Wednesday, 29 July 2015


I have come to the conclusion that I must be a magpie. I love anything shiny, big and in your face! I am talking about my love for jewellery, if you were confused. Over the years, you have seen that I love to showcase my love of jewellery. But as a true fashionista, I like to be different and go to other places to get my jewelry fix. So when they guys at Jewel street told me about their brand, I was super excited. Jewel Street is basically your jewellery mecca! With over 300 boutiques, the brand houses styles to suit ever taste and desire. You won't really find pieces from the high street, and the brad features beautiful designs for women, men and children.Jewel Street


The site is really easy to use and has a clean design, which is easy to navigate. For me, this is essential when shopping online. Now when looking for something extra special, you can choose by gender, type of jewellery, collections, materials and editorial trends. Which makes it easier trying to work out what you fancy. 


I was super impressed with the range and spotted a lot of faves, which will be on my wishlist. I am really attracted to geometric,intricate and gold pieces, so was really interested in these pieces showcased below. Now as most of the pieces are intricate and hand made, use precious gems and high quality material; the price range maybe a bit higher for some people, but you are paying for quality and unique pieces. The highest price for some pieces is about £300 +.  However, if this is a little out of your price range, you can find gifts under £100, where there are a lot of pieces that are still really pretty and of high quality. 

You may have seen my post a couple of weeks ago, where I was sent a necklace by Fiorelli on the jewel street site. I absolutely adore this piece as it is intricate, geometric and just pretty really. I can definitely wear this a lot! 

Blue Cord and Clear Acrylic Gold Statement Necklace - See more at:
Firoelli blue cord statement necklace

All in all, I was happy with my experience with Jewel Street. Have you seen anything you fancy yet?

* Disclaimer: I was sent the necklace by Jewel street to review, all words are my own.


Friday, 24 July 2015


Press day season is one of the best and busiest times in my life! Real talk, things get cray when it comes to fashion. However, I love it! I love getting a sneak peek into the newest collections to hit the highstreet. As it is July, Christmas in July was in full swing! I went to many previews last week, but one of my faves has to be the #Boohooxmas15 preview. I have worked with Boohoo a lot in the last month, in the style swap post . So it was great to meet the guys behind the brand and take a look-see at the new collection for AW15.

As with most AW15 collections this season. The Boohoo AW15 collection was abundant with sparkles, fur, coats, tailoring and the classic party pieces, for the party season. Before I could really get into the new clothing and accessories, I headed to the food table! Now, a lot of people tend to avoid the canape section at events. However, me and my girl Lauren who accompanied me to the press days, got ourselves a cocktail slushy which was lush and some canapes. We were fulled up and ready to think all about fashion! 

My first stop was the accessories! My inner magpie was in full affect as I ohh'd and aww'd at the pretty accessories, that Boohoo had in store for the upcoming season. Pom poms were a recurring theme in many of the accessory pieces from shoes to bags. It definitely gave me a Clueless vibe. I was really attracted to some of the gold and silver pieces, such as the hamsa necklaces. Although I am a statement jewellery kinda girl, I like a simple necklace as it is nice to simplify an outfit at times, don't you think? That being said, those necklaces are on my wish list. 

Staying true to LWIG's roots, I had my nails done. For all of my new readers, holla. But in all seriousness, I used to do a lot of nail art back in the day but I don't anymore as I am busy. So I was lucky enough to have false nails added by the lovely Elegant Touch. It definitely made me feel fierce. 

I also was interested to see a lot of metallics incorporated in this season collection. Which not only filtered into the clothes but accessories too. Boohoo really pushed the boundaries here and I would have to say the pink pointed flats had my heart. Heels were in abundance, to the classic strappy shoes to the more extra ordinary pieces which included red suede. Now I loved the high heels, but everyone knows that I am not very good with high heels. So I think I will covet from afar. 

Moving away from the accessories were the clothes! Where do I start? I saw leather, I saw stripes and new takes on the classic Christmas jumpers. It was hard to choose my hero items, but I was edging towards the metallic sleeveless waistcoats. Only because I love great tailoring! 

All in all, I was really impressed and I cannot wait for the collection to drop. What were your favourite pieces?


