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I am obsessed with my teeth! If you know me, going to the dentist is as enjoyable as me getting my hair done at the hair dresser. I am especially obsessed with having healthy teeth, so when I was approached by the Neem Tree dental clinic to do a review, I couldn't pass it down. We discussed a few treatments, an initial examination with a hygienist appointment, then whitening after I get my fillings replaced. 

the neem tree
the neem tree

As I entered the clinic, I was given a standard form to fill regarding my general health. The team were very helpful and knowledgeable. From the start,  I felt completely at ease as I entered the clinic. I was greeted by the dental hygienist, who was so lovely! She looked over my X-Rays from my recent appointment, and sadly I couldn't have a whitening done until my teeth were fully healthy. Now looking at my smile, it may look like they are, but I have a sweet tooth and my ability to floss has taken a back seat recently. So until I get new fillings, and up my teeth hygiene routine, this has been put on pause. Good thing, as the bleach used to whiten my teeth would've caused serious pain and no one wants that. Instead I was given a scale and polish to my teeth! Which basically is a deep clean of my teeth.

A scale and polish is a relatively quick procedure. It is carried out using an  quick cleaning of the teeth carried out by a Hygienist.  Usually an Ultrasonic, and other tools are used to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth. The hygienist used the ultrasonic to clean around the gum line and my teeth to remove all the build up of tartar, plaque and food, which I couldn't remove with tooth brushing alone. The procedure was finished off with a polish and I felt like a new woman!

the neem tree

Honestly, this was a little uncomfortable, and my gums did bleed a little bit. But as the strong woman that I am, I powered through. The reason my gums bled, was because they were inflamed, so I have a little case of Gingivitis. The G word scared me, and rightly so, I was told that it was the beginning stages of gum disease, but this can be easily turned around with better oral hygiene and diet. I had my wisdom teeth removed  two years ago in hospital, and some I couldn't have removed as they were too close to my nerves. As a result, my wisdom tooth is impacted and I struggle to clean it with a regular tooth brush. Meaning food gets trapped there a lot. To combat this, I try and use an inter dental tooth brush to get into the nooks and crannies. After my appointment, I was given a treatment plan. In a nutshell, I need to ditch the regular tooth brush for a an electric one, and floss more often. 

I would like to thank the clinic for educating me and cleaning my teeth. Stay tuned for part two to see how I am getting on with my inflamed gums. 

the neem tree



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