Monday, 14 September 2015


I have been on the blogger scene for nearly 5 years, running this blog and also running FBL Bloggers. I had always wanted to create an event because I love people and I love giving bloggers the opportunity to network with like minded peeps. That is what makes blogging the most fun, it is the people. So when Albertine, approached me about creating an event at for the end of August , I was all up for creating a small intimate event for bloggers. We wanted the opportunity to get bloggers to talk to each other and network with brands, without being overwhelmed by all the noise that events, can sometimes produce. It took about 2 months to get the brands on-board, organize fantastic goodybags , invite the bloggers and find the venue. The event me and Albertine co-hosted was the #5thviewbloggers event, aptly named as the venue was at The 5th view bar. Which was located at the top of Waterstones in Piccadilly Circus.


Getting the goodybags to the venue was a mission, but I am so glad we had the likes of Virtue Drinks, Venus Concept, Ayurverda Pura, Lisa Angel, Charmed Ivy, ProperCorn, Beautycrowd,Doll White, Bee Good, Fabbox , Mink and Stone and Puriskin. All contribute as sponsers for the goody bags. I know I am biased, but the goodybags were seriously sick.
The event was very chilled! Which I was happy about. I was so nervous it wouldn't run as we planned. But it was full of laughs, networking, food and yummy cocktails. It was an a amazing time for me to catch up with bloggers, I knew and bloggers I was dying to meet. Literally that is my favourite part of an event, getting to know the people there and just connecting.


I was happy to meet Beegood and Mink &Stone at the event, as I hadn't worked with them before. Beegood, showed us their unique skincare brand and talked as through the natural ingredients and how they could revitialise our skin. Whilst Mink &Stone, let us design our own jewellery using their unique app, which meant we had a truly had a bespoke piece of jewellery. Also if you sell your pieces you are rewarded with a 10% commission from it! Which is so cool!.All in all I had an amazing time!


Also one of the perks of hosting an event is getting to try some of the products before hand. I was given a full size version of the Chyawanprash - Indian Gooseberry Jam & Daily Replenish Face Cream: Re-Fresh Formula - PITTA (organic), from our lovely sponsors at Ayuverda Pura. The brand specializes in holistic remedies and food products. The brand has roots in India and uses these influences to produce truly organic and healthy products, which are good for the body.

The Chyawanprash jam had a naturally sweet taste. The product contains only natural ingredients such as Indian gooseberry, fruits and herbs and spices. Also it is full of vitamin C. So the brand recommends that you take 2 spoons a day and have it with toast or with your tea. As the experimental person I am, I added a bit to my stir fry, as it wasn't very sweet and I wanted to add some depth to my meal. I have to say it was actually pretty tasty and I can't wait to add it to the rest of my dishes.

I think the the product that I enjoyed most, was the  Daily replenish cream. I have normal and sensitive skin, and this is the cream I was given to try, the cream has different versions for different skin types, such as dry skin. So there is something for everyone. It smelt so nice, you can really smell the Aloe Vera, and the spic of the exotic herbs of Neem& Manjistha. So far, my skin is loving the product, but I would have to use it for longer to get a better idea of my full thoughts on it. I just wanna say, I am so glad that my first event went well and I will be hosting more in the future.


Wednesday, 9 September 2015


These last couple of months have been interesting and challenging. But, through the ups and downs, I have realized that I have grown and challenged myself creatively and that is what I have always wanted, if I really and truly think about it. One way I challenged myself was to work with other bloggers, creatives, photographers and filmmakers. I have collaborated on shoots, events and competitions and I genuinely feel so fulfilled.


So you may remember the pic above from this post,  Well a lot of people don't know what it takes to actually do a blogger shoot, they think it is a quick pic and you call it a day. But no it is not it, it takes a lot of preparation and walking around to find the perfect location! It is really hard to describe this, so I thought it would be easier to show you what I have to do when I do a blogger shoot. I was contacted by Maria, who was doing a project to get the behind the scenes of bloggers and their daily life. She came on this shoot with me with her camera man Antonio. They followed me and my photographer Jos as we did what I do naturally. Please gove this a watch and let me know what you think! 


Monday, 7 September 2015


Pass me some popcorn and a good movie, that's my idea of a perfect night! I admit it, I am swiftly approaching the big 2-5 and the idea of me cutting shapes in a club doesn't appeal to me as much anymore. I dunno if it is just laziness or my inability to perfect my nae nae in the club, but I just wanna chill man. Don't get me wrong, I love to cut shapes in the club every now and again, but I am in to quirkier activities, and my quest for such activities was answered when I got to attend the Curry's Movie Night event

This event was one of a kind, as I got to watch one of my favourite movies on a barge!!! Yes, I and a few of my blogger babes go to watch Mean Girls, eat popcorn sip on some prosecco and watch the world go by on a barge along the King’s Cross canal. As I relived all my favourite moments from the teen cult classic, I was at ease and was having so much fun!

After the film rolled the credits, we stepped up onto the deck to really appreciate the sights around King's Cross. As a Londoner, I really take for granted the beauty of my city and the little unique activities we can do. All in all, I had an amazing time, and I would like to thank Curry's for giving me the opportunity to have a chilled weekend. What do you prefer a chilled night in or a night out on the town?


Tuesday, 1 September 2015


I have Myopia. For those of you reading that and thinking, wtf? That simply means I am short-sighted. Now, I've touched on my shortsightedness a few times in LWIG's history, but a lot of people don't actually know that I need to wear glasses. However, I do and have been rocking fashionable pairs since the tender age of 12. Now, for every person who wears glasses, summer proposes quite a dilemma "How can I see and still be fashionable with my sunglasses?". You could simply say, erm wear contacts Jess, but I can't get them into my eyes and prefer a less fiddily option. So when the guys at Specsavers contacted me about reviewing a pair of sunglasses, I decided to give the whole prescription sunglasses a whirl. I chose these Tortoise Shell, Cheap Monday sunglasses   that I fell in love with, during the Specsavers pressday.


The retro meets modern feel, really attracted me to these glasses! Hence the red lip, hair swept to the side combo. Here, the  artistry in this pair of glasses is amazing! If you look closely, the glasses seem to have a wooden effect. At £99, these glasses were a great price for good quality sunglasses. As I am shortsighted and a member of Specsavers already, my prescription had to be added. Plus coating and thinning, which made the glasses come up to about £130-£150, I think. Now some of you maybe thinking woah, but if you think about it, it is quite reasonable for a pair of glasses that I am going to wear for years on end.


I am such a sucker for detailing and I love that the glasses included golded accents of the Cheap Monday logo, as you can see the wooden effect on the glasses really give these glasses that extra edge. I didn't want anything too girly, and I wanted a shape and style that was timeless so I could wear it in the future, despite changing trends. 


I still find myself wearing these sunglasses as I if they were my regular specs. I can't tell you how good it is to actually be able to see, and be comfortable, instead of fumbling between my specs and sunglasses.


Investing in prescription sunglasses has been one of my better decisions, and I am so glad I got to review these stylish pair of sunglasses. Have you ever thought of trying prescription glasses?


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