The Lust List:016 House of Fraser

The Lust List:016

  1. Mondalu~£195
  2. Biba~£169
  3. Biba~£104
  4. Mondalu~£299
  5. Dune~£35
  6. Coast~£55
  7. Yumi~£25
Evening all, firstly I would like to say hello to all my new followers, I recently passed the 200 mark and now have 205 followers so thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. I thought it was time for my lust list,which was very overdue,but I really wasn't lusting over anything at the moment. However, since I am a Uni student again,I was in the hunt for a suitable bag which I could lug about between lectures and to the library. So obviously the best place to start was  House of Fraser handbags.
My hunt for  the a practicable bag ended when I was bombarded by the above beauties, which were obviously out of my price range but very pretty to look at don't ya think? I t was very hard to choose a favourite but I think it is a tie between the Mondalu,bag and Biba clutches. This ain't surprising since I was in love with the Mondalu tote ever since I went to the press day.
 If only I had endless amounts of cash I would by all these beauties! How about you? What is your favourite bag?


  1. Wow they are gorgeous. Great finds!
    I've got a giveaway competition happening now! Come check it out?
    Erica xo

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