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*Collaborative post with Swimwear365

So you remember that make-up post, where I did a Summer look for the Winter... well ever since then I have been obsessed for Spring/Summer to start! 1. Because I can finally have a Summer this year, and 2, because I really hate being cold.. I mean really hate. So I thought it would be fun to day dream about my impending Summer holidays and plan a bikini outfit. Even though I am not sure I am going on holiday this year... 

Anywho! I was never the one to think it made sense to wear heels with swimwear.. I mean the purpose of swimwear is to get wet and you can't swim with 5 inch heels, it's just troublesome. However, my mind has been quickly changed after viewing these pretty swimwear on Swimwear365. Although they are slightly a bit pricier, they look like they would support us gals who have a little.. ahem.. extra baggage up there. Also they are majorly pretty so the price makes up for it ..kay!

So the first Bikini I picked was a classic white ensemble. I thought it would be nice with the cover up for when you had finished swimming. It is see through enough to see the swimwear, but the tangerine colour also adds umph to the outfit.Paired up with the accessories finishes the outfit well. 

The second outfit is very fun,very much for the fearless girl who isn't afraid to mix pattern,colour and texture in one piece. I decided on a black cover up to emulate the little black dress effect. But again, it is see through so the detail of the bikini isn't lost. Coupled with the colourful bangles adds extra coolness, with the heels adding elegance. So this outfit has kinda turned into a little black dress..but for swimwear if you get what I mean?

I decided to not use a cover up with the Grey Bikini. I wanted to focus on the accessories and used pewter,gold,silver and rose gold as my colour  scheme. I like the simplicity of this outfit and I love those bangles.

AH I girl can dream, now I'm off to the Library to do more dissertation work #summercomequick


  1. Wow, these are all gorgeous. Scary thinking of summer already! But I'm already on the fruit and veg diet planning for Greece!
    Erica xo

    1. Yeah I know. Oh gosh let me know how you get on with that!

  2. Hi Jess what a great shopping blog post, i can't wait for summer =)


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