Right so, if you remember back in December I made a goal list of things I would like to have achieved in 2013 and one of them was to finally pass my driving test on the third try. Now I guess, you can kinda of work out how that went by the picture. Yes I failed again! with 3 minors and 2 majors. The majors were for mirrors and being too close to a car. Now, I took my test on the 4th of July and I thought I  was going to pass this time! I could taste it! So when I got the results from the examiner, I WAS NOT HAPPY. To be frank I was really pissed, not only because of the money, but because I would have to do the theory test again! and after doing all those exams from uni, you can imagine my resentment of having to take that test again! Urgh. 

It has taken me a while to reflect on this failure, and it has made me even more determined to pass! Yes it is very annoying but I look at it this way, if I was meant to pass, I would've. There was obviously gaps in my knowledge that led to me failing, but what it shows is that if I really work hard again I am certain I will pass! I have to! Anyway, I think I did quite well considering I had only been practising again for only month, as I was so focused with university that I had no time to practice. 

Hmm I aim to pass by the end of the year and let's hope the next update on my driving situation has a more positive result! Now where is that theory test CD?


  1. I currently learning and and from the look of things won't be doing my test anytime soon. Perseverance is key so keep at it and I'm sure you will pass-eventually.


  2. I hate driving (it so stressful!) so it took a few goes for me to pass my test. Got my fingers crossed for you for the next test, keep us posted! x

  3. Good luck for next time, I desperately wanna drive and pass my test to fingers crossed know how you feel x

    1. It's tough ain't it. Hopefully I'll get there soon.

  4. Stay positive Jess! it took me 5 tests and two theorys! one test i diddnt even get out of the car park before i failed hahah!! Once its done youll never look back! best of luck!!


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  6. Hiya Jess, aah bless you. Just passed my theory and even though I'm on my 5th instructor I'm yet to take a test. Gave up manual now doing auto.... not certain if I was meant to drive. After all don't the fabulous get driven??!!

    1. Lol,we'll get there. Passed my theory again back in August so hoping to do my test early next year instead!

  7. Hey sweetie! I feel like I can give you some wise words of wisdom here... I started driving at 17 and I was a confident driver but when it came to my test day I just crumbled! I failed 2 times at 17 due to nerves. I then took a break and went onto university for a year (2012-2013) and I didn't drive at all. I then decided to take a year out of university as I wanted to swap courses and so at the moment I live at home and work part time but as of september I started driving again, I paid for lessons and took another 3 tests. I had the worst luck ever as I had the same examiner 3 TIMES!! and he was horrible! I cried so much, I was so nervous and I suffer from anxiety. I know I am good driver as every time I've failed it's been a different thing but with 1 minor and 1 major. It really knocked my confidence. I took my 5th test at the start of december 2013 and after that I just gave up! I cried and cried and cried and then one day my dad pretty much forced me to get back into the car and the next day he was like 'book your test again your theory test runs out in 10 days' and I did it. I was so scared to go back to the test centre as I thought I'd have the same examiner and I took the test in my own car. On the 17th January 2014 I passed on my 6th try with two minors and i'm happier than ever about it as a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

    What I'm trying to say is to take a break, free your mind as you probably have loads of other things going on and then one day you'll just think I am going to drive today and you'll get back into it. Don't retake your theory test until you feel ready too and my advice is is that you probably don't need another driving lesson again, if you have a car you can learn in, learn in that and get your mum/dad/relative to take you driving each day. YOU CAN DO THIS! It took me 6 attempts, just stay positive and do things in your own time you have a whole lifetime to drive and when you pass it will feel amazing!!xxxx

  8. Ahh good luck Jess you can definitely do it :)

    I'm a bit like Becca above, I started learning when I was 17 however I had to stop my lessons as I just couldn't afford to continue them at the time, I also don't think I was particularly bothered about learning to drive either. I then went off to university and had a long break from driving, I restarted my lessons this year when I graduated from uni and decided to go with the AA.

    Everyone says that they are more expensive but to be honest I found very little difference between a company such as this compared to those independent instructors in my area. Having had two independent instructors beforehand and now having had the AA I can see a world of difference in the teaching.

    I can not recommend the AA enough, I had a fantastic instructor who I really got on well with. He taught me to do manoeuvres so much easier than previous instructors had and was really helpful with things I found difficult. I passed first time and I know that if I had taken my test having carried on with previous instructors I would have failed because I just didn't have the knowledge or confidence.

    Maybe the confidence is a thing you gain more with age (I still can't do presentations) but I would definitely recommend going with the AA if this is something you would consider.

    You will most certainly pass you just have to remain calm, think about what you're doing and take your time. I think not panicking is the key thing. I also had a lesson before the test, I was more nervous on that than the real thing.

    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

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