I solemnly swear to take care of my hair

So, I hold my hands up I have been neglecting my hair. I have always wanted thick,long, healthy hair but I never knew how to take of it. Thanks to good genes and protective styling such as plaits as a child to buns now, my hair has always been a little longer than shoulder length. But it sheds quite a lot and it's not as thick as it used to be in my early teens.
August 2010 after a trim
April 2011 some growth but need to stick to the regimen

I've never really been consistent with the whole hair regimen thing,however I have taken bits and bobs from hair gurus. This time I am determined to make it work. Using inspiration from Jeni,Sunshyne and Cass,I have decided to go on my last journey to  beautiful healthy hair. I decided to research my hair type using www.naturallycurly.com. 

It turns out that my hair type is type 4a, this hair type has very fewer cuticle layers, which means that it there is very little natural protection than other hair types.Key reasons for my lack of growth is alot of manipulation,lack of moisturising and sealing,not always wrapping the hair at night.

So how am I gonna change this? hopefully with my new regimen. What type 4 hair needs to be healthy is moisture, as there is very little protection. In addition,it needs a healthy balance of protein for strength and to retain growth. I have tried to incorporate this into my regimen. So every week I wash my hair I alternate between moisture and protein to get that balance.

2011/2012 Hair Regimen

Goal:bra strap length April 2012
Prepoo and wash ever week
Deep codition
Relax every 8 weeks using Organic Root Stimulator in Normal
Moisture and seal every day
Low manipulation!

  1. Prepoo~ Washing with shampoo strips the moisture out of hair,moisture which type 4 hair desperately needs. Prepoo is a pre-shampoo treatment, that helps protect the hair from the harsh shampooing process. What I do is mix Olive oil and Amla oil withBoots Honey and Jojoba Conditioner. I place this stuff on my scalp making sure to massage it onto my hair then place a cap on for an hour.
  2. Using Organic Root Neutralizing Shampoo, I wash my hair twice thoroughly getting the treatment out of my hair at a lukewarm temperature.
  3. On moisture week I conditioner my hair with Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner. On protein week, I use Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise. I leave both for 30 mins the rinse out.
  4. I use IC Fantasia hair polisher as a heat protestant. Then thoroughly dry my hair on a low heat with my hair dryer.
  5.  I moisture my scalp with castor oil,the moisture the rest of my hair with Organic Root Stimulator hair lotion.
  6. Using a small bit of Amla oil I seal my hair and plait it when I go to bed.  I use protective styling when I go out.
Voila! that's my hair regime. Let's hope that I stick to it.



  1. Good luck with sticking to the new regime. This looks interesting - I need to take better care of my hair too. I laughed at the word 'prepoo', immature I know!



  2. @Sarah I did when I first heard it too!

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