Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Sooo as a social butterfly and self proclaimed busy bee, I go to alot of events, see alot of new product launches and get to try a lot of nifty things. During fashion week, not only did I see the lovely new collections on the catwalk, but I got to go to press show rooms. One of the show rooms I went to on my last day of LFW was the avante premier showroom. I was treated to brands such as Rixo, Black Betty, Helen Van Rees, Ambersouk to name a few. But the brand that really got me interested was natural skin care brand Acuregen.


Acuregen is the brain child of Amanda Shayle. Acuregen, is a cosmetic acupuncture brand. However, the brand has branched out to creating the new derme range which has been developed to cure skincare conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. The products are totally, natural and great for all skin types, even those of you with sensitive skin. I was gifted with the facial cleanse, face cream, body lotion and resurfacing cream. Now, these products smelt divine and very calming. This is due to the cucumber and chamomile ingredients. I will write a follow up review about my final thoughts, but initial impressions have been good.


Now you guys all know, I love me some lipstick. So I was glad to see that, I had my own personal red lippie made in front of me during fashion week. The Puriskin lip treat comes in either a pencil or lipstick bullet, and being the lipstick fiend I am, I went for the barrel. Now, what's great about this is that it is ethically made and totally natural. The lipstick included grapeseed oil and organic jojoba oil for smoothing and softening benefits. I chose the shade, and how bold it was and also added a natural vanilla flavour for taste! At only £12.99 it is a steal for a truly bespoke product, plus only 50p extra for every colour and flavour. Looks great don't you think?


Finally, I love to keep moisturized and I like smelling good at the same time. So I was gifted with the lavender version, which smells so divine. I don't usually use the word divine, but it is the best to describe this oil! Overall give the brand a go, as I am really impressed.



Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Guess who's back, back again, Jess is back, tell a friend. Ladies and gentleman (if you are out there). I have been teasing you with the newest and latest collaboration from my old friends George at ASDA. I  worked with the brand for the ways to wear challenge back in the summer and this time, I was paired with my old blogger friend Sammy from Oh My Style blog, to pick  the same dress and style it in our own way.


So we both opted for this black eyelet smock dress! Which both flattered both our shapes well. Sammy has a more of an athletic shape and I have more of an hourglass shape, and usually not all types of dresses will fit both of our shapes, but luckily this one did and boy was I happy with the cross cross detailing, length and general awesomeness of this dress.

Now me and Sammy both opted to style this dress with a fur lined coat, Sammy opted for a grey version. Whereas, I as lover of red, went for this Burgundy fur number which has now been deemed the pimp coat. Yes, in the words of Beyonce, I was feeling myself, feeling, feeling myself in this coat! Literally, it is my fave coat to date.


Now as I was feeling glam, I paired the outfit with my statement earrings from Topshop. Which add the perfect finish to the look.


Now I seem to have a slight obsession with boots, particularly ankle boots. However since it is cold and I want a change, I thought these tan long boots complimented the outfit to perfect. With a very comfy heel these shoes are very easy to walk in. I have to warn you though, that even though these are comfy, they don't have a platform, so if you plan on wearing these type of boots, please wear gel insoles for comfort. Thank me later. As it is cold, and yes I am not happy with this, I opted for sparkly thick tights to add interest to the outfit. 


All in All, I had fun in this challenge! Thaks George at ASDA and thanks Mr Squirrel for making an appearance in the shoot.





Tuesday, 1 December 2015


I sometimes feel that this transitional weather only affects my wardrobe, but instead it has affected my mood and outlook on, well life really. I like to label this weather, snuggle weather, I don't like to go out that much, as me and the cold aren't the best of friends. Instead, I cherish quite evenings in, with my snugly jumper, woolly socks and hot chocolate whilst I watch crap TV. Basically, what I am trying to say is that this is a time for reflection for me. It is a time where I really look back at this year, and asses my successes and learning's. I don't like to believe in the idea of failure, because with everything that you do, whether it has a bad or good outcome, you learn from it. 

I have written so much this year about being unhappy, taking risks and also most recently about feeling lost. At first glance, it would seem that these posts were negative, that I was deeply unhappy. However, I am not. The point of these posts was to challenge why I was feeling vulnerable in aspects of my life and to challenge it, so I could develop my mind and soul. If you know me, opening up and being vulnerable is extremely hard for me, especially on such a public platform. However, I have always been one to do the thing that scares me the most, in order to conquer it. One of my biggest fears is to be vulnerable, and by opening up with these posts, doing things that scared me like go-ape, and putting myself in new and unfamiliar situations, I am less afraid to be vulnerable.

This year has been a struggle for me. There are things that I haven't told the people who are close to me; about what I have had to do to have a purpose, to feel significant, hell to be happy. There have been times where I wanted to give up, and crawl into a ball and throw my hands up and just say fuck it. However, my internal belief system that was instilled in me by my family, to never say you can't, has always been the light in my darkest times. I have an will always push for what I think is my purpose, what makes me come alive and what makes me feel significant.

So after all of this, I was conveniently asked a few weeks ago about what my why or purpose was. To be honest with you, I didn't have to think to hard, I let my heart speak and my why is to make a difference by being creative and empowering people. One way I have done this through my network FBL Bloggers, however if I dig a bit deeper, I have done this by being open on this blog and just trying to be a good person to people around me. When I spoke my truth, I felt free and I felt complete. This has been difficult to express for most of my life. I finally feel that I have a purpose! I finally feel that I am invincible because I believe in my abilities and my drive to make a difference! Nothing, absolutely nothing will stand in my way.

Your why doesn't have to be extraordinary, however your why needs to be your truth. So speak it without hesitation, without fear and be free. I finally am....

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