OOTD:The Invisible Woman-Primark,H and M, Ebay,New Look and Forever 21

Elephant Blazer~Primark
Aztec Top~New Look
Brown Waist Belt~Vintage
Necklace~Forever 21

Happy Easter Monday! I know what your thinking.... it's pretty strange for me to do an outfit of the day  when I am not wearing any clothes but thought this would be an interesting take on it, also I couldn't be bothered to set up my tripod :)

I love mixing prints, and I like the combination I have come up with the Primark, elephant blazer and New Look Aztec top! I styled this outfit with the forever 21 necklace, but I'm not sure whether it looks better without the neck bling? What do you think?

The show stopper of the outfit has to be my Chelsea boots. They are so comfy and easy to walk in and I recommend that everyone should get a pair. What outfits are you rocking today? 


  1. Great OOTD Jess! Loving the pop of bright purple amidst the black & white; not to mention that printed blazer is pretty fabulous! The Chelsea boots are lovely as well :) And as for your question, I think I would go without the necklace, just because of the belt!

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  2. Thank you! I love the second top too. It's so comfy. :D
    I think you can get it in UK Primark, too. :)

    I love the boots, btw. xx

  3. I love those boots!! Perfect x

  4. Cute! I love the purple skirt! So cute!! Want to follow each other??
    Im following you anyways :)



  5. love love love the boots!!
    great outfit! I need to take a trip to primarni to get one of those blazers! cute! :)
    Currently rocking my pj's :P
    Hope you had a lovely easter xxx

  6. Ooooh love love love the boots. But I have a couple of pairs of very similar, so I think it would be wrong to buy yet another pair when summer is coming...is it???? I love the boots. Well done:) x



    1. I think your wardrobe may have space for one more!

  7. The boots are great!


  8. Hey jess, I love ur blog, im gonna start folloeing u now, feel free to check out my blog too and follow if u like what you see, btw my name is Jess too but on my blog I use a different name. xx


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