NOTD: Aztec Easter Nails

Happy Easter boys and girls! I hope you are all happily pigging out on Easter eggs and cakes. I left the rest of my Easter eggs at work, bad times.At least I'll have something to snack on when I go back to work, result! 

Since it's Easter, I thought it was a good idea to do my take on Easter inspired nails. Now I'm not the one for polka dots and bunnies on my nails.I wanted to shake it up a bit and move away from "traditional" Easter design. So I came up with this lovely design you see above! Cute huh? the colours are more pastelly in real life!

Have you created any Easter desgins?


  1. Pretty!

  2. The nail art looks fab, Jess! Happy Easter! (ps. I've added you to the blog roll now) :) x

  3. Jess those are amazing :) it looks so hard to make, good job!!


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