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Friday, 13 April 2018


Summer is swiftly approaching (we hope) but I feel it in my spirit, that we will have a lit Summer this year. Can I get an Amen? Whether you’re praying that the British weather produces amazing weather for your stay cation destinations. Or whether you are being whisked away to some amazing location! We all need to slay in our summer outfits for the ‘gram. I mean it is only right lol!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been travelling quite a bit these last couple of months! November saw me go on my birthday holiday to Gran Canaria, March saw me go to Lanzarote for a hen do and then Berlin at the end of the month.


Yes, I have the travel bug and not only because I work in travel, but I love feeling and embodying the places I visit. One thing I always found to be super difficult on holiday is swimwear! Maybe because I cannot swim, but swimwear has come so far these days. Now you no longer have to have a cute piece to swim, you can be like me, boujee laying by the pool or on the beach, cocktail in hand.

As your fashion friend, I have compiled a list of the top  fashion designer swimwear pieces to wear in summer 2018.

I am all about colour and the Sarasana Bandeau one piece, gives me Moroccan vibes. Paired with some gold bangels, gold hoops and dark shades, you're sure to turn heads in this piece! Am I weird for wanting to wear this as a bodysuit, with a pair of white wide legged trousers? No?It could be a cute day time outfit you have, before taking a dip in the pool. Now let me see if I can book a trip to Marrakesh

If colour is not your thing and you're more subdued in your colour palette. The Mirachich Aphrodite swimsuit maybe for you. Every woman has that sexy vixen in her, and this swimsuit will help you bring this out. I am definitely getting Miami or Vegas vibes with this suit. Any of you lovelies been?

Tropicana vibes are FLOWING with the Floral Camo Bandeau piece If you like to have that feminine element but still want that hint of sexy, this is for you. Also this piece is great if you have a smaller chest area, adding the illusion of volume. I could  see myself  in a boat trip in Bali with this piece.

For the ladies who are apologetically bold, the Costa Brava halter cut out was made for you babe, so you're welcome. The detailing around the neck reminds me of a Grecian destination, maybe Crete? My uber driver swore by it last week.

Whatever you do this summer, make sure you slay! Where are you off to on holidays?

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Thursday, 8 March 2018


Hello and welcome to another headphone review! This time I worked with the team over at Sennheiser again to review the Ambeo Smart headset. Setting you back £259.99, these headphones are seriously next level! If you are a YouTuber, then you're in luck as the headphones let you record 3D sound, as they have high-quality microphones. One word DOPE! Let me tell you, I got a chance to demo and receive a pair of these headphones, which you can see in my vlog below. Myself and key influencers like Gadgetsboy, Gadgets Jon, and Sug Sean. Were whisked around a Sennheiser Routemaster where we vlogged the event and tested the headphones.

 Before you watch my vlog, these headphones are only available on iPhone and other Apple products currently. However, Android capability will be coming later on this year. So don't be disheartened. I like to think of myself as a consumer tech fan so headphones, smartphones excite me as I use them to record my vlog series, the Bloggerprenuer. Sound quality can be tricky when you use the integrated mics as a Smartphone blogger. But with these headphones, you have total control of the sound. You can reduce or amplify sound, and the ability of that had the power to take your vlogs to the next step. So enough of me talking, it is time to see what I thought about the headset. 

This was a sponsored collaboration with Sennheiser. All words are my own.

Thursday, 1 March 2018


More than ever, I have been seeing the road to success get further and further away from me.  The fire inside to do what I want is still flickering so strongly, but my self esteem has taken a battering over the last month, and I am finally unashamed to say that. However, I refuse to allow that define who I am. In today's post I talk about walking to greatness and realising that you can achieve everything you want just not at the same time.




So what do I need to do to make myself not feel like this anymore? I think take a break of the things that are not fulfilling my soul. If you follow me for a while on social, I left my job that I am currently at to finally fulfill my passions. I very much appreciate the lessons I learnt, the people I met and how I grew. But I was very much unhappy as I wasn't living my passion.. and I cannot wait to move onto my new opportunities that I have. I greatly love the support my current company have given me, literally everyone has been super supportive. But when you need to fly the nest to blossom, you just need to go. So how am I walking to my dream career? I have finally realised that I am a multi- faceted creative! I work in social media, I work with dope brands for my blog and FBL Bloggers, I am launching a cosmetic line and other projects. This too shall pass boo, and I will get up there in the career ladder. Seriously Mercedes Benson  and Flow are inspirations to me. 


Not to mention, I learnt to appreciate myself, who I date especially! I disucss this more in another post on the 17th March. But I realised, that if you focus on people that do not appreciate you, it will just wear on your self esteem after a while.  I am also taking a break. I am off to Lanzarote tomorrow and Berlin at the end of March and tbh, I cannot wait to let my mind just relax! Reboot and come with what I love to do.


Finally, I am trying to dress in a way that uplifts me. You never know the power that fashion has to your self esteem! I wanted to feel like the sassy me again, so I chose these red boots that the team over at EGO gifted me. It was a total accident that I paired my red beret and red lippie with the outfit. It was even more of a coincidence that my outfit matched London Waterloo station! I really felt that I was my sassy self again! I also got so many compiments from  passers by, so thank you. Although, these will most defintely be my din ner boots they are too nice and a bit high for day wear for me. But I love them :)

I guess the road to success or my walk to greatness will take a bit of time. I just need to work on being the best possible me I can be. 


EGO Shoes sponsored this post and gifted the shoes


Saturday, 10 February 2018


Embracing who you are is something that isn't that easy for everyone to do. We all have insecurities on what we look like, what we do, our beliefs. With societies ideals challenging the essence of who we should be vs who we are,  is something that really baffles all of us. So how do we embrace who we are, and be unapologetic about it? I explore this in today's post.


Step 1: Understand that you are not perfect, you are you.

As much as I hate to admit it, I always had this perception of perfection. I had to be the best, look the best, feel the best. Anything short of that was a failure. If you know me, I am pretty laid back, so I wasn't a neurotic person who obsessed over every little thing. It was the way I did things, and my work, how I looked and everything I did was on point. Most things went my way, 80% of the time. Whenever it didn't, such as not getting that first job, even though I had what they required, or maybe not doing well on a test, even though I studied. Or not getting that guy, even though it seemed I could get him. It baffled me, hurt more than it should. It made me question myself, and what I believed. I had been challenged in a way I had never been before, and I am glad this happened earlier on in my life.

I came to realize that sometimes it isn't you, sometimes even if you do the RIGHT things, life won't always go your way. There are other factors, that affect these things. Maybe the path you want isn't for you. Maybe you just weren't what someone wanted in a relationship and job situation for example. You know what? That is life. Negative things that we go through, they don't make you less of a person, but help to build your character. In my short 27 years, I like the idea of not being perfect, I like the idea of taking a risk, knowing that I might fail. I like the fact that I am me, and I embrace all that I am. Do you know why? There is only one me, and there is only one you.

Step 2: Understand that not everyone is gonna like you, so don't worry cause they are ediats.

Ok, maybe describing people who don't like you as ediats (idiots) is a little immature ( sticks tongue out) but I low key stick by it. Listen some people won't like you, I am talking about the people who don't like you for no reason at all. I am talking about those people that even if you bring cakes into the office after your holiday, and personally hand them one and place it on their desk; with Michelin style precision.They have the confidence to still side eye you in the canteen line. THOSE PEOPLE...  won't like you. They can't explain it... and you reading this you aren't perfect yourself ( refer to step 1) you also don't like people for no reason at all. I am a nice person, get along with A LOT of people, but there are a lot of people on my I can't be bothered list. It is give and take babes. So you know what you do when someone doesn't like you? You sip your tea and keep it moving. Don't dwell on it, because when they go to bed, they aren't thinking about you... keeping it moving and eat some cake. Cake is tasty, cake appreciates you.



Step 3: Live your best life.

Life is short, life is hard. So don't stress and live your best life. Go on that holiday, ask that guy or girl you have been preeing ( watching) out. Order that creams from Uber eats without judgement. Live your best life babes!

I hope you all realise that you are amazing as you are! Much love Jess :)
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