges~New Look £10.00
Don't you hate it when you are broke and the sales tempt you with goodies you can't afford! Ahh life, best thing I don't buy anything because my wardrobe is full to the brim!  This week's list is a little shoe heavy... I love shoes especially shoe boots which are perfect for A/W or a night out. If I was to purchase either one of the shoe boots, it would have to be the black pair.1 because I don't have a lot of black shoes and 2 I'm more drawn to the wooden heel/suede combination. <3

Now I have never bought anything from Mango, but browsing the website I stumbled upon this gorgeous dress! Leopard print, belted and a shift dress, yes  yes yes! Me and Mango are going to see a lot of each other in the future.

My favourite item this the floral wedges, I am tempted to put them in my basket and order them, please be there next week!

What are you lusting for?

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Nail art!

What do you think of my nails? Ever since I got the Claire's 2 way nail art pen (which is much cheaper than the Wah nails pen), I have been having fun creating different designs.  They are bold and colourful and perfect for the summer.If you like the look of this design a tutorial will be up soon!

Song of the moment:The Weeknd

I need to show some love for Abel Tesfaye a.k.a The Weekend, I stumbled upon his stuff the other day and I am in love with his sound. His style has been described as Hipster R'n'B and its true the music is smooth,cool and has a great feel to it, definitely check him out if you want to listen to a new sound.
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