The Lust List 013: 21st Birthday Lust List

Birthday Lust list
  1.  Marc Jacobs Lola~Boots £63.00
  2. Bag~ASOS £65.00 
  3. Earrings~Topshop £8.50 
  4. Boots~ASOS £50.00 
  5. Shoes~Topshop £42.00 

So I turn the big 2-1 on the 7th and I'm feeling content. I'm not feeling excited or scared that I am turning 21 as I know I won't change overnight, I am going to be the same old Jess just one year older.... For  week's my friends and family have been asking me the dreaded question "What do you want for your birthday??" and I have replied, much to their frustration that I don't know. Why am I being difficult?  because I have already got my main present a birthday holiday. Yes this weekend I will be jetting off in to the sun  back to the motherland, Ghana. I haven't been there since I was 9 so it would be good to see how the country has changed.

 Maybe the lust list will give them ideas and they can stop asking me :D . Anyway the list would not be complete without my obsession with shoes, as you guys know I love statement pieces. Be it jewellery,tees or make up I like to stand out in what I wear. The boots and pumps would add a little oomph to any outfit,I especially like the metallic heel contrasted with the black suede it is very fun and unique. The pumps are perfect for me! I love heels and leopard print, but I struggle to walk in heels and love the look of pumps.

My earring collection is rapidly growing and it is mostly filled with studs. I think studs add a touch of elegance to an outfit. I have heard loads of rave reviews about the Marc Jacobs perfume, that I'm eager to try it out, anyone got it? my favourite perfume at the moment is Vera Wang Princess so I'm not sure how this one will measure up.....
My favourite item on the list this week is the bag, suede,bold colours and croc/snake print, yes please. So there you go I have FINALLY decided..... although I'd be happy with anything I get, it is the thought that counts. What did you guys do/ want to do for you 21st and did you struggle for what you wanted?


  1. great choices for your birthday
    great post

    come and say hi
    The Dolls Factory

  2. I love the ankle boots, I have some similar and they're incredibly comfortable! I love the earrings too, I'm quite scared trying new earrings - I always buy boring ones from Claire's that are sterling silver as I tried some cheap plastic ones before and they made my ears go awful! I really need to invest in more pretty earrings!


  3. I've got that perfume.. it's great.. the scent stays on for sooo long :)


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