Shellac Manicure- c/o Groupon and Senshi
Ring-House of Fraser (£2)

Hey all, How are you? This is just a quick post to tell you about my experience with Groupon. So a month a go I was contacted by the Groupon guys to try out their services, I was chuffed as I had always heard about Groupon but never had the time to try it out and see what the hype was about. 

For all of you who don't know, Groupon is a website which showcases holiday deals,food deal,fashion and beauty deals and much much more. I signed up via Facebook and with a play around with the settings, I realised that the site allowed me to tailor deals to the London area, which was helpful.

I was given a voucher to review a deal. It took me a while to do this as you have to be quick and at the time there wasn't anything that spoke out to me at that time. After receiving emails and looking at the site. I was happy to find a deal that was really sick, a shellac manicure and Pedicure for £29 at Senshi ecoluxe beauty in Richmond. The deal also allowed me to have a facial for £39,so I used my own money to splurge out.

I am no stranger to Shellac nails as I had it done during London Fashion Week. Good thing about them is that they are a mixture between gel and nail polish and are apparently better than gel, as they allow the nail to breathe.Also they last about 2 weeks, longer if you treat them well. I was also happy to have it on my feet,becuase they needed some much needed TLC, and I had never had a facial before.

Senshi was a little bit hard to find but I called up the team and they were really great at directing me to the salon. As soon as I got in I was treated really well, I really got a sense of tranquillity,relaxation and professionalism at the salon, my feet and nails were done and then I was taken to another room to do my facial. This was my favourite part as It felt really cool and soothing that I nearly fell asleep.

Overall, I was happy with the results. The staff were nice and my nails lasted ages and my face felt gorgeous. I only wished the full works were done n my feet like scraping the dead skin, and soaking them like a normal pedicure. But, apparently shellac nails need to be on dry nails.

I highly recommend you guys to try Groupon as it was really good that I got this deal. The facial would've been about £35 by itself.  For me, I am hooked and have already bought a jewellery course in March. I might be on track to achieving one of my New Year goals.

How about you? Will you try Groupon?


  1. sounds amazing! the nails look gorgeous :)

  2. Your nails look lovely

  3. Omg that ring is beautiful!

    Thanks for the blog comment!

  4. How blingy is that ring!? Love it. Your nails look super fine too! ;)

    The Style Rawr!

  5. Your nails look lovely :). I'm a huge fan of groupon and use them whenever I see a deal for a restaurant I like the look of :), it's such a good idea for a website. I love your nails :) xx

    Almost Delightful

  6. Wow. Your nails look really lovely. Love the colour! I've never used Groupon before but I may give them a go. :)

    1. Do! I'm also thinking of doing a photography class ;)

  7. Really nice color, love it
    Would love to follow each other via GFC or BLOGLOVIN?

  8. Lush colours and I love your ring xx

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