Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. I think I may have been a hippy in my previous life, you know basking in nature and stuff, very anti-establishment. However, if I really think about it, the #hippylife wouldn't really be for me, I only like the style. Weeks without bathing so I could be one with nature,  as well as dancing in a filed of flowers, just ain't for me kids. That being said, I have taken inspiration from this movement recently! Especially since I found this cute playsuit from H&M. I paired it with my Select fashion, black kimono which I have been dying to wear and finished the outfit with my New Look nude heels.

smiling girlH&M blue paisley print playsuit

I really tried to go all out with this look, and I incorporated the range of colours from the playsuit into my make up. I have no idea what I used peeps, it was literally everything. But I am certain the eye make up included Sleek storm palette and my Naked 2 palette dupe, which I reviewed here. Foundation is Sleek also and lips would be from Milani with a red lip liner,so my lips didn't look crazy. I also learnt how to contour, so now I feel like my life is complete. colourful eye make up for black women using sleek make upH&M blue paisley print playsuit

As per usual, my outfit picture are never complete without a fountain included. It is almost blasphemy not to include one. Especially with this outfit choice, it makes me feel "one with nature". Also the wind came  at the right time, literally I felt like Pocahontas when she blasted out "colours of the wind". My weave was flowing girl, FLOWING in the wind. I was feeling myself a little bit.

H&M blue paisley print playsuit

All in all, I had fun with this outfit, I think I will enjoy being a hippy some of the time! 
H&M blue paisley print playsuit


  1. What a lovely playsuit! You know how to pull that look off well :-*
    Rathana •• FAB FASHIONAIRE

  2. Wow, you look amazing in that outfit! I love how you've paired the perfect accessories together to create a great look!


  3. I love your makeup! The colours of your eyeshadow, your eyelashes and your lips all look gorgeous. Your nailpolish is pretty too. You really rock that colourful playsuit, but then again, you really rock everything you choose to wear. I like the "hippy" look you styled with the New Look headband and Select Fashion Kimono.

  4. I love your outfiiiiit ! It make me think about Caochella :)

    Anne Jennifer

  5. nice outfit !I really love the head piece!



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