1. Charlotte Padded Bra and Briefs
  2. Honey Molded Bra and Briefs
  3. Parfait Kimberley Bra and Thong
  4. Serena Body in Green
  5. Rosie Bra and Hipster briefs
  6. Honey Molded hipster Babydoll     
So as a bigger busted lady I always find it hard to find stylish underwear. I feel that we are overlooked by designers and retailers who mostly cater to smaller busted ladies, in terms of design. I find that when I go shopping for lingerie, I find that the designs for the D+ lady are mostly frumpy,boring or unflattering. Whilst the designs for smaller busted women are exciting,sexy and colourful. As a result I find shopping for lingerie a chore.

 Now I am in no way hating smaller busted women, but I think designers and retailers should really look into catering more for bigger busted ladies in terms of designs. As we want to look and feel good too!

As a result I had the opportunity to come across Affinitas and Parfait. These brands cater to bigger busted women and I am so glad I stumbled upon them as I love their bras. You may remember to doing my giveaway featuring an Parfait bra. Well I recently got to visit the showroom, and I fell in love with a whole selection of lingerie.

What I really like about Affinitas and Parfait, is the have carefully combined support with fashionable designs in their lines. I like the range of colour,detailing and pattern. Especially the green in the body, and the pinstripes.

I am really impressed with this brand. If you were looking to purchase any of these brands they are in boutiques around the UK and worldwide.To find out which boutiques they stock the bras you can search here .




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