In today's post, I am working with the lovely guys from Melariche. Melariche is the newest and hottest online beauty store for women of colour. The store is the brain-child of Jackie Taiwo! Who 
I 've had the pleasure to meet (heyyyyy Jackie). Jackie realised that there was a lack of product offering for women of colour and embarked on  a mission to help us feel beautiful. The store launched on the 31st of August  and offers a diverse range of products such as from Iman Cosmetics and Maréna Beauté to 3107 skincare. Currently, you can buy the products if you are from the UK and EU.

I was sent a beauty box full of products that suited my skin tone and skin type. If you are curious, I have an oily combination skin type, and was sent love products from ZAO organic and Iman Cosmetics, which are listed below. But if you can't wait that long click here to have a look. 

As well as being given these lovely goodies from Melariche, I am going to talk about my relationship with makeup, through the #mymelarichestory campaign. My love of makeup, has always been linked to my love of art. For a long as I can remember, I was a creator.

A fire erupts in me, as I share my visions in many ways.Whether it be the brush strokes on my canvas or the  intricate scribbles in my sketch book. I just have had a knack for thinking outside the box, and being truly free with whatever I create.


As with everything, we grow and develop, then we find interests in newer things. As I grew up, and embarked into womanhood. I naturally, started to take a strong interest in make up. Something that increased when I was a late teen, which was conveniently when YouTube started.

In all honestly, and strange as it may seem now, I didn't wear a full face of make up until I was 20. I mean I'd wear bits and bobs here and there. I was a late bloomer to the whole make up thing. I was concerned with my skin and didn't want to ruin it. I also went to an all girl's high school and didn't have anyone to impress, I guess.

But, the biggest deterrent was the lack of women who looked like me in the media. I wanted to feel extra pretty,  just like the girls on the magazine's. But how could I showcase my vision? Learn which colours worked well with my dark brown eyes? When all I saw were colours that suited big blue or green eyes. Surely, there was a place for us too right?

It became the norm, that I wouldn't see anything that looked like me.  As a result, I didn't really practice as I was demotivated. I didn't want to create anything that didn't look good. It wasn't until I started getting into blogging and YouTube, that my creativity and love for make up truly blossomed. I replaced the paint brush for a foundation brush  and I loved every minute of it.

Finally, I could emulate what I saw in my head and not look foolish. All because , there were girls that looked like me. I finally knew what foundation colour was good for me, I was introduced to a plethora of brands and I pushed the boundaries  from just a winged liner and nude lipgloss, to include contour, highlight and eye shadow.


After I had learnt the basics, it didn't matter what my gurus looked like, I took inspiration from everyone and had fun creating something special.
So for me, make up isn't a vanity thing. The face is a canvas, where I can well and truly create art.

What's your melariche story ?


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