Sunday, 19 July 2015


Blogger babes and dudes, this last month has been absolutely epic. I have been working on a lot of fun things in my personal and professional life. So it is not unusual for me to say that I have been busy.. my God that seems to be my theme tune. One of the things that has happened to me in the last month, is that I passed my driving test. Now, I was super happy as it was not the first time, it was my fourth time. Believe it or not, it  took me 5 years, on and off and cost me thousands to learn to drive and get my pink license. You maybe thinking, woah Jess that is a really, really long time! But, if you read my last post on about when  I failed my third test, it will give you insight into my thoughts about failing.

So where do I start with this whole driving thing? So when I was 17, I was never really interested in driving. When everyone was booking their first driving lessons, all I wanted was a camera for my birthday. I had absolutely no desire to drive, it was kinda forced onto us, that it is something I needed to do. Nonetheless, I got my provisional license, as a form of I.D mainly for going out, lol. It wasn't until I was 18 in the summer of 2009, that I finally passed my first theory test with ease. I had the intention of doing lessons, but I still didn't really care to do them. I mean, I lived in London where public transport is easy, all my friends drove, and would take me where I needed to go, so where was the rush?

The rush came when I realized that I only had 2 years to pass my test due to my theory test running out! So on the 1st of June 2010, at the age of 19, and after finishing my first year of uni, I booked my lessons with an independent instructor who was advertised at my uni. He was cheaper than schools, had a good record and was a high level instructor so I knew he what he was doing. In a nutshell, I was with him for about a year. I wasn't learning anything really, he wouldn't monitor my driving, even when I asked him to and there was no structure to the lessons. I never did extra learning as in watch videos and books, thinking going driving every week was enough. In general, his way of teaching was pretty shitty and he was a little rude. So eventually, I said bye to my crap,first driving instructor and embarked on a new instructor.

This time, I embarked on a female instructor, as my last instructor was really rude so I thought having a fellow female would be less intimidating. Now I learnt a little more with her, but I just didn't click with her, and she was a bit condescending tbh. I can honestly say, that when I was with her I hated driving. It knocked my confidence, as I wasn't getting it through her teaching style. By this time, I realized that my theory test was running out and I had to do it again in 2011. I passed with ease, but was frustrated with wasting money. I finally left this driving instructor, after going driving with my sister on a practice lesson. Let's just say the lesson was awful, my older sister swiftly told my driving instructor where to go, and my instructor told her that I was a slow learner, and didn't think I was making progress. To which, pissed my sister off, as when she taught me I learnt quickly and I was a quick learner in general. This teacher was just taking my money, knowing that her teaching style wasn't clicking with me. As I hated driving, I just couldn't bring myself to do homework as in read or watch videos, I just wanted to get it over and done with.

By 2012, I took a break and finally decided to go with a school, AA. My new instructor was miles better, I was making progress and finally went on a test. I knew I wasn't ready, but I felt more confident and for the first time ever, I wanted to drive and was making an effort to pass by doing extra work. On my first test I failed, with like 13 minors and 2 serious, for observation. I took another test the same year, and then took a year break to focus on my final year of University. 

Now, on the 4th July 2013, I failed my third test with 3 minors and 2 serious for observation. I will never forget what the examiner said to me "Jessica, you are a strong driver and would've passed if you hadn't made those silly mistakes". With high emotion, stress and and an ever reducing bank balance, I was livid with myself. As soon, as I got home, I let rip.. I saw red, I threw things around in my house,screamed,cried, I was ANGRY. I have never been that angry before, and I am a chill person. Now, before you think I was over reacting, I will tell you why I acted like this. I had only been driving again, after a year break to focus on my degree, finding a job after uni was difficult as I had a lot of experience, and I had to do my theory test AGAIN. In general, I felt stressed and defeated, and was emotionally drained by everything. This failure added to my stress and I jut wanted to crawl into a ball.

Nonetheless, the hunger to pass was greater than ever. I took my theory test and passed for the third time. Then took another year break and stated driving again at the end of 2014 with a new instructor, with LDC. My goodness, my driving had improved with this new instructor, there was structure and I was making progress. Now my mindset had changed, I was a driver! I just had to show the driving examiners this. I started watching videos, and reading ever now and again. I would think about driving, breathe driving, and believe I would pass on my fourth time. So I booked my test for the end of May 2015.Unfortunately, I had to move instructors as my instructor was going on a course. Frustrating as that was, it gave me time to post pone my test, to June. Even though I was confident, there were still areas I wanted to work on. So I watched videos, videos and videos and did some private practice.

