The London 2012 Olymipcs and Paralymics!

Earrings~New Look
Necklace~New Look
Quilted bag~Ebay
Cotton Bag~London Fashion Weekend (February 2012)

The London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics have made this summer extra special! It has inspired a generation and what's even better it happened right on my doorstep.With today being the last day of the games, I thought it was best to reflect on my personal experience of the Olympics.

On the 9th of August 2012, I ventured to the North Greenwich Arena(The 02 as it is commonly known) to watch women's basketball with my sister. Now I am not a major fan of basketball, let alone women's basketball, but overall the experience was okay. I say it was okay, as we had hell trying to sort out our tickets,because we found out that our tickets didn't even go through even though we had a confirmation email!!! grr it was frustrating but it was sorted in the end.

I didn't understand most of the game, but I loved the atmosphere and the half time shows with street dancers. The extra bonus came from Ricky and Melvin from Kiss FM making two "Dads" have a dance off! I watched in awe as France steam rolled to victory against Russia, what a game!

Now, I am off to watch the last sporting events of the Paralympics and I wait in anticipation for the closing ceremony. How about you guys, did you enjoy this sporting summer?


  1. how lucky are you!! you look amazing! im loving that look :)

  2. thanks for the sweet comment :) personaly I dont really care about the olympics but if i had to chose i think paralympics sounds much more interesting lol! .. xx how was it?


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