Kakum and the Crocodile

  1. Top~H&M
  2. Shorts~Internacionale
  3. Trainers~H&M
 This is not really an typical outfit of the day post as I was dressing more for practicality rather than fashion. This day was one of the  best days of the holiday, we went to Cape Coast(another place in Ghana) for 2 days and stayed at a really lovely hotel. On the first day I went to Kakum National Park and walked across a narrow bridge suspended 130 ft in the air, through the rainforest! how cool is that. 
Now I'm not gonna lie, I was scared but I sucked my fear up and strutted my hi tops across that bridge. Well I say bridge but there was a few of them and I definately had a workout!  The view was amazing from the trees, I was definitely one with nature. Sadly I couldn't see alot of animals but I heard them, but apparantely the come out more at night, especially in the treehouse hut thingy shame I couldn't stay longer.

Next we went to Hans Cottage Botel, strange name huh? its a hotel that you can go crocodile/alligator boating, I always get confused between the two. The boat wasn't working when we visited but we got to witness the crocodile/alligator get fed! was very exciting day.


  1. awesome pictures! Love the outfit :)
    You're so brave!!!


  2. That canopy thing at Kakum scared me so much the last time i went there...I was like 12...i cried so much....wow...its so wierd to see it again.

  3. Really love people's holiday snaps - it makes me feel like I'm seeing a part of the world that I'll never get the chance to go. I wish I had money to travel and see the world! Hope to see more like this soon! I love it xxx


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