My final instructor came from BSM and it was my instructor Hadley, who pushed me hard. He was a perfectionist yes, but the standard of driving he taught was great! I booked my test on  the 15th June with the mindest of passing. As I said in my 2014 reflection post I believed in myself, I understood the roads better. After nearly 5 years of learning to drive on and off, it was time for me to get my license. I would not hear the words, "I am sorry you failed". Failure did not exist this time. It didn't, I passed on my 4th time with 9 minors. It was the good drive, I thought I had failed in a section, but overall I felt a sense of calm. Something about this time was different, I couldn't see myself failing. I can happily say I have my license and everything just clicks :)

The reason I wrote this post, was because I wanted to be a source of inspiration for people  who are struggling with driving. As much as driving is about your ability to learn a new skill, it is also about your mindset. If you want to drive, if you believe you can do it, you will. My mindset was clear leading up to when I would pass. I believed I was a driver, I focused, I was positive, and I did it and you can do it too.

Here are a few resources which helped me:




Good luck :)


Saturday, 18 July 2015


Alot of the time, when people think of summer trends they only think of your clothes and forget the most important part of an outfit, the underwear. Wearing the correct bra and undies are just important, and essential to looking your best, well I think anyway... know one likes seeing vpl (visible panty lines) let's be honest it looks crap. So I am going to share with you my summer lingerie essentials, which are not only focused on summer trends, but practicality. The lovely guys at Marks & Spencer gave me all the lingerie you will see in the post!


Monochrome is a staple trend that is close to my heart. I wear this trend alot as it is so versatile and chic.The Corded Lace Set with Padded Longline bra is a great take on the monchrome trend. The lace and the gold detailing add interest and the long line shape almost make it wearable for a night out. I am really tempted to wear this under a sheer blouse with high waisted jeans? How'd you think that'll look? 
Marks and Spencer black bra

On the other side of the coin, a white blouse is a must in any ladies undies draw. I went for the Ornamental Embroidery Multiway Longline Balcony bra. This is because it is a multi way bra meaning I can remove the straps, for strapless tops and dresses. Also I can adjust the straps for other types of tops, such as a cross back top. Practical and stylish.

Marks and Spencer white multiway &Strapless bra

Now I am a bit of a Dr jekyll/Mr Hyde when it comes to underwear. I wear really pretty bras, but my undies, most of the time are not that interesting, especially since I wear alot of bodycon dress and skinny jeans. So think plain thongs and high waisted seamless panties. Speaking of seamless panties, these 2 Pack Firm Control Cotton Rich Full Briefs are good are smoothing out the tummy area and removing VPL.
Marks and Spencer high waisted brief in nudeMarks and Spencer high waisted brief in black


It wouldn't be summer without summer florals and brights. Recently, I have been trying to push myself into a more interesting colour palette when it comes to lingerie. That being said, I decided to go full out with the Lucy Lace Underwired Padded Plunge Bra in sunset. I love this bra, it is so comfy and bright, and summer ready.

Marks and Spencer lucy lace padded bra

In true Jess fashion, I had to go with something floral. However, I wanted to step away from the whole padded bra thing, as when it is hot it gets easily uncomfortable. So I chose the Floral Non-Padded Balcony. I can honestly say that this is the first floral bra and unpadded bra, that I have had in a while. Let me tell you, it felt amazing and kinda freeing.
Marks and spencer padded balcony bra


Finally pastels, are more spring but I like them anyway. I wish I had more pastel bras and these are so pretty. The 2 Pack Embroidered Padded Plunge Bras add a good alternative to the typical plunge bras. Not only are they lime and pale lilac, but the embroidery is subtle and pretty.

Marks and spencer embroided padded plunge braMarks and spencer embroided padded plunge bra

So these are my summer lingerie essentials from Marks &Spencer. What are yours? 


Thursday, 9 July 2015


It's not unusual for me to go to a press day or two since it is press day season. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the Kaleidoscope AW15 press breakfast, at the Ham Yard Hotel in London. As with every other Kaleidoscope press event, I was happy to see an abundance of colour in the newest collections. The jewellery sparkled, the shoes wowed me and the clothing, especially the coats, were on point.

The key collections that Kaleidoscope showed were cosy casuals, a collection focused on knitwear with a focus on detailing;Winter neutrals, which challenged the  standard dark palette for winter and brought a fresher approach;Weekday wardrobe, which focused on ruching and smart tailoring. The dark side of floral, which showed pieces using a darker floral colour palette. Monochrome, my favourite trend as it is so versatile! Finally, party time which showcased beaded and art deco inspired pieces ready for the party season.

What I like about Kaleidoscope is their fashionable and quality items. With this new collection, the brand is trying to steer away from only aiming to older women, but aiming to design for all women who love fashion, and are key to experiment with their style. I could really see that at the press day, I could see items that I would wear and my mum would wear, and she is a very fashionable person, so I know she would enjoy this new collection.

When it comes to choosing my hero item from the collection, it would have to be the red ruched dress from the weekday wardrobe collection. A couple of reasons I like it is because it is red, which is obviously a favourite colour of mine to wear The offer the shoulder detailing gives an understated sexy look, also I love bodycon, so it is a win win for me. If you follow me on instagram, you an see me modelling this dress on the Kaleidoscope instagram. My second favourite item would be the grey ankle boots. Truth be told, my ankle boot collection is extensive but, one more pair couldn't hurt could it?

The accessories were pretty sweet too. There was alot of croc detailing, which added great texture and interests to the pieces, especially the croc flats! Another item for the wardrobe I think. All in all, I am excited for this collection to drop. What do you think off the collection?


Friday, 3 July 2015


So today, I am officially going to Wireless again to see Drake and other great performs such as Partynxtdoor and Major Lazer perform. Festival season is truly my favourite time of the year, everything seems so easy going. People smile brighter, hug tighter and just are happier, well I think anyway! Although I am super excited about going, I have no idea to wear! Yeah with my mountains of clothes, it is still a struggle. I am pretty sure about what shoes I will wear today though! I was sent these lovely gladiator sandals from Chocker shoes ! Very affordable and very festival chic aren't they?


As the heels are nude, I paired it with my new orange dress from Primark. To complete the festival look, I added my new favourite accessories for the moment, a gypsy headband to get into the festival vibe. I was really trying to channel Esmerelda from Disney's hunchback of notredame.These shoes are really fashionable, but most importantly they are SO comfy. I had these shoes on the whole day, and I wasn't struggling at all. I think this is a great alternative if you ant to have a the of heel, but don't want to suffer the pain.PRIMARK FESTIVAL FASHIONPRIMARK FESTIVAL FASHION

I really like the colour of this shoes as it is extremely versatile! As you can see it paired nicely with the orange dress, and I am pretty sure I can wear it with alot of my outfits today and the foreseeable future.


I am really pleased with these shoes overall and I have decided that I am wearing them today I think? What do you think ?


Thursday, 2 July 2015


If you know me well enough, you know I love a good challenge. Doing something out of the norm, brightens my day and gets the creative juices flowing. My creative flair was definitely working over time recently, especially since the lovely guys over at Boohoo, contacted me about taking part in the Boohoo style swap. The basic premise was to pair British fashion bloggers with bloggers from Paris. I  had  to choose a boohoo outfit for my partner and she did the same with me. My partner was Juliette from Who let the girls out.   

The purpose of the Style Swap was not only to showcase the different approaches to fashion in different countries, but also to encourage bloggers to dress a little out of their comfort zones and embrace trends that they may have been too afraid of, or not considered before. Although I consider myself to be blessed with a fashionable gene, this was going to be a tricky challenge. I mean what if we didn't get each others style? Nonetheless I decided to give it a go and allow myself to be styled by Juliette and I did the same for her (I'll link you to her post when it is up).


Juliette did a great job! She totally got my style, edgy meets feminine. What I love is the edgy-ness that the drapey jacket and fedora hat brought. Very gothic! However, the frilled lapels and V neck cut added that  feminine touch.


I could see that she really did her homework and presented me with something with pattern. I love patterns and bright and the fact she picked this for me, I was super happy about it. Also this playsuit I am wearing reminds me of the jumpsuit I wore on this shoot. Its like the jumpsuits little sister. The fringed bag is so boho, and chic, I don't think I actually own anything like this. Perfect little size for a day out or Wireless, when I go on Friday. 

The shoes are just great, totally my style and east to walk in. However, I will get the straps tightened to make them more secure though. But they are comfortable nonetheless. 
All in all, I am happy that Juliette was paired with me as she really got my style. I hope you like yours too Juliette.

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