You know, I have been blogging for almost four years and if you are a regular follower to LWIG, you'll know that I frequently attend many industry events. However, sometimes it is great to step back and interact with only bloggers and forget about networking with brands. That is exactly what I did last month, when I was invited to the bloggers tea party, which was hosted by the lovely Nadja and Olivia.

The Bloggers Tea party was hosted at Drink,Shop Do in King's Cross. I loved the place as soon as I went there, it is so quaint and kitch and the Red Velvet Cake, along with the Hot Chocolate were absolute heaven. I spent myself mostly mingling with my hint hunt buddies, but I was so happy to meet some new bloggers especially Lucy who was an absolute character who brightened up the room!

The girls provided us with a lovely goody bag from brands such as Sleek Make UP, Make Up Revolution, So...?Fragrance, Giovanni,Palmers, Balance me Beauty, Ciate,For You skincare, Dr Bonner's Natural Soap and Jason. Phew, that was a lot of brands!! All I can say is well done girls and I am looking forward to the Christmas Event.

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