I have a slight irrational fear, that one day the fabric of society will collapse. Technology will turn against us, and a horrible plague will turn us into brain eating zombies.Well on the 1st of November my worst nightmare came true! Well not exactly, I was face to face with Zombies, but that was because I took part in the #curryszombierun. Lemme tell you a little more about this fun activity, I agreed to wake up in the early hours of the morning, travel all the way to North London (Allianz Park to be exact) and run 5K! Yes 5K for a  zombie evacuation race! Anyone, that knows me knows that I hate long distance running, it causes me to sweat which isn't a good look. However, I need to keep fit and I needed a fun incentive to do it, and this seemed right up my street, as I like a challenge.

In a nutshell, the premise of the evacuation race goes a little like this: The whole of the UK was hit by a disease which had caused regular citizens to become flesh eating zombies. The runners, were the unaffected civilians  who were trying to avoid the zombies and follow the army to the "safe zone". As the swarms of zombies were everywhere, and were dying to tear into us, we had to be quick and run away from them. See where the running is involved. If we were caught by the zombies, we would become one of them, and our only chance of a cure were blue vials which were slim to find.

We were provided with three Velcro tags in order to survive, if all of them were taken, you became a zombie. The lovely guys at Currys were also sponsoring the joes bloggers blogging team, and we received wearable tech, to monitor our race. I received the Garmin vivo fit band.Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to pair my band to my phone, but I will have a play with it later on.

 As soon as the horn went, I sprinted off! I did quite well as I am quite the fast runner. But silly me didn't pace herself so I fell to the back a little, panting like a pig. I did quite well up until a  I was ambushed, in the middle of the race. Or as I like to call it, the barbed wire showdown! I tried to use other people as my shield,but my plan messed up and my tags were stolen, which meant I was a zombie. Basically, I was untouchable and had to find blue vials if I wanted to "survive". I found none.

The course was okay, I mean you didn't have to run all the 5K, only when the Zombies came out. But it was really tricky in areas. You had to be careful as there were dips, bushes, twigs and barbed wire. I think my two favourite bits of the race were the black room and the final showdown on the field. The black room, consisted of a totally blacked out warehouse, where the zombies were lurking but you couldn't see them. I sprinted my way though it and wasn't caught.. although it didn't really matter as had lost my tags way before. But I did it for pride and I beat these two fitness dudes. so yay me. 

The final showdown basically consisted of punters jerring us on in the outdoor stadium adn zombies everywhere we looked. Now remember when I said I had lost all my tags, well one zombie dude was kind enough to give me one, so I was back in the game! However, I soon thought rookie mistake Jess. I then realised, ran like hell, twisted, turned and dodged my way past the swarm of zombies until I was ambushed just at the end. I thought shit! I was nearly there... so in the end I didn't survive. But it was all good as I had a sick time and kept fit.

It is really hard to explain how much fun I had, so luckily Ceri from the Ginger Warrior made a video on the day:  You can also read more about this day here on the Currys blog:

All in all it was a fun day and definitely a good way to enjoy Halloween. So how about you, would you take the challenge?


  1. I was considering coming to this but didn't think my fitness, which is currently a shambles, would be able to survive the 5K run! Glad you enjoyed it though!

    1. Honestly fitness wasn't a major issue as you didn't have to run that much. But it was fun, maybe next year?

  2. Oh my god I would be so scared hahah even though it's not real, my adrenaline would kick in but it sounds like so much fun!!!! xxx


  3. Wow that sounds so cool!

    Sophie x

  4. Sounds like you really had a great time on Halloween. I think it is time for me to look up the reviews and start thinking about my Halloween costume as well. Thanks a lot for inspiration.

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