This weather has been all types of amazing hasn't it? I am such a Summer baby, despite being born in the Winter! Everything about this season brings me all types of joy, I think it is mainly because of the abundance of Vitamin D or the general good vibes. Anyway the bright weather makes me wanna dress, well bright. As this is the case, I took the opportunity to rock my orange halter-neck dress, that I got from the Boohoo outlet on Ebay. I paired these with my nude heels from H&M and also my new Fiorelli necklace, that the guys over at Jewelstreet gifted me.

This is a pretty mature look for me don't  you think? I have been dying to bust out this dress since I bought it last year. I really enjoy the brightness of the dress the cut and the shape gives  an understated sexy look.
orange halterneck boohoo dress fiorelli blue cord  statement necklace

I think I am really liking the whole heeled look, as I approach the big 2-5 I am gradually starting to dress more like a young lady. Not to worry, the edgy Jess will never go away though. orange halterneck dress from boohoo

Usually with these types of dresses, I find pairing jewellery a bit of a challenge. However, I find that the statement necklace added to the outfit well. Especially, the blue colour with the orange really worked well! 
fiorelli blue cord statement  necklace orange halterneck dress from boohoo

As Summer continues, I am going to continue with the brights and you'll be definitely see me rocking more heels. How does the Summer affect you? 


  1. OMG amazing pictures - you look stunning. x

  2. I love that dress on you, the cut and colour really suit you! I was born in the summer and I do prefer winter, but I must admit the sunshine and long light evenings are good for the soul.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  3. You look gorgeous in your orange Boohoo halterneck dress!!! The dress is pretty - love the colour and the pleats - and I really love these photos of you!

  4. That's such a beautiful dress, perfect for the summer, might get one for my summer holiday!


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