Go ape has always been on my life ambition list. Real talk, among the quest to conquer world domination through FBL Bloggers, marry a fine ass man and live a fulfilled sick life as a lady of leisure. I have always been a fun gyal, doing things outta the ordinary away from the everyday musings, as a fashion blogger. So, when I was approached to attend Go ape, on behalf of BGO, I said hells to the yeah, and prepared for an exciting day. For those unfamiliar with Go APE, it basically is an outdoor adventure company, where you can do forest adventures.


We ended up doing the tree top adventure, which consisted of 5 courses of zip lines,climbing and an awesome-sauce Tarzan jump at the end. All great in hindsight, but did I mention that I am a little bit afraid of heights.... Yup even a steep staircase makes me feel queasy. However, I didn't travel all the way to middle earth (Cockfosters, aka the end of the Piccadilly line) for nothing. I would conquer my fears, and I have a cool ass instagram feed to prove my awesome-ness, #goals. 


To start off with, we were given a practice session which the instructors, who   detailed how to use the harnesses safely and easily. As the teachers pet that I am, I volunteered to be used in the safety demonstration. The thing about Go-Ape, is that you hook yourself to the different zip wires and high jump ropes yourself. A daunting realization this was, but I knew I had to open my ears, and concentrate as I didn't want to die at the tender age of 24 and a half. That would be so crap....


Anywho, we had a total of 5 courses to complete which consisted climbing ladders, flying through zip wires (where I screamed like a banshee), crawling through tunnels and finally ending the course with the massive Tarzan jump to victory. Now, there were 2 ways you could go, the easy course or the difficult one. I ended up going to the hard course, as I am a natural daredevil. But I quickly, realized that was a silly idea as I was faced with the death deifying Tarzan jump. Literally, this leap had grown men shaking in their boots! But, I felt that I had spent the whole day climbing,zip ling in the trees to chicken out at the last minute , I would do this and brag, like the G that I am afterwards. So off I went,screaming like a banshee and being mid air, with the wind flowing through my weave. I was chuffed, I was scared, I was just relived that I made it to the net without meeting my untimely death.


All in all, I had a super sick time! I challenged my fear and won best Instagram post for GO-Ape, #winning. Have you conquered your fear lately?





  1. That excursion/adventure you participated in at Go Ape looks very scary, exciting, and like a lot of fun with some excellent company. I love your photos - congratulations on winning best Instagram post!

  2. I love Go Ape, it is so fun! Go you for conquering those fears!

    Sophie x

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