So a while ago I was sent this lipstick from Oriflame, a Swedish cosmetic brand. Now I was intrigued to try this lipstick as I had never heard of the brand before, however I was particularly interested in this product because it is the first lipstick to use powder core technology, so you'll get a satin finish once you applying.

What does Oriflame say about this product:
The world’s first ever lipstick using powder core technology gives the shine benefits of Power Shine with a new satin twist. Sparkling Power Shine core, created with 3D light reflecting technology, is edged by concentrated powder pigment, bringing long-wearing intense colour with a satin finish. 1.6 g.

Jess's verdict on Oriflame:
 All in all, I quite liked this product. The simple yet chic packaging is a plus for me and can easily slip into my handbag. I really liked the smell, it was fresh,fruity and subtle kinda of like melon. Makes a much needed change from the artificial smells I usually have with lip products. The application was smooth, however when I did use a lip pencil as a base the colour and sheen dulled down a bit, so it looks slightly different from the hand swatch above. But without the pencil it is really smooth and pigmented.It lasted quite a while,but I did re-apply.

This product gets a 6/10 only becuase I need to try it for longer! 

Would you consider buying this?



  1. Great Post, that colour suits you so well.
    love your blog!

    Definitely a regular visitor now!

    Sheree xx


  2. Love the colour, its so rich! Would really apreciate it if you stopped by my blog too & checked out my new Outfit post:)

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