So here we are the 1st of January 2017, we have completed another year and what did I learn? Well in the words of Ms Kylie Jenner, 2016 was honestly and truly, the year of realising things. Stupid when you first hear it, but it was.


In a nutshell:

January- September 2016
  • I started the year in a new social media job, in a massive company with a great team.
  • Went to the Britain's Next Top Model launch event.
  •  I was also working on my side hustle FBL Bloggers, and nearing the end of my mentoring course to give me the skills to make it into a fully fledged business.  I completed said course and I am on my way baby! With the help I had got a few more opportunities and clients for the brand. Such as a watch range, editors and an office space.
  • My blog took a bit of a back seat, as I decided to focus on myself and life. But, I was on London Live TV for Westfield, appeared in two magazines (Black Hair Magazine and Blogosphere Magazine)
  • I made new friends, connected with old friends, and had a stronger bond with family.
  • I went to a film premier for the Neon Demon.
  • Modelled for Kurt Geiger and I appeared on their website.
  • Was invited by Sunglass Hut, the official sponsor of London Fashion Week and kinda frow-ed in September. Not to mention the London Fashion week lounges!
  • Went to Notting Hill again, had an amazing August bank holiday, parties galore!

September- December 2016

  • Shot for Shopstyle with Kyle Galvin at the Shopstyle event
  • Launched the FBL Bloggers watch range.
  • Got another campaign for FBL Bloggers with Book Your Lifestyle
  • Worked with Boohoo again and did the Party season campaign.
  • I turned 26, and had a lit birthday with my friends.. and met Tim Westwood, who gave me a shout out on my birthday.
  • Had a goood time and quit my job and got a better role as a Social Media manager for a Travel Company.
  • Spent Christmas with the fam and my nephews.

So what did I learn? I learnt to be open.. and I learnt to put myself out there and fight for whatever I want and it will pay off..but I must be patient. I hope to use these learning and use them to strengthen me to be the person I want to be, and who I know I can be! The sky is the limit and I want all of it..and I will get it. Buttttt I need to relax and have fun too. I am young init!  Anyway how was 2016 for you? What did you learn?


  1. Happy new year! Looks like you had a really good 2016 and good luck for the one ahead :)
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

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