Hello World, Jess D Here!

Dive deep into London's vibrant scene, and you'll likely stumble upon my work. It's Jess D, your 30-something London enthusiast, digital marketer, and content creator. Over a decade in the influencer landscape, and yet, every day feels like a new adventure.

Beyond my individual ventures, I’m excited to announce I’m a signed content creator with September Talent Agency. For those can't-miss campaigns, Rebecca is your gal. Check her out at September Talent or shoot her an email at rebecca@septembertalent.co.


By Jess D & More

My cosmetics brainchild, By Jess D, is on a brief hold. Life is too busy babes and tbh, and I wasn't happy with the direction it was going in. I am proud of its journey splashed across magazines like Stylist and PopSugar UK, which has been nothing short of mesmerizing. Eager for what’s next? All sizzling updates will drop on our Instagram: @byjessd.

Now, about the Hustle Hotline podcast - though our regular episodes have wrapped up, the essence and insights live on. You can immerse yourself in our convos on Spotify and SoundCloud, and for behind-the-scenes snippets and nostalgia trips, follow us on Instagram at @hustlehotline.

Currently, I'm focusing on short-form video creation - fashion, lifestyle, and a dash of creator-centric wisdom. With a professional backdrop spanning giants like WPP and Unilever, it's evident that digital creative is my thing!

What's Next for Jess D? You know, in this whirlwind of creativity and digital, there's always that next big dream. For me, it's about being a full-time creative. Imagine waking up every day to craft content that not only resonates but also redefines. That’s the dream. And hey, with the love and support from all of you, I believe we're on the right path. Proud Moments & Little Brags - Got to voice my thoughts on the Black influencer pay gap on BBC Sounds. (Yeah, that was pretty awesome!) - Can you believe we sealed a €1 million pitch for Dove? Pinch me! - Had a heart-to-heart at Adweek about the nuances in advertising we often overlook. - If you’ve seen #fblchat trending on Twitter since 2012, well, that’s our little community! So grateful. - Gave Environ Skincare UK a digital facelift, and the results? Mind-blowing.