Coffin on Cake PR Press day

It's Wednesday guys and it's Halloween oooooh!! I have to tell you about a press day that I was extremely excited about, it was for Coffin on Cake PR(totally appropriate name for today,don't ya think). Coffin on Cake PR look after sick, alternative  brands such  as Surfdome, Juju,  Mr Lacy ,Denim Demon, Analog and many more. I ventured into my favourite place in the world, Shoreditch to view the SS13 collection of these brands. Before I went to the PR office, it was clear that Coffin on Cake PR had really got into the SS13 spirit by remodelling their office with a bright rainbow display, featuring the words Look Forward. I was definitely looking forward to viewing this new range.

As I went in I was greeted by one of the team members, Lauren who gave me a tour of the collections.Each if the collections were very different and unique:

Surfdome~ Surfdome is a lifestyle store which houses 800 well-known, fashion,street,lifestyle and outdoor brands.Key brands they house are Roxy,French Connection, Levi's and animal  among others.I'd have to say that this was one of my favourite collections,because of the laid back silhouettes and bright prints. I had my eye on the maxi dress and printed jeans.

Converse- Seeing the converse collection brought me back to my early teens when I was rocking a pair of green chucks,which I still have today. I expected to see the classic shoe,but I was happy to be surprised by the accessory line the brand has bought out. The bags stay true to the iconic brands legacy with the use of the canvas material in most of the bags.. I really wanted the red one.

Hush Puppies- Hush Puppies have teamed up with Hemingway to create a "mod" inspired shoe range. It was a cool range,there was a mixture of pastels,brogues and tassels.

Juju - Remember those jelly shoes you used to wear as a kid? well they were created by Juju back in the 80's. The brand is back with new shapes and colours and also is paying homage to it's iconic design with it's original basket shape. Even Azelia Banks is loving the comeback of these shoes, she had a custom pair made especially for her. Fashion designer Manuela Dack created new designs to fit in with the SS13 range! they look pretty cool don't ya think?

Demin Demon- I really like Denim Demon,with it's dark wash rinses the designers were inspired by the reindeer herding roots. I spy a button up I want to rock

Analog- In west Philadelphia born and raised... Analog reminded me of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, mostly because Will Smith's Summertime was blasting and I saw printed short and shirt combos which reminded me of the 90's. The brand is cool and laid back which makes sense as it has got a skater sufer kinda vibe. I was eyeing up the hoodies but I don't have a hat head..bad times.

Shimla- Shimla gets it''s name from the Valley's in the Himalayas. The bracelet brand aesthetic focuses on mixing braiding and weaving with extravagant jewels. 

Mr lacy -Mr lacy is the biggest laces brand in the world,there were so many olour from matt laces to glow in the dark ones!

Thanks Coffin on Cake, I had a great time at the press day and the cakes were yum too!


  1. looks awesome!! some nice pieces :)

  2. seems like an awesome store! love those cute shoes xx

    Letters To Juliet

  3. All of the pieces look awesome! *Besos*

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