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So if you know me well enough, you know that I love to dance! I take any opportunity to put on my dancing shoes and skank on the dance floor! And I think I am pretty good at it, well that is what my friends say anyway. So when I was contacted by the guys at Westfield, for the Heels vs Flats dance event, I couldn't say no! Basically me and other top London  bloggers were challenged to learning 2 dance routines, at Pineapple Studios. We first learnt  Beyonce's Single Ladies Dance and Christina Aguilera's Candy Man. We learnt the the routines first in flats and then heels! Now as a veteran clubber, I love my heels, but they do become difficult to dance, especially when you want to throw down on the dance floor. However, they did make me feel like a WO-MAN.. I will forever favour flats when it comes to dancing. All in all, I had a fab day , and I will be definitely going back for another dance lesson. Ohh check out the video of the event to see how it went down! How did I do?


  1. this is awesome!! i'd love to be involved in something like this, seemed like so much fun :) x


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