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Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Well today marks the final day of London Fashion Week, and what a week it has been! From Emporio Armani's strong collection fizzing with colourful touches to Top Shop's classic show which brimmed with chiffon, ruffles and feminine colours. Sadly this season, I am not doing my rounds of the shows. However, I got involved with the spirit of London Fashion week, by being a part of the #LoveGlasses campaign with my old friends at Specsavers. I was gifted with 2 glasses from the Nicole Fahri range as well as prescription sunglasses and Specsavers own range of lenses to style up for a fashion focused post.

loveglasses specsavers

Nicole Fahri at Specsavers

Nicole Farhi is known for its effortless luxury, and the stunning collection for Specsavers didn't disappoint. I chose two frames from this collection and channeled the classic sensibility from the line, whilst also incorporating my own personal style. To create the looks you see below.



I think these oval frames are my fave from the whole range! I styled it with a classic red bodycon dress and over-sized denim jacket, to add a feminine but edgy touch to the whole outfit. What I love about this range is that it has jewel toned frames. It is hard to see in this shot, but my frames are actually an emerald colour, which complements my skin tone beautifully.




I have always been a purple fan, so these frames from the Nichole Fahri range, were a no brainier for me. I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit pretty neutral, but still add a touch of class and interest with the fur detailing of my aviator jacket. What I love about this range is the versatility and the ability to pair with your outfits effortlessly. Both frames came up to £125.

My heart nearly burst when I came across Specsavers Leilani frames. They have everything I would ever need in a pair of specs; colour, embellishment and an over-sized shape. I have become increasingly impressed with Specsavers own range! Costing £89, you can't go wrong for quality frames that are so fashionable. I got a sense of fun & whimsical-ness (I am not sure that is a word, lol) from the frames, I paired  with my New Look floral dress. I think what makes the dress is the ruffle sleeves, which is very on trend. Paired with my knee highs, this is a perfect transitional outfit for the colder weather.


With it being September, we can still get away with Autumn sun. I always dreaded having to go on holiday as, switching between my specs and sunglasses was always a mission. However, I am happy to be the owner of my third pair of prescription sunglasses from Karen Millen. I already own a pair of prescription sunglasses from Specsavers, my trusty Cheap Monday specs which I shoot with all the time! It was time for a fashionable upgrade and I am proud to be an owner of these frames. Dark, tortoiseshell frames are always a fave of mine cause they are versatile. I decided to have a pink theme,  with my pink jumper dress, pink nails (thank you Iman) and floral bomber jacket. My personal style really sparkled with this look.


If you love frames as much as I do, make sure to check out the #loveglasses hub on Specsavers for the latest trends.

This post was sponsored by Specsavers, all words and opinions are my own.

Monday, 18 September 2017


I am obsessed with my teeth! If you know me, going to the dentist is as enjoyable as me getting my hair done at the hair dresser. I am especially obsessed with having healthy teeth, so when I was approached by the Neem Tree dental clinic to do a review, I couldn't pass it down. We discussed a few treatments, an initial examination with a hygienist appointment, then whitening after I get my fillings replaced. 

the neem tree
the neem tree

As I entered the clinic, I was given a standard form to fill regarding my general health. The team were very helpful and knowledgeable. From the start,  I felt completely at ease as I entered the clinic. I was greeted by the dental hygienist, who was so lovely! She looked over my X-Rays from my recent appointment, and sadly I couldn't have a whitening done until my teeth were fully healthy. Now looking at my smile, it may look like they are, but I have a sweet tooth and my ability to floss has taken a back seat recently. So until I get new fillings, and up my teeth hygiene routine, this has been put on pause. Good thing, as the bleach used to whiten my teeth would've caused serious pain and no one wants that. Instead I was given a scale and polish to my teeth! Which basically is a deep clean of my teeth.

A scale and polish is a relatively quick procedure. It is carried out using an  quick cleaning of the teeth carried out by a Hygienist.  Usually an Ultrasonic, and other tools are used to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth. The hygienist used the ultrasonic to clean around the gum line and my teeth to remove all the build up of tartar, plaque and food, which I couldn't remove with tooth brushing alone. The procedure was finished off with a polish and I felt like a new woman!

the neem tree

Honestly, this was a little uncomfortable, and my gums did bleed a little bit. But as the strong woman that I am, I powered through. The reason my gums bled, was because they were inflamed, so I have a little case of Gingivitis. The G word scared me, and rightly so, I was told that it was the beginning stages of gum disease, but this can be easily turned around with better oral hygiene and diet. I had my wisdom teeth removed  two years ago in hospital, and some I couldn't have removed as they were too close to my nerves. As a result, my wisdom tooth is impacted and I struggle to clean it with a regular tooth brush. Meaning food gets trapped there a lot. To combat this, I try and use an inter dental tooth brush to get into the nooks and crannies. After my appointment, I was given a treatment plan. In a nutshell, I need to ditch the regular tooth brush for a an electric one, and floss more often. 

I would like to thank the clinic for educating me and cleaning my teeth. Stay tuned for part two to see how I am getting on with my inflamed gums. 

the neem tree


Wednesday, 23 August 2017


If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that I am no stranger to a facial. I believe in pampering ever so often to recharge the batteries and look your best. And why not? We have so many stressors in our lives, we work hard that sometimes we just need to say let me relax. I got to unwind and relax with Aesthetics Lab London, which is based in the beautiful Primrose Hill. 

I opted for the ALabDetox facial which is suitable for oily and congested skin. I have always had oily/combination skin, and open pores on my cheeks meaning I break out alot. So I was really excited to try this facial out!

The facial uses state-of-the-art cosmeceutical products that are customised to your skin’s needs. I was taken to the spa room, where I changed and got in my zone ready for my facial. Next, my skin was cleansed to remove any dirt or extra oil. I was super relaxed and nearly fell asleep.

Next,  resurfacing exfoliation occurred. Which wasn't as bad as I imagined. It involved a unique crystal-free microdermabrasion technique to remove dead skin and brighten the complexion, followed by a lifting massage to improve firmness and muscle tone. The final step included an  application of a cooling, soothing mask with LED light therapy to reduce inflammation leaving your skin fresh and radiant. 

Now, I should've left my skin alone, but as the busy bee that I am I put make up on. And my skin just glowed! I want to say thank you to the team at Aesthetic Lab, you were so lovely and made me feel so relaxed! If you are looking for the perfect boost to your daily skincare regime. Please check out this facial. 

Monday, 10 July 2017


Every now and again, I like to collaborate with other influencers online and offline. More so offline tbh. Now I am going back to my blogger roots and collaborating with Nate, who is starting his Instagram vlogging on his page, check it out it is hella interesting and funny. Despite, the inspiration vids, Nate has interesting stories to tell, which are pretty inspiring. In this latest post, Nate talks about thinking positively, acting positively and ultimately succeeding in anything you put your mind to. Enjoy, and I promise I will be back! 

What do you want from your life? Ask yourself this question honestly and make it 100% clear in your mind.

There are no shortcuts, no cutting corners, no quick fixes. The key to your success is through hard work, persistence, commitment, determination and a positive mentality. This is the mantra of some of the most successful people on the planet. 


Sounds clich├ęd doesn't it? You're probably thinking, "I've read this so many times. Don't make excuses. Don't say you don't have enough time. Blah, blah, blah". You're left wondering how could you possibly have enough time. You've got a girl/man, a job, bills to pay, friends to keep in touch with, TV to watch, Xbox to play. You ponder to yourself... "It's just not possible. It's easy for these celebrities - they're loaded!".

The reality couldn't be further from the truth. It is undeniably possible. In fact it is probable - with the right attitude. Make no mistake, your mind is the most powerful asset you possess. As you start to focus your thoughts on your future you begin to realise that you have the power to will things into existence. You realise that there is time for all the things you'd like to do. It has nothing to do with creating time, Einstein, because that would be impossible! The time is already there, it is just limited. As your goals take centre stage in your life you will begin to appreciate the less productive activities even more, this is because you have less time available to spend on them. They almost start to feel like a reward - and who doesn't like rewarding themselves?! 

When you wake up in the morning and express gratitude for all the blessings in your life you will catapult your feelings forwards. You will feel joy and happiness and you will continue to produce feelings and thoughts of this throughout the day. Even if you are down and out and these blessings don't exist in your life. Knowing that you will have them and believing that you already do will create the same effect. If you have money problems, tell yourself and act as though you're loaded (obviously put in place plans for debt repayment first - then put it out of your mind and never think about it again). If you have a crush on someone, envision yourself with them, tell yourself you're in a relationship with them. If you're unwell, tell yourself you're fit and healthy every single day. Believe you have achieved your goals, know that you already have them. Think about what you can do and what you do have, not about what you can't or do not. Remove these words from your vocabulary.

As you start to create this buzz, this energy through your thoughts, you will notice more positive occurrences appearing in your life. People on the same wavelength will flock to you, opportunities will open up. As you start to distance yourself from negative people and surround yourself with this new collective you will feel as though you are surrounded by the right circle. If you're having a bad day, these are the people that will put you back on track.

Whatever your goals may be. Keep going. Never stop. Let's not fall back into old habits. If you feel yourself fall down, pick yourself up as quickly as possible. Look back at that obstacle and make a note of where it is so that you are unable to trip over it again. The vision always has to be to on the final outcome. How much do you want it? How much do you want that six-pack and how much do you want the 5 seconds enjoyment of that Snickers bar? How much do you want that Range Rover and how much do you want those overpriced shoes that will shortly go out of fashion? How much do you want that new job and how much do you want to spend that precious time playing Call of Duty? Enjoy what you do. I never think, "Oh I've got to go to the gym today, I can't be bothered, I just want to go home and watch Netflix" because going to the gym is what I love doing. Instead I have a conversation with myself and let myself know that I'm going to go in there and have the best workout I've had to date and lift as heavy as I can.

Let's start from the top. 
Hard work - no one said it was going to be easy, you have to put in the work. 
Persistence - keep knocking on that door, never stop for anything or anyone. 
Commitment - your goals need to be at the forefront of everything you do. It is your husband, your wife, your kids, your life. In place of sacrificing your goals to commit to other activities, make sacrifices in order to commit to your goals. 
Determination - you will get there and you will make sure of it no matter what. 
Positive mentality - you have all the things you desire in abundance, you are grateful for all these things, you know and believe that the universe will provide for you. Tell yourself this every single day. 

Think it. Live it. Manifest it. Succeed.

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