You know, I'd like to think that most of our problems wouldn't be problems anymore if we just opened up a bit and spoke about our worries and frustrations.

I'm not pointing the finger at anyone, and I'm definitely in the club of, I don't really open up. I have always been that way, and it has been a struggle to open up, even when I feel vulnerable. Because I don't want to seem weak, useless, or a burden on people who have much more going on than myself. Now with that mentality, I often started to hurt myself emotionally. To the point, that at times I'd nearly breakdown and my family and friends would often say, now why didn't you just come to us?


Why didn't I? Cause it was and still is hard to speak my truth at times. To be exposed and let people know that I am not ok, and I am struggling with aspects of my life. I'd feel small, defeated in a way to let anyone see the unguarded me. But do you know what I'd feel after? A relief! It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I was elated as I no longer had to deal with problems on my own.

Over the last year and a half, I'd been dealing with new changes with my life, which I'd thought I'd had a handle on. New jobs, new people, new opportunities. all honesty I'd been struggling alot to adjust to change. Especially, where I'd just started a really awesome job at an awesome company. It is still in my same field but a different industry that I'm used to and I'll tell you that it was kind of overwhelming at first, as it was a contrast to what I was used to.


I felt like a loser as this had never been me.. feeling overwhelmed. I'm the strong one. I think part of it was the pressure I'd put on myself, and partly because I didn't know what was expected of me. So I spoke to my family, friends and bosses and it made me feel better.

Although, it is overwhelming! Everything new is and needs time. You see with opening up with my fears, I didn't feel alone anymore. I don't think anyone should fear speaking up. Make sure your happy, because you matter.

Talk to people.. and if you don't have a network. Go on forums (Quora), apps (7 cups of tea), social media etc. Whatever you do, don't keep it in. No one is perfect.



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  2. Such beautiful smiley photos! x

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  4. I too find it difficult to open up completely even to in-real-life close friends. So far I haven't found the courage to open up in a Lbloggers's (Lifestyle blogger's) blog post. For me, Fblogger's (fashion blogger's posts seem easier, but I've had body image insecurity about those lately too. That said, it's important to share with someone and not try to hold it all in. I'm glad you have manage to share about some of your struggles. I think you're amazing - and I love the #FBLchat Twitter chats you founded.

    That pretty red floral H+M dress you were wearing in these photos is very pretty, and you look absolutely fabulous showcasing it!!!

    P.S.: I love your YouTube video 'The Exiting Life of a Blogger | My Life For The Past Year | Jess D'!

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  6. Great post, mostly people don't speak or feel "small" because of other people. It's sad but true. Sometimes you start the day feeling happy go into the street and someone literally kills you with an unkind comment. A lot of folks won't talk about what really bothers them because the same people you speak to judge you and use that information against you. The key is too be closed off to negativity if and when possible. A constant struggle but we try.

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