Sunday, 29 May 2011

To tatt or not to tatt

Image from Tattoologist

I've always been obsessed with tattoos every since I watched Miami ink and then LA ink, the level of creativity that goes into tattoos is just immense. I've been toying with the idea of getting one for a while now,but I'm still not sure on the placement or design. I was thinking  script on the wrist or a design on the foot... what do you guys think?

Saturday, 28 May 2011

The little extras I forgot......

I have been shopping a lot recently but if I posted everything we would be here till tomorrow! I have had these images on my computer for a couple of weeks now and forgot to upload them.The first two pictures are purchased from Primark and the last picture purchase from Internacionale (my new weakness). Sorry if they looked crumpled but I had put them away before I took the pictures.

By the way I have a Facebook page for the blog now so check it out:LWIG:Look What I Got FB page. Have a nice weekend.


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I solemnly swear to take care of my hair

So, I hold my hands up I have been neglecting my hair. I have always wanted thick,long, healthy hair but I never knew how to take of it. Thanks to good genes and protective styling such as plaits as a child to buns now, my hair has always been a little longer than shoulder length. But it sheds quite a lot and it's not as thick as it used to be in my early teens.
August 2010 after a trim
April 2011 some growth but need to stick to the regimen

I've never really been consistent with the whole hair regimen thing,however I have taken bits and bobs from hair gurus. This time I am determined to make it work. Using inspiration from Jeni,Sunshyne and Cass,I have decided to go on my last journey to  beautiful healthy hair. I decided to research my hair type using 

It turns out that my hair type is type 4a, this hair type has very fewer cuticle layers, which means that it there is very little natural protection than other hair types.Key reasons for my lack of growth is alot of manipulation,lack of moisturising and sealing,not always wrapping the hair at night.

So how am I gonna change this? hopefully with my new regimen. What type 4 hair needs to be healthy is moisture, as there is very little protection. In addition,it needs a healthy balance of protein for strength and to retain growth. I have tried to incorporate this into my regimen. So every week I wash my hair I alternate between moisture and protein to get that balance.

2011/2012 Hair Regimen

Goal:bra strap length April 2012
Prepoo and wash ever week
Deep codition
Relax every 8 weeks using Organic Root Stimulator in Normal
Moisture and seal every day
Low manipulation!

  1. Prepoo~ Washing with shampoo strips the moisture out of hair,moisture which type 4 hair desperately needs. Prepoo is a pre-shampoo treatment, that helps protect the hair from the harsh shampooing process. What I do is mix Olive oil and Amla oil withBoots Honey and Jojoba Conditioner. I place this stuff on my scalp making sure to massage it onto my hair then place a cap on for an hour.
  2. Using Organic Root Neutralizing Shampoo, I wash my hair twice thoroughly getting the treatment out of my hair at a lukewarm temperature.
  3. On moisture week I conditioner my hair with Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner. On protein week, I use Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise. I leave both for 30 mins the rinse out.
  4. I use IC Fantasia hair polisher as a heat protestant. Then thoroughly dry my hair on a low heat with my hair dryer.
  5.  I moisture my scalp with castor oil,the moisture the rest of my hair with Organic Root Stimulator hair lotion.
  6. Using a small bit of Amla oil I seal my hair and plait it when I go to bed.  I use protective styling when I go out.
Voila! that's my hair regime. Let's hope that I stick to it.



Monday, 23 May 2011

The Lust List:007

Summer is nearly upon us, which means that there are lovely items in stores now that I need want in my wardrobe. I think my favourite item on the list this week would have to be the Kimono, the detail and colours are just beautiful, and would suit all skin tones.  The detail on the Scallop top is beautiful,yet it doesn't over power the top.  
I probably have a gazillion shorts, but this pair from Jane Norman are a must have. The neutral colour means that it could be paired with anything. A simple white vest top, the kimono and a necklace would look great together. I think I might  pop into Jane Norman later this week.....

I've recently fallen in love with Claire's accessories, they have stunning jewellery at reasonable prices. This was my go to shop when I was about 10/11, but after seeing their  new collection I am once again a fan.
I've gone wedge crazy this season! I stumbled upon after browsing Olivia H on Lookbook. 
The site has got all the latest high street fashions at reasonable prices. The best part of it is that the shipping is free on anything, and you have up to a year to return anything you don't want. I am going to order the lace up wedged shoes on Tuesday and tell you guys my experience with the site.
What are you guys coveting?

Oh by the way my friend Kelly has started a blog. Show her love a pop over there if you can....


Friday, 20 May 2011


Relief! That's is what I feel after a month and a half in prison(the uni library) studying for my exams, which I finished today. To celebrate I went for a meal at Vapiano(best italian evah!) and then went shopping at Topshop with my uni friends. Can you believe it was first time in the Topshop in Oxford Street! yes I do not deserve to be called a Londoner.Anyway I was so overwhelmed(and short of cash) that I ended up buying earrings.

Placed in a Topshop Make-up bag.... why?
Filigree Disc Earrings £7.50
Peacock Earrings £10

They are gorgeous! but a little bit pricey I think,especially the Peacock Earrings. Oh well I deserve a treat. Anybody got any ideas on how I could wear my hair and make-up with these statement pieces? I'm thinking top-knot with bold lips.. yes/no?

As it's been a while since I've posted, I have gathered quite a collection of jewellery let me know if you guys want to see my collection. Have a nice weekend!
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