Thursday, 8 March 2018


Hello and welcome to another headphone review! This time I worked with the team over at Sennheiser again to review the Ambeo Smart headset. Setting you back £259.99, these headphones are seriously next level! If you are a YouTuber, then you're in luck as the headphones let you record 3D sound, as they have high-quality microphones. One word DOPE! Let me tell you, I got a chance to demo and receive a pair of these headphones, which you can see in my vlog below. Myself and key influencers like Gadgetsboy, Gadgets Jon, and Sug Sean. Were whisked around a Sennheiser Routemaster where we vlogged the event and tested the headphones.

 Before you watch my vlog, these headphones are only available on iPhone and other Apple products currently. However, Android capability will be coming later on this year. So don't be disheartened. I like to think of myself as a consumer tech fan so headphones, smartphones excite me as I use them to record my vlog series, the Bloggerprenuer. Sound quality can be tricky when you use the integrated mics as a Smartphone blogger. But with these headphones, you have total control of the sound. You can reduce or amplify sound, and the ability of that had the power to take your vlogs to the next step. So enough of me talking, it is time to see what I thought about the headset. 

This was a sponsored collaboration with Sennheiser. All words are my own.


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