OOTD: Jolita Jewellery

Belt~New Look
Wedges~New Look

When the lovely Jolita contacted me about modelling one of of her brother's jewellery pieces,it took me exactly 2.5 seconds to respond in a very loud and un-lady like "hell yeah".
It is not a secret that I love statement jewellery, and Jolita Jewellery is definitely a brand I would check out!

Designer Algis, uses his eye for detail,elegance and colour to create edgy one of a kind pieces for men and women.The pieces are so unique and bold,that they have been featured in a number of publications such as French Glamour , Bath Fashion Week and Vogue China to name a few.

When I received the necklace Jolita sent me, I was taken back by the level of detail and colour this piece had. What I really love about this piece is the clever balance of elegance and the punch of colour given up by the neon orange in this piece. To do this dress justice, I paired it with my favourite yellow tulip dress, and added a bit of edge with my Topman bowler hat.

What do you think? I can't help but browsing on the boutique... my other favourites are Rio,  Rimini and Prague. How would you style up this necklace?


  1. Superb!! Looks really cool Jess. I love how you styled it. The dress you are wearing makes the necklaces really stand out. Even my brother is happy :)

    Thanks a lot xx

  2. gorgeous necklace! :)

    i also absolutely love the dress! :)


    (Sammy on the facebook group :))

  3. Really loving the necklace and the dress + hat you chose to pair it with. :)


  4. Oooh - you can't beat a good bit of statement jewellery, although as I am a layering fiend I tend to have the 'create' the statement with the layers as not sure I could overly mix lots of statement pieces together. It looks good & I do so love a bowler hat! Win win in my mind.

    Thanks for your input on the desert island, it made me laugh. x

    1. Your welcome, thanks for the feedback

  5. i love tribal pieces and your necklace is amazing, Im going to check out jolita jewellry now :) & i think youve convinced me to invest in a bowler hat, i was unsure at first as i have a tiny head! & I love the silhouette of your yellow dress, in my opinion the necklace and dress are well matched!

    1. Lol I have a tiny head complex, but I wanted a bowler hat for soo long so I got one for XMAS

  6. I love that dress and belt! I love yellow but I don't think it suits me with pink hair! I look a-bit like a pastel over-load haha :)


  7. That necklace is absolutely gorgeous, I like how you styled it too!


  8. That necklace is ahmazing! The colours are just gorgeous.
    Also thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    Rebecca xx

  9. Love the jewellery and your dress xx

  10. Oh wow I want this necklace!! So pretty, I've been lookinn for one like that! Going to check out the site...x

  11. The necklace on the yellow dress looks lovely! Jess you are so pretty too :)

    x Nadine from www.allthatstyle.blogspot.com

  12. You look great in this dress! Yellow looks great on your skin tone.

  13. i love this necklace & the way it contrasts with the dress :) x


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