Salutations babes, I hope you're well. I have the day off today so decided to write a new post all about my passion project, By Jess D. Now, if you've been following me for a while, you'll know that I have been banging on about the release of my cosmetics line for what feels like an eternity. Let me tell you why it was delayed.. 2018 was an absolutely awful year for me where my depression was mad. On social media I was glowing, in reality, I was suffering and suffocating. I was living in a constant dark cloud, which meant that I couldn't be myself. Reasons being bad relationships, finances, two extremely toxic work-places, which forced me into full self-employment. Although the cloud was mostly dark I ultimately became enlightened, about what I wanted and my path. I haven't got it all figured out, but I will find my way and I regret nothing as it made me who I am today, as I type this post. I am scared to launch this brand, I want it to be a success. But I am also afraid of not being myself and taking what I deserve. I have something really special that can change my life and my loved ones, so I am taking the MASSIVE LEAP to make my dream a reality.

My challenging 2018 taught me to be resilient and to never give up on my dreams. I want to be a cosmetic entrepreneur and I will achieve it, but my mental and physical health needs to be my priority, which is why I spent time healing and learning about e-commerce and the cosmetics industry. The thought of success fills me with joy! Especially knowing that my brand can enhance a person's beauty. The products are affordable, high-quality and cruelty-free. I have spent nearly four years researching, saving and creating this brand and I want you all to join me.

By Jess D isn't just a brand it is a movement. I want you all to use makeup to enhance your inner beauty, be confident to stand out in the crowd and be unapologetic about it. As with all indie brands, I am starting out a small product, that being my lipsticks. I started off with velvet matte lipsticks, as I am a lipstick lover and it was a good product to start off with as most indie brands do this before expanding.

I want   need your support in order to make this a success. I have a website below and would love your feedback. I am social media and need you guys to be my personal cheerleaders, not alot of brand owners do this, but really the support of you guys will really help me accelerate. We're launching the website on 1st of July, where you can pre-order all lipsticks for as little as £16.99 each! All products will be sent by 31st of July once we get the first orders in.

If you are a make up lover please click the links below to support me! I hope to see you on this journey with me.


By Jess D- password -Jesspassword



  1. You look fabulous!!! Your hair, eyelashes and lipstick all look gorgeous - I love the colour of your lipstick - and I also love the look of the outfit you were wearing in the photo above. Best wishes on your cosmetics endeavours!
    P.S.: I love your posts, Tweets and YouTube videos!

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    my YouTube
    my Twitter

    1. P.S.: I LOVE your video titled Introducing By Jess D | My cosmetics brand - YouTube!!! - you look extremely pretty and very attractive in it! :D

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