If you know me well enough,  you know that I love a good night out, especially with my girls. There is nothing better than getting all dolled up and dancing the night away. As fun as it is to look pretty,  it actually takes a lot of preparation. Especially when it comes to the undies and grooming regimen.In this post, I'm going to focus on my grooming regimen  (skincare) and undies preparation for a night out. From my experience, I find that sorting these essentials, not only makes you look better but you feel better inside  too.


Grooming (skincare)

I'm really big on skincare, especially on my body as I have semi sensitive/ dry skin on my legs. To get my self "night out ready" I like to get rid of the hair on my legs, opting for hair  removal cream.Over the years, this form of hair removal has been the easiest and most effective for me.The team over at Veet sent me the  new natural inspirations hair removal cream, which is great for sensitive skin and contains grape seed oil. About 2 hours before, on a night out , I first place a generous amount of the cream on my legs. After about 2-5  mins I wait for the hair to dissolve and remove the hair using the spatula provided.Once the hair is removed, I hop into the shower and commence my normal bathing routine,using my shower gel to thoroughly clean the left over cream. 


Once I'm done, I towel dry and follow with a moisturiser, my weapon of choice being cocoa butter. To seal in moisture and to make my legs look beautiful I like to add baby oil, to give them an extra shine. I like Veet  hair removal cream, as it makes the process of removing hair so easy. The only thing I dislike is the smell, which can be a bit strong.  However, early prep and having a shower afterwards easy rectifies this.

Undie preparation  (The right bra)

Nothing ruins a perfect outfit other than rubbish underwear. Seriously, finding undies that fit correctly can make you look and feel amazing. As a bigger busted woman, I  am all too familiar with this! As a gal with a small back size and big cup size ( I am a 30FF-32FF) finding pretty and functional bras is a mission, even if for daytime outfits.


The lovely people at Ultimo sent me this gorgeous bra, which not only fits well but is perfect for a night out with the lace black  detailing. Although people won't see it ( or maybe someone will, if you get lucky ) having that extra special bra  makes me feel  confident when hitting the town.What I like about this bra is that is offers amazing support,  lifts the girls up appropriately, without the straps digging into my shoulders or being on the last hooks.


Depending on what you wear, I often opt for  thongs to go with my bra for nights out. Reason for this is because they are comfortable, and you don't get the visible panty line, which just ruins an outfit. Now I know a lot of people like the silk/satin and lace for their undies. But as I have sensitive skin, I usually opt for cotton thongs or bikini briefs. As they are they are more breathable, and healthier for you.These grooming tips are really simple and believe it or not just make me feel really good and ready when getting ready for a night out. How do you prepare for a night out?


  1. I once tried Nair brand hair remover but it made my pores red and inflamed so I didn't use it again. Shaving is a pain too. Maybe I'll give the Veet cream a try. I concur whole-heartedlu with respect to the undies. I even like the comfy full briefs I wear to bed at night to be pretty. I guess we have different taste in undies. I actually love panty lines (I think they're sexy) and I opt for high thread count nylon because it feels so slippery soft even though my panties are not as breathable as cotton would be. Night out? What's that? (I'm a recluse).


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