Products used:
Lipstick-Natural Collection in Biscuit

Hat~Sister's from New Look
Earrings~Topshop(I think)

I don't know if it is me trying to avoid my dissertation, or my growing interest in all things beauty, but I have been loving playing with make up recently! It's strange I used to be more into fashion, but since I have been playing with make up and buying quite a lot of new pieces, I am starting to equally love make up. I kinda feel like a scientist, trying all the new combinations and seeing what comes out of it, and then documenting my findings on the blog for all you lovely people. Anyone else feel like that?

So as you know it snowed quite heavily in the UK yesterday, and we got our fair share of snow in good 'ol London Town.. and yes I did play in the snow and make snow angels.. it was fun. Anywho, my point is that during the winter time, make up is expected to be dark and vampy. Ain't nothing wrong with that, I love a good vampy look, but I don't tend to follow the rules and I longed for something brighter and fun. So I decided to create a summer look instead, with a winter backdrop! 

I'm really proud of this look,I used N07 foundation for my base which gives me a sleek medium to full coverage. Thank you to my friend Nats who introduced this foundation to me, I really like it. I had trouble with foundations, especially after I was using the Revlon Colourstay, which did nothing for my complexion and dried me out.

 I used three colours fro my all time favourite brand Sleek, sunset palette. I then used my new favourite mascara from Mally! guys try it out it seriously make your eyes pop! It's my new fave  mascara.

Finished off with my lips, which I used Natural Collection lipstick in "Biscuit". You can pick up this brand in boots,it was only about £1 or £2  and for a cheaper brand I was surprised by the pigmentation and staying power of it. However it was a little bright.. so I musted the colour and added shine with NYX lipglass in Natural.

So do you break the rules, when it comes to Winter make-up?


  1. Hi how are you, hope you are having a fab weekend. x I like you whole overall look/ loving the earring. P.S: don't avoid your dissertation!!

    1. I'm fine thanks. I'm not avoiding it just procrastinating lol. I'm back on it though. Thank you!

  2. nice look! the lipstick is such a pretty color :) i also love your earrings :)

  3. So pretty! That embellished collar is gorgeous.

    The Style Rawr!

  4. Love your makeup and collar ;)


  5. Looking gorgeous and pretty, Jess! I really like the top you're wearing, love the collar on it. I'm the same as well - i think i prefer beauty posts than fashion but i change my mind from time to time. I love beauty tutorials! x

  6. that lippy suits you really well! :) x

  7. great post!! and i love your top!:)

  8. Love that top, the collar is amazing

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