Since the tender age of 11, I have always enjoyed a good game of Black Jack. Now let me assure you, I am no gambler but I do like to win, a lot. So when I was invited #bgomeetup, which was a casino themed event. I just had to say yes. Now I didn’t win millions of pounds, if I did I would’ve quit my job, booked a one way ticket to Mauritius, and be writing this post on a white sandy beach with a cocktail in my hand!But the whole purpose of the #bgoevent was to meet lovely bloggers, raise money for WWF and also enjoy the mini casino games!

Let me just tell you that the event was sick! I learnt how to play roulette and improved my blackjack skills. I have to admit that I was slightly confident in my gambling skills! Maybe it was the glasses of prosecco which led to my new found confidence, but boy I was doing well. Until I got  I got cocky and lost all of my fake money. But it is not the winning that counts, it is the taking part (this is what I tell myself, so that I my bruised ego can heal,lol).

But most importantly, I got to mingle with my blogger buddies such as Joelle, Charlotte (who I also met at the Kalediscope event) ,Bei, Charlotte's sister from Beifit and Naomi , among other new bloggers. We giggled, chatted about blogger and non-blogger stuff and ate alot of Domino pizza!

I really enjoyed this event, and I thank Joes Blogs for inviting me.


  1. This sounds like so much fun- I am not a v good gambler in fact I am crap hahah xxx

  2. lol @ cocky. Not a huge fan of gambling but sounded like cool event.
    Mary x


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