Relief! That's is what I feel after a month and a half in prison(the uni library) studying for my exams, which I finished today. To celebrate I went for a meal at Vapiano(best italian evah!) and then went shopping at Topshop with my uni friends. Can you believe it was first time in the Topshop in Oxford Street! yes I do not deserve to be called a Londoner.Anyway I was so overwhelmed(and short of cash) that I ended up buying earrings.

Placed in a Topshop Make-up bag.... why?
Filigree Disc Earrings £7.50
Peacock Earrings £10

They are gorgeous! but a little bit pricey I think,especially the Peacock Earrings. Oh well I deserve a treat. Anybody got any ideas on how I could wear my hair and make-up with these statement pieces? I'm thinking top-knot with bold lips.. yes/no?

As it's been a while since I've posted, I have gathered quite a collection of jewellery let me know if you guys want to see my collection. Have a nice weekend!


  1. It's very overwhelming there. I usually go in because there is a lot of selection and then leave almost straight away. lovely earrings, by the way.


  2. @Sarah thank you it is but I am def going to go more in the summer.


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