The Lust List:003

Hey guys,
How was your weekend? did you get up to anything fun or did you just chill at home? Whatever you did I hope you enjoyed yourself. This week has been hectic for me, catching up with work and balancing my social life has been hard...but I think I might just be on top of things.

Anyway as its that time of the week again I put together a collection I am coveting at the moment.

From left to right:
  1. Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo suede pumps £565
  2. MIU MIU small leather satchel £795
  3. Roberto Cavall claw ring £260
  4. Roberto Cavalli jasper ring £260
  5. Beige skater skirt £30 River
I have included mostly designer items in this weeks list, except from the River Island skirt. My favourite items on the list have to be the statement rings and green pumps.... why did you have to be soo expensive. As the pumps are a statement piece, the would look best with simple items such as skinny black jeans a tucked in sheer skirt in cream and the claw ring with red painted nails. The skirt is an easy colour to work with because it is a neutral tone so anything can be paired with it.

Sorry this post is quite short today, but I wanted to ask you guys what you would like to see in my blog. I want to include more than the lust list every week, as doing one all the time is unimaginative. I had planned an outfit of the day video for you guys today,  but I am having problems with uploading it :(. Anyway I will try to have it up for you guys when I do my haul video on Saturday. In the mean time I have very DIFFERENT and interesting posts planned for you guys in the nest couple days, so watch this space.


  1. This defo is a lust list. Shame I'm too poor to buy any of these things lol

  2. I want that ring! Well...what's a student loan for anyway!? I'm sure I can go without food for a while...

  3. @ Sarah first of all thank you for following my blog and I love the ring also. I think you can find something similar for cheaper though. I'm gonna do a post on cheaper alternatives I think.

  4. That would be cool, I like the style of some of this stuff, it's just a shame it's so expensive!

  5. @ I always tend to find similar things for cheaper and in future I will focus on outfits that are not soo expensive. Probably a few designer bits here and there. x


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