Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Out and About in London

Necklace~Forever 21
Ring~Miss Selfridge

What has it been? 2 weeks since I did a last post, and  for that I am sorry.  I have been very busy with placement, going to Prague,uni work, my life and not to mention I am having problems with my laptop! Excuses aside, I have been really enjoying catching up with my friends and I have been spending a lot of time in central London,doing what I do best, EATING!

The pics above are of me in Leicester square on the way to TGI's with my friends Humayra and Laurence. But before we embarked on our massive eating mission at TGI's, we went to M&M world! You can see how happy I was in the pic. Can you believe I had never been there before... shameful, ah well it certainly won't be my last trip.

On another weekend, I went out to a meal in Waterloo for my sister's best mate's birthday meal(phew what a mouthful). It was really nice,but  the dessert was AWESOME!!  Thanks Azzuro, even after that mammoth meal I had enough time to take some outfit pics!

How about you guys, where have you been out lately??


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy V-day!

 Make-up used:
Foundation~E.L.F mineral foundation in "Deep"
Eyebrows~Black and Beige shades from Sleek "Storm Pallette"
Eyeliner~Barry M liquid Eyeliner in Black
Mascara~Maybeline cat eyes 
Blush~Barry M Blusher 5
Inner eye~Ultamaii in Bronze
Lips~Collection 2000 in Coffee Break
 and Revlon "Sienna Sparkle" lipgloss

So, it's that time of year where we show the ones we love just how much we care about them. If your like me and single, and  recognise this day as single awareness day(thanks Tameka), nothing can come between you, your friends  and a good night out.

Many times, I struggle with my make up when going out, and with this time of the year there is that extra pressure to stand out. I thought this look would be the perfect look for a dinner date, or a night with the girls.It's not too much and highlights the key features, any way if you really want to stand out through on a killer dress and pumps.

Happy Valentine's day guys, reporting all the way from Prague!

Monday, 13 February 2012

LWIG:It's been a year....

Leggings~New Look

It's been exactly a year since I was thrust into the blogsphere and started LWIG:Look What I Got! What a year it has been, you know I started this blog to express a passion and it has done wonders for me creatively and personally.I love to blog not only because I am sharing what I love, but because of the people who read my posts. I have said it many times but honestly you guys are the reasons I keep blogging! I have made so many blogging friends since starting my journey and I hope to make many more as i continue to post.

I can't really pinpoint my favourite post since I started LWIG; but I have a few posts which I enjoyed

So I hope you guys continue to enjoy my blog, I have quite a few more interesting posts coming up. I wont be posting this much this week as I am going to Prague for work tomorrow so I am so excited!!


Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Lust List:014

The Lust List:014

  1.  Top~Topshop £26.00
  2. Earrings~ASOS £8.00 
  3. Leggings~Topshop £20.00
  4. Nike Trainers~ASOS £65.00
  5. Sheer Blouse~Missguided £18.99
  6. Marc Jacobs Watch~ASOS £279.00
  7. Blazer~Zara £69.99
  8. Sunglasses~ASOS £12.00

Hola Amigos, what's poppin? Hahaha, thought I'd spice up the way I greet you guys. I can't believe its February already! just a couple a weeks ago we were celebrating a new year and contemplating what 2012 would bring. I haven't done a lust list in awhile but I have been so excited with the new trends that I couldn't contain myself.

I think one of my favourite trends this season is pattern. I have seen a lot of different pattern trends from Aztec to floral, and one of the reasons I love this trend so much is because it can create so much interest in an outfit.The Topshop leggings are just sick and a true representation of this new trend. Now these leggings may look like leopard print on acid,  but paired with a plain oversized  top with wedges will instantly make them more wearable.
ASOS have been all over this trend; not only with their clothing items but with their accessories too. I am especially loving the Aztec hoops and sunglasses. Oh please spring weather will you come quickly so I can rock these funky shades!

Now onto blouses and blazers! I love how pretty and delicate the Topshop top is. Paired with a stripy midi body con,a leather jacket and shoe boots and this would be a sick outfit.I love the colour of this Zara blazer and the elegance of the watch... both are a bit out of my price range now but when payday rolls around I may be getting the blazer.
My favourite item has to be the Nike trainers. Not only do they fit in to the pastel trend they just look so fun, I have been thinking about getting Nike's for awhile now ad think that these may be the one. 
What's on your lust list??


    Sunday, 5 February 2012

    So I'm moving on up!

    I am so happy, I woke up today with a lovely email from saying that I am a top editor pick of the day.I am so happy and was not expecting it at all. I would like to thank all the bloggers who have supported me and read my blog, you guys make blogging so much more worthwhile. In other news, it is snowing! I love the snow but don't like cold weather so I enjoyed the snow from the comfort of my bedroom. It looked beautiful though, did any of you brave the cold weather and play in the snow??